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    posted a message on Rastakhan's Rumble Run - All Rumble-Specific Cards (Passive Treasures & Teammates)

    So this is where all the interesting cards went. I was wondering why Rhastakan cards seemed a bit lackluster.

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    posted a message on What's worse? Aggro or OTK?

    What I hate are players complaining about deck archetypes that will always exist in a CCG.

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    posted a message on Anyone else feeling underwhelmed by the new legendaries?

    Yeah, I guess at least power creep won't be a problem with this set. I just feel like there aren't any new "build-around-me" cards that push exciting new archetypes. Stuff like Reno (build your deck with only singletons), Even and Odd with Baku and Genn.

    Maybe they pushed the power level a bit too high with those sets, and are scaling it back down.

    I just hope that new archetypes will emerge to shake up the meta, and not just "Odd [insert class here] with 2 Rastakhan's Rumble cards splashed in.

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    posted a message on Anyone else feeling underwhelmed by the new legendaries?

    So now that the whole set has been spoiled, anyone else feeling underwhelmed by the new legendaries?
    It seems like Blizzard tuned down the power level of cards in this set.

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    posted a message on MTGA Review: From a HS and Former MTG Player

    Having played MTG since Mirage, I agree with your assessments.
    It's the best online MTG experience they have ever made, but they can't get around the core game mechanic issues that Hearthstone has definitely improved upon. Mana screw is still a thing. Even with 28 lands in your deck, you can still get mana screwed.

    People keep complaining all the time about RNG in Hearthstone, but they forget about the fact that you hit your land drops 100% of the time in Hearthstone. Whereas in MTG, you will lose a lot of games because of the RNG involved in drawing the lands you need, in the colors that you need.

    The new player experience is going to be very rough in MTGA, even for seasoned players because of how stingy the economy is. Be prepared to grind for weeks just to be able to complete a Tier 1 deck. Unless you drop $150 to $200 in cash you will be bottlenecked by rare wild cards, most of which you will spend just to get the equivalent of mana crystals in Hearthstone.

    That said, one thing MTGA pulled off perfectly with gameplay is: being able to interact with your opponent during his turn. You need to enable full control with shift+ctrl to fully unlock this, because the game will skip over important steps otherwise.

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    posted a message on New Mage Minion - Pyromaniac
    Quote from Whodatninja >>

    The stats alone make this pretty good. Dunno if it'll be enough to bring Tempo Mage back, but I think this will see play somewhere.

     Forget Tempo Mage. This is going into Odd Control Mage with DK Jaina as finisher.

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    posted a message on preorder?

    Hearthstone is facing lots of good competition. My wallet is a lot lighter with  my recent MTG Arena and Gwent: Thronebreaker purchases, so Blizzard will have to sweeten the deal before I drop more cash.

    How much value are we talking about?

    Would be nice if they released expansions like Naxxramas again, where you get all cards from the set with a single purchase. That kind of value. Until then, I'm voting with my wallet for better value for all of us players.

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    posted a message on Looks like Hearthstone is officially done with Warcraft

    Don't worry. When they run out of WoW characters, an interdimensional rift will open and you can play new cards inspired by characters from

    Hearthstone: Heroes of the Storm

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    posted a message on How many Golden Cards do you have?

    I have one. I dust all golden copies of cards to craft deck components.

    Except for Whizbang, which is worth crafting a golden copy of.

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    posted a message on Togwaggle is disgusting

    Read my signature.

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