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    So here I am, the dropout of the first class creation competition presenting my scraps that I finished compiling according to the ruleset of the last phase. My work so far:

    Warden class.

    Lore: Wardens are the appointed jailors in the warcraft universe. They posess great martial talent and fuel their abilites with the fury and vengeance they feel towards their captive in order to protect him from possible rescuees aswell as hunting down their prey.

    The warden will be a class that plays a hero centric style. That means it will be relying on weapons and spells to deal damage and control the board, but it will do this also as it's primary win condition and not incorporate many minions in his play. The warden is capable of dealing precise damage to key targets aswell as presenting a itself as a very resilient foe and hard to bring down. This is an omage to the very frustrating to play against solo warden gameplay of nightelves against the inexpierienced players druing warcraft 3 days - a warden and a ton of moon wells was all you needed to win against a whole army.

    Somethings to pique your interest(card descriptions in spoilers):

    Basic Cards:

    Heartseeker is your most basic weapon which features slight synergy with the hero power, but mostly acts as a combo piece for a lot of cool stuff enabled by Personal Treatment, Rain of Steel and others in the set. 

    Elven Scout is an early drop that's not useful if you plan to make an aggressive deck, but it's great against those kind's of decks and fits well in a control deck too. Be careful playing this into stuff that benefits from being damaged though, and there's some anti synergy between this and Moon Well.

    Finishing Blow is a very basic damage dealing card. You can use it as a final burn or additional damage if you just mildly swing with your weapon or hero power.

    No Escape! is made as a purposefully weak aoe simply for the reason, that it's a deliberate weakness of the class. This card doesn't get affected by spellpower so it pretty much never changes in it's use. If you compare this to arcane explosion or fan of knives, it has the slight upside of not damaging stuff other than the things you want to kill, which is sometimes useful.

    Blink is the signature ability of the warden and a card that might just be used for it's cycling abilities, but the effect can be very useful to buy additional turns against classes that aim to finish you with burn. It's one of the tools the class has available for damage management.

    Thrill of the Hunt is probably your best card draw option for a control based deck aside from Scavenger. Basically it turns an opposing minion into an acolyte of pain which you can milk value from using weapons, trading minions or using your hero power.

    Vengeful Spike is an amazing combo card with lot's of possibilities, it's standalone strength isn't that impressive though, and it only works for one turn. It rewards setup and makes the opponent think about his turns slightly more.

    Scavenger is a very simple card draw engine for the class, has additional use against other weapon classes but generally the way you would play warden would involve switching weapons a lot and Scavenger can really help with that.

    Rain of Steel is designed to function as the class main aoe, but also double as a finisher. To clarify, you gain exactly that many attacks that turn as much there is durability on your weapon at the time you cast this spell. Absolute must have in your warden deck.

    Warden's Glaive is just a simple weapon designed to be able to be strong on it's own without any additional cards, but it still has the synergies in the set available as well.

     Expert Cards:

    Quick Reflexes is a mirror of Hunters Mark, but instead of having to sacrifice a small guy, you can use your board and not take damage while killing off a threat. Also combos with Stampeding Kodo(it's something). Functionally a removal card.

    Warning is another damage management spell that can bounce a bigger minion back to the hand, it's low cost makes it easy to implement in your turn.

    Felwood Smithy is a tool to make use of your abundant weapons should you choose to go that route. The drawback isn't necessarily one, since you might want to swap weapons anyway, and he can help use up that durability faster.

    Personal Treatment is a combo card that will mostly be used when you are on the last durability of your weapon and want to equip a new one. Kind of like giving your hero windfury. You can also in some cases use Personal Treatment twice along with Rain of Steel for an amazing combo. There are quite a lot of possibilities with this card.

    Surprise Attack is an aoe that(mostly) only works on freshly summoned stuff. It can also work on summons that appear on your turn and then there's some combo potential with Shadowmeld for instance.

    Throwing Star is like spell removal in weapon form, is limited by taunts though, has the class synergies attached to it though.

    Moonwell is a sustain card that can keep both your board and hero alive to handle the board state for an extended amount of time.

    Iron Will is a massive heal against some decks and mediocre against others. It is a heal though, and heals you need when you're likely to swing with your hero almost every turn. 

    Kelen's Dagger of Escape is more of a flavourful addition, but can be used to generate more blinks as well as develop a weapon.

    Resupply is generally getting value looking at all the weapons. There are 2 that are above the cost of resupply and the rest are the same or below. It really is better viewed as a 4 mana 'draw a card and play it'.

    Cut the Chase is somewhat of a finisher but shouldn't be disregarded as very solid removal. Back to back Cut the Chase is 14 damage for 10 mana though, which is quite strong.

    Aftermath is somewhat of a gimmicky card, that is pretty dead until you make it very long into the game and can get a load of draws for cheap - similar to preparation plus sprint, but only works lategame.

    Watcher Weaponmaster is a helping hand with the weapon cycling and has a fairly solid body as well. Nothing special about him, but is really good with scavenger on the field if you are pulling off some kind of combo.

    Ancient of Wonders is a solid body that gives you a small benefit at the end of each turn(see tokens), nowhere near ysera levels, but is somewhat reliable due to only 3 different item cards and they all cost 0. Can help in trading as well as eke out a small advantage due to his effect.

    Avatar of Vengeance is a win condition card, that if left unanswered can run away with the game. The 6 mana cost makes her playable fairly early, and If you already have board control by then, you are in super good shape. Is susceptible to hard removal, as well as some damaging spells, and has fairly low attack, but it's all about the spirits here.


    Silent Priestess is a long overdue tech card against deathrattle themed decks and it fits well with the naxxrammas theme of deathrattles. Note that you could also run this along detrimental deathrattles like deathlord or dancing swords etc. for great value.

    Goblins versus Gnomes:

    Survey the Land is a niche card that is fit into certain decks that want to go really crazy on the weapon combos and tinker around with some fun ideas. I don't think it has that much standalone value, but it's more for the experimenting types. I also got the suggestion from odinson that I should in fact make something that 'looks' for equipment.

    Mechstrider is just a solid mech that somewhat represents my intentions, how much mech support I want to give my class. Currently I feel it's at least on par with rogue, if not better and I feel that's the kind of spot I wanted to achieve.

    Explosive Strike is an attempt of giving the class a second damaging spell while not going too wild of the possible burst potential available to it. I think this is ok, and I specifically wanted to somehow sneak this kind of effect in my class.

    Tinker's Supercharger is an immediate Power Mace, powering the mech in a more aggressive way, but on the other hand, supplying a slightly weaker weapon. I'm not quite sure on the balance of it, but I believe it's fine.

    Sentinel Bomber is the class' midrange mech, which hopefully can profit from the protection generated by the weapons as well as spells. In return you gain a miniature version of foe reaper which is much more fragile, still very potent in my opinion.

    Naisha is a beast of control tool that will thoroughly exterminate any small stuff trying to get a foothold on the board. In return, she sacrifices her ability to harm the enemy hero which is reserved for her mistress' judgement. I decided since it's a legendary, I might give her a small peg on the op side, but if It's too much, I might rework her.

    Kezan Lackey is more boost for the mech archetype that this class can spawn. It's stats are mediocre, but if enough spare parts can be gathered he can provide a great tempo swing on the board.

    Shadowmeld is the design I reluctantly came up with due to community feedback, that stealth on a hero would be cool. Personally, I think it's a tad broken and much better than the immunity granting iceblock, since it can be provided on demand. But the synergy and flavour with surprise attack was too compelling, and it just fits with the class. I'll happily hear thoughts on this one.

     Blackrock Mountain:

    Dark Iron Commando is a very solid card, that only really works with weapons though. 3 health is insane for such a low costed charge creature and he can most likely capitalise on this in most cases.

    Molten Skewer is a card with a nice duality effect not immediately visible. You can either use it's charges to kill enemy minions guaranteed(albeit the high attack seems a bit wasted) or you can use it's damage to pressure the opponent closer to defeat. Your choice.


    Ancient of Wonders items:

    Avatar of Vengeance:

     The Grand Tournament




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    Big hunter will be a thing next expansion. It might even make t2, this card is not a turn 6 play. Call of the wild and to my side will be finishers, if your opponent managed to survive your recruit onslaught and your deck is exhausted of minions, the only question is, if these cards will be needed, because... how often does big priest run out of gas?

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    Works with atiesh and shadowmourne, cool and might be relevant


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    Answered your comment in my deck section, but upon seeing the deck again, I got reminded of something that I wanted to express XD

    I find backstabs awfully weak in the meta right now, you can try experimenting with that slot :)

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    Glad you are liking it. I personally look away from auctioneer, as you usually don't run out of cards, and you are not necessarily drawing into any combos or key cards, minus sherazin. Do tell though, how it performs for you. The other changes seem reasonable.

    As for ranks, I'm comfortably touring around 7 and still climbing, so it definitely is performing, to say the least ^^

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    Quote from Kaioxys >>

    "There should be more five drop options for players, rather than considering Azure Drake an auto-include."



    They are removing one of the only good spell damage cards in the game. BY THE WAY there are only TWO. Azure and Thalnos, and Thalnos is a legendary! Spell damage is a control/combo mechanic, not an aggro mechanic, so WHY ARE THEY TAKING OUT CONTROL/COMBO TOOLS!?!?!?!!?

     Control combo tools my arse. If you want to run combos that put emphasis on spellpower you should be making sacrifices for it. At least that's my humble opinion. Making room for Azure Drakes in a deck is hardly an effort, the card carries absolutely zero opportunity cost and is insane on many levels. Have you heard of that aggro shaman deck on ladder? The one that besides Thalnos and Azure Drakes has literally 0 card draw in their deck? I'm pretty sure, they included those just for the combo potential with their burn spells...

    I have been speculating on the card's nerfs for over a year now and this solution is absolutely elegant. After voting I'm slightly disappointed the majority of the community have opposite feels on the matter.
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    Quote from Jody_v >>
     Ah yes, I guess I should have included that in the OP. Thanks!
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    I kinda miss the part where shamans can turn their stuff into monsters

    No real lore behind it, but as far as I know, shamans were one of the beastlier buff classes. Might be wrong though, anyway, this seems pretty cool.

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    On to the change your hero power train, featuring warlocks.


    Rain of Fire

    Because drawing cards is boring. So here you have an option to annoy the hell out of any control deck, and we're kind of missing some warlock destruction tools, aside from the random aoe here or there.

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    A bit disappointed, none of these cards really blow me away, and most of these effects are pretty flashy and in this case, not in a cool way. As such Envious Blade immediately gets my approval. Voted for 2 others that I won't disclose, but overall... meh week?

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