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    posted a message on Fixing the broken cancer meta: quitting HS Play Mode.

    Maybe don't protest just yet. If you like Shadow Priest this is the best time your ever going to have playing HS. 

    Jade is pretty weak, it sucks that it hard counters Control but it loses most other matches so hard it is already falling off. I don't know why they decided Control of all things needed a hard counter. Though, it may be that Reno Warlock and Reno Dragon Priest are super strong, still a counter that hard is pretty stupid imo. A soft counter sure, but it is stupidly one-sided. 

    I hate as much as anyone that Pirate Warrior is tier one, I wish we could have a non Aggro meta but it's not going to happen. lol. This deck is way more cancerous then Midrange Shaman when it gets a good start too. 

    But there is a bright side. 

    Reno Warlock, Reno Priest, and Dragon Priest are nearly tier one if not there. They are very highly represented at top legend. 

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    posted a message on I am 100% sure that Doppelgangster is going to be nerfed, what do you think?

    I have yet to lose to one. 

    Actually, I can say that I am one hundred percent sure it will not be nerfed. 

    The only way cards get nerfed in this game is if there is a huge community outcry, it breaks tournaments, it OTKs, or it has a 70% + winrate and dominates hard on ladder. 

    I really don't see Dopplerganger causing any of those things to happen. 

    Look at how rare it is an expansion card gets nerfed. Totem Golem, Yogg, Undertaker, and that is about it. 

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    posted a message on Is it safe to craft Aya Blackpaw?

    Kazakus and Patches are premium. 

    Jade decks are going to be tier 2 at best. 

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    posted a message on Jade Idol - NERF

    I am split on this. 

    Jade is weak AF in the current Pirate Warrior aggro meta so obviously it doesn't need a nerf. 

    Jade Idol decks existing as they do basically make decks like Control Warrior and other straight board clear win fatigue style decks absolutely unplayable. Which is part of why we are doomed to a super aggro Pirate Warrior meta. Once enough ppl play super aggro Jade dies and Control comes back to stop the Aggropocalypse. Then Jade comes back, kills Controls winrate and returns us to the Aggropocalypse that will be the Gadgetzan meta. 

    Dragon Priest wil prolly still be viable but it's not even super control. Reno Dragon is probably the only Control deck that will be viable when everything settles down, there is still only one viable Control deck as always, and that still probably loses to Jade match-ups. 

    I agree FUCK JADE. The last thing this game needs is a super hard counter to control decks. 

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    posted a message on Gadgetzan Top Cards (EZ pics)

    I know. I just think Rogue is so hopeless as a Control deck in the taunt and heal category that the only way it could possible be decent is if you can find a way to make it fit Midrange. 

    Which could be possible maybe. You can make up the early tempo loss with Backstab, Sap, Eviscerate. Then gain tempo once you start getting 3/3 and 4/4 Jades so thats not too crazy to get too. I think you still run Raptors. I don't see how that deck works right now, but maybe there are some interesting tools for a Tempo Rogue if it can come together. 

    Prolly still won't be good enough in a Pirate Warrior meta because Rogue just doesn't have the heals and taunts to deal with a stupidly aggressive meta. 

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    posted a message on What deck is crush ladder in new meta?

    Pirate Warrior is smashing the meta. Really, Pirate Warrior IS the meta. Another Aggro meta. Meet the new meta, same as the old meta. 

    You can counter it with Dragon Priest is put a premium on taunts. Run those 2-mana taunts and the add 3-heath battlecry 3-mana guy. 
    Dragon Priest is also just really powerful. 

    Midrange Shaman is still boss AF. I run a Primal Fusion and the  0/7 Spell dmg guy. Two totems it is a 2/9 pretty sweet. The taunts like Spirit Wolves and Thing make it pretty decent against Pirate Warrior. Some run that heal 6 health dood. Prolly because Face is the place right now. 

    Control Warrior, Tempo Mage, and Zoo are doing poorly right now so that is important to note. 

    Jade Druid is prolly dead too since Control in general is kind of dead and Jade counters Control. Pirate Warrior is hard to stop with a Reno deck for sure, and Control Warrior loses almost every game to the Jade Decks you do see. So Control is super rest in piece. 

    I am 8-2 with Midrange Shaman in these Meta since I started tryharding. lol. I lost to a Yogg that drew cards, healed for twelve, made 2/2 death rattles, and cleared my board. lmao balanced. I lost my second game to a mirror match that draw a way better start. So seems real good. 

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    posted a message on Street Trickster in Midrange Shaman

    Street Trickster is a boss in Midrange Shaman 

    I run one Primal Fusion as well as two Flametongue to make up for the lack of attack. Two totems and this guy is a 4-mana 2/9 spell dmg. 

    He guarantees you have spell dmg all game because Midrange always has a bigger threat to deal with. 

    He also is enjoyably cheap 4-mana to do 4 dmg with Lightning bolt. 6-mana to Flamestrike with Lightning Storm. 

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    posted a message on Gadgetzan Top Cards (EZ pics)

    I think you can look at the history of Hearthstone and figure out a few of the cards guaranteed to be quality. 

    Which is good if your wandering what to craft. 

    Small-Time Buccaneer - One mana cards that gain attack. i.e. Undertaker, Tunnel Trogg, Cogmaster. The one exception to this rule was Lowly squire because aggro decks don't want to hero power on turn two, three, etc... 

    Patches the Pirate - Draw and play from your deck is always strong. i.e. Mad Scientist, Mysterious Challenger 

    Rat Pack /Aya Darkpaw/Jade Swarmer - Any deathrattle that isn't horribly understated is usually pretty good. Though the Swarmer is massively hampered by being in Rogue. If there is a way to make a Tempo Jade Rogue that could be good, but I don't see it happening. Too many to count, stop printing this Blizzard please. 

    Kazakus/Dragon Fire Potion (Sally/Pint Size Potion + Horror) - The last two only if the meta is EXTREMELY aggro. Usually the meta is aggro enough that people use almost anything that can possible be a big board Clear. i.e. Yogg, Chillmaw, Twisting Nether, Lightbomb. 

    White Eyes - The have good stats and an amazing effect. I do mean AMAZING, anything less and it still wouldn't be good. Sorry Cho'Gall. i.e. Dr. Boom, Murloc Knight, Loatheb, Cloaked Huntress 

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    posted a message on Control decks vs Jade Druid

    You don't this deck having a hundred percent win rate against Control means Control is no longer viable. 

    Sure you can beat Aggro 50% of the time, but Aggro got a lot faster and the new control tools just come too late. 

    This Expansion is going to lead to the most toxic shitty meta we have ever seen in Hearthstone. Aggro is truly the only viable deck. 

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    posted a message on Aggro Shaman Reality Check

    Hey guys, Aggro Shaman here.
    A lot of you are pretty excited about how stronk the new decks are. 
    I am currently Eight wins and One loss and I am running a garbage version of Aggro Shaman.
    Lava Shock x2, Rockbiter at 2-mana, That 2 mana draw cards card you forgot existed. 

    Anyway just wanted to remind you most what you think is OP OMG NEW META is going to get crapped on once me and my Aggro buddies come back on the ladder. 

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    posted a message on Is Jade Druid here to stay?

    Aggro is here to stay. 

    Jade Druid gets beat by Aggro almost every time. 

    Jade decks beat control almost every time. 

    Control decks still only beat Aggro about 50% of the time. 

    Aggro is the only viable deck now. 

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    posted a message on Let's rate all the cards!

    That looks like it took a lot of time and thought. 


    Fucking internet lol

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    posted a message on Should I wait on this or not?

    When I play free 2 play I think it is better to focus on getting one deck at a time semi-viable. 
    Though as a new player you might not know where that line is. 

    For C'Thun Druid. Dark Arakkoa x2, and Twin Emperor Vek'Lor are probably the two key cards in the deck. Don't ever expect amazing results though the deck is ok-ish, pros can hit legend but it mostly just tempos out so there isn't a lot of room for skill to take you places. 

    Jade Idol Druid is prolly going to take all the Jade Idol cards so don't even bother that will take a long time to get running on f2p

    You should ABSOLUTELY build a Zoo Warlock. Strong af and cheap af. (You do not need any of the legendaries included in Zoo lists. Brann is optional, and Leeroy vs Doomguard is personal preference, Sea Giants are also optional.) Also you can use these common cards until you get good ones. Flame Juggler for Knife Juggler. Bilefin Tidefunter. Argent Horserider. Mayyyyybe Spawn of N'Zoth. Get your Defender of Argus quick though. 

    Buff Paladin/Hunter might be cheap and strong too we will have to wait and see how that shakes out. 

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    posted a message on OTK DON AXE FlINGER

    It gets blocked by a lot. lol. It is one hundred percent a just for fun deck. Though, there are a lot of spells. I may try a Yogg and two Arcane Giants somewhere to see if that makes it somewhat competitive. Probably not. 

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    posted a message on OTK Don'Han Cho Axe Flinger

    OTK Axe Flinger is a cool little meme deck.

    It got a fair amount better this expansion. You used to have to hit both Axe Flingers with Revenge which made this almost impossible to pull off. Now you can just hit one with Don Han'Chow and you have a five health and a ten health flinger for a total of thirty damage.

    It still wont be the the easiest thing to pull off, and relies on rng but should make for some solid shits and giggles when it works.

    Experiment with Sleep with the Fishes, double brawl, or Fool's Bane until you find a good removal selection. Yogg could also fit nicely in this deck for extra removal.

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