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    posted a message on What Will be Nerfed - Mini-Bucc or Patches

    After watching Amaz's Tourney and now Seat it is very obvious that Aggro Warrior and Aggro Shaman are stupidly overpowered even in the tournament format. 

    So it is also clear something has to be done about it. 

    What do you think will get the nerf bat the little 3/2 Pirate cancerous asshole or the one/one charge piece of garbage. 

    Better question. Will Blizzard stop making braindead trash decks the best in the game or will we all just find another game to play? 

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    posted a message on Which aggro deck was the worst?

    It was slightly more powerful but it never got above tier 2 before Old Gods because a lot of decks were more then slightly more powerful. 

    Quote from Dreams4Lyfe >>

    The Face Shaman right before Old Gods was worse than the one during Old Gods.

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    posted a message on Which aggro deck was the worst?

    I voted Face Hunter, or as I know it. Huntard. Actually, I don't remember running into that much after Naxx and I think that got nerfed pretty quick. 

    I remember the 2 mana Starving Buzzard being the cancer hunter that really plagued the game, often with an OTK end rush of beasts. 

    Turn 5 Warrior hasn't been around long enough  to really judge but looks like it bricks a lot. Any deck that has a game that decided by turn 5 weather you win or lose is pretty much the worst thing ever. Aggro Shaman seems to be taking the top Aggro Spot again too. Which means we are no longer in a one Aggro deck to rule them all meta...because we are in a two Aggro deck to rule them all meta. I think there is enough building outrage (among Streamers and Pros bcus that is who Blizzard actually listens to) that Small-Time Buccaneer or Patches are definitely going to see a nerf though. Hopefully, Blizzards learns from this, but they wont. 

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    posted a message on Dumb people playing control decks

    It is what Hotform said of Aggro Decks. "You are creating the puzzle for the other player to solve." You have no decisions so it seems very boring because you already know Axe to face turn 2, Pirate to buff axe turn 3 then face. The other player is enjoying or is frustrated in having to find the line of play that keeps them alive and allows them to beat your kill clock. 

    I rope a lot of turns sometimes. Depending on the deck I am playing. If you are playing a control deck your not insanely familiar with and your not roping every turn your probably making huge and small misplays that are costing you a lot of games. I often spot an alternative better line of play right as the rope hits. 

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    posted a message on Wild: the most popular game mode in 2017?

    Wild may seem fun at the higher ranks. Standard is often more fun at higher ranks too. 

    Once you hit the Secret Paladin train you will change your mind really quick. Wild Games only go past turn ten if your deck is ultra tech'd to survive. 

    Look at the wild meta decks over on Tempo Storm. They are in only two camps. The most aggressive deck you can possibly make, and the most control deck you can possibly make. 

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    posted a message on Brann + Drakonid OP BUG
    Quote from Remster101 >>
    Quote from TheWamts >>

    post proof first

     LOL.  I don't need to "prove" anything to anybody, in particular not to an effing troll such as yourself.  This was a post to notify the community.  Perhaps you waste your own time making stuff up and posting it to various forums...perhaps you think that is fun.  I do not.  
     Why is he a troll because he asked for proof.
    Whenever you are reporting a bug you should post proof so people can see it in action and see if you forgot about anything, rather than assume you are right. Otherwise I can just post anything I want and say it's a bug in the game, and there is nothing to dispute it other than proof. Now let's say I try it in my game and Drak Op does work, who should we believe then?
     LOL.  OK, fine.  I got it.  This will be THE LAST time I ever post anything here that might be considered a "public service announcement".  Perhaps you'd be happier if I posted whining crying BS like 90% of all the posts on these forums.
    And people wonder why nobody wants to help anyone else out these days... 
     that escalated quickly.
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    posted a message on Well this expansion is really showing us the future of Hearthstone.

    It is rock, paper, scissors if you choose: Aggro Warrior, Jade Druid, or Reno Priest/Warlock

    I, however, choose to play gun: Midrange Shaman.

    Gun beats all. 

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    posted a message on RIP Paladin - again

    Go to wild. Play Secret Paladin. 

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    posted a message on Stop trying to control

    Hotfrom ran Reno Dragon Priest to legend, maybe your doing it wrong. 

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    posted a message on Fixing the broken cancer meta: quitting HS Play Mode.

    In a Control Meta Jade Druid is God Tier. 

    It seems super unrealistic to expect a control meta though. 

    Reno Warlock and Priest are really strong. 

    But Aggro Warrior is clearly the top deck so it will be super highly represented in the meta which makes Jades win rate super inconsistent at higher ranks. Eventually Jade will just hit a Pirate wall it can't get past so it wont be top tier. 

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