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    posted a message on New Hero Card Revealed! - Uther of the Ebon Blade

    I don't see why people are saying this card has to replace Tirion. Personally I replaced Forbidden Healing with it, although I haven't played Control Paladin much before the expansion so that may have already been cut by most people for something else. It's a 9 mana heal 20 over 3 turns (plus removing minions or doing face damage) and get a better hero power, rather than a 10 mana heal 20 instantly, with the option to heal for less sooner. I run it and Tirion and the number of times the weapons replaced one another with >1 durability left is negligible, and I didn't lose any of the games where it happened, for what it's worth.

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    posted a message on Concept: Dragon Powers

    I... don't really know how to feel about this. It's a crazy powerful win condition, but adds 3 dead draws to your deck (it would be 4, but the fourth one you draw is anything but a dead draw). It's like Elise but the Map isn't a 2 mana cycle, and there isn't a 4 mana 6/6 taunt involved. Plus the initiation to the combo is 7 mana, which means you have fewer turns to draw the 4 cards before an average game would be over.

    I guess it would be good in fatigue decks that don't care about up to 3 cards in their hands being unplayable. I don't know if I'd play it in-game unless fatigue was only a few cards away, because 1 dead card is better than 3, or if I desperately needed to to survive, but this 7 mana 6/6 doesn't save you from much except fatigue.

    Oh, I just noticed after writing the second paragraph that the 6/6 can't attack. That's absolute garbage, it would never see play in any deck, sorry. Might be good getting it from the Golden Monkey near fatigue, otherwise absolutely awful. I'm fairly sure that a 7 mana 6/6 that can't attack and adds a few bad draws to your deck can afford to have taunt without a need for an activator; that just makes it a worse Chillmaw, I suppose.

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    posted a message on Am'gam Rager

    still says that it's picked 100% of the time. Better than Tirion, since it only costs 3 mana!

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    posted a message on [TIPS] Nzoth Paladin vs C'thun Warrior

    Two words: Justicar Trueheart.

    This card's value is incredible in fatigue games, and is better than Cairne IMO, since I'm facing more control decks than whatever Cairne is good against, although you don't have to swap them out like I do, I just do it because I don't want to craft Cairne; both is fine, if you want the anti-control Justicar tech and that extra 6 cost deathrattle.

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    posted a message on Cards you hate for no real reason.

    I hate entomb but with a good reason.

    I hate polymorph but with a good reason.

    I guess a card I really hate for no reason aside from it being annoying is Houndmaster, alongside any other Hunter non-face card whose immense value was not seen often before the death of face hunter and birth of more practical non-face hunters. Mostly because I mulligan as if I'm about to be SMOrced out of habit...

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    posted a message on How many classes do you play regularly?

    Paladin and Rogue, but I'll play Druid, Warrior, Hunter or Priest for quests without just saying "I'll reset the quest tomorrow, I can't be bothered" because I just find Zoolock, all Shaman, and Mage boring; Spamming minions, spamming OP minions, and spamming spells just isn't as fun to me, especially having been on the receiving end of that so often when I was a new player and felt like I wasn't having fun, and almost quit.

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    posted a message on New Favorite Audio?

    Wanna buy a... funnel cake? BUY ONE


    DIE, INSECT (heh, it's technically new)

    and the sound of a Soulfire/Fireball/Pyroblast etc. hitting Yogg-Saron or his Servant is hilarious, and almost common enough to just be their entrance sound.

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    posted a message on Is Warrior beatable by other control decks ?

    How to beat control warrior? 2 1/1s for free every turn, my friend. 4 armor per turn doesn't matter when you have AN ARMY TO CRUSH HIS ARMOR UNDER.

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    posted a message on Building N'zoth paladin
    Quote from Th3D1rtSt4R >>

    I think people are trying to hard to get max bodies with N'Zoth, the Corruptor instead of using him to simply outlast an opponent through solid attrition. Cards like Corrupted Healbot and Twilight Summoner are only good if you are on par with your opponent or ahead. They are trash from behind and kind of just win-more by the time you get N'Zoth, the Corruptor off with max value. You really only need the N'Zoth trigger to bring back your legendary minions to generally secure a win, which means that your trash Deathrattle cards are kind of just unecessary.

    I like thinking of N'Zoth, the Corruptor decks as control decks looking to just reanimate your legendary minions and get value out of everything else beforehand.[snip]


     I agree with everything you said except the bit about Doomsayer not working; Doomsayer always does something, whether it's 2 mana: restore 7 life (or armor, if you're still at full health), 2 mana: wipe the board and make your opponent waste mana (ideal) or 2 mana: Save Tirion/Sylvanas/insert deathrattle minion here from a silence. Meanwhile loot hoarder either gets pinged or murdered for free by a 2/3 minion on turn 2. Sure, you get a card, but Doomsayer is a powerful tool if you don't mind not getting the ideal outcome every time. Hell, sometimes it even takes a burn spell, which is actually almost as good as killing a minion. Control decks aren't meant to "put decent stats on board", you're meant to clear their board and heal afterwards.  Turn 5 is often too late to get that 7 health back, especially in matchups where you're even likely to get the heal at all. I still run 2 Tuskarrs, but not in place of Doomsayers.
    I agree about the trend of people trying to get too many deathrattle minions from N'Zoth though. Corrupted Healbot and Twilight Summoners are just not right for a control deck. Maybe midrange, not control. Neither is C'thun, C'thun is actually just a slow midrange deck, not control, and trying to fit that into a N'Zoth control paladin shell just makes a whole lotta nothing that doesn't do anything quite well enough to win. C'thun won't get huge like it does in Druid, N'Zoth doesn't spawn a full board, and the control aspect doesn't get enough removal/healing to survive. Personally, I play a Healadin with N'Zoth as a value card rather than a finisher (aside from enemies who concede from the sheer amount of value I just got). No need to have 30 damage on board after N'Zoth when I'll probably never run out of healing.
    Sorry for the long probably-ramble, and trust me, I did take what you said with a grain of salt (it seems like you're wanting to make a slow midrange paladin with more on-curve C'thun minions rather than pure healing/wiping control, which is fine), I just don't feel that that's the direction the deck needs to go to be successful in the meta. Paladin didn't get much C'Thun synergy.
    Edit: clarified some things to sound the least rude possible, I really want to keep this civil, this thread has some great discussion on it
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    posted a message on So How Many Legends Do You Have?

    I was originally going to write out all my legendaries in order of unpacking but then I realized that I don't remember. All I remember is that my first legendary was Leeroy Jenkins and my second was Alexstrasza, and my third was a golden Tirion Fordring. My most recent is a Gold Ragnaros, Lightlord, second most recent was a N'Zoth and third most recent (in between bunches of WoTOG packs) was Archmage Antonidas.

    Other than my crappy "Alexstrasza then Leeroy+Blessing of Kings them to death" midrange noob paladin, I can't remember much. I remember being infuriated by mages on a daily basis, with their flamestrikes and polymorphs and fireball lethals.

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    posted a message on Ranking the top tier decks right now!

    I've been enjoying N'Zoth Healadin (It's really not midrange but I voted for midrange anyway, since I guess variations of the deck range from midrange to control depending on how it's built) quite a bit, it seems to destroy C'thun and Shaman alike assuming I draw Equality and at least one activator (Pyromancer is preferred against Shaman to deal with that 7/7 on turn 4) by the time that I need one, and at least one heal for the later game, which again is pretty common.

    I'd say it's Tier 1, or if it's Tier 2 it's in there because it's a counter to Tier 1. I'm glad there's finally a meta where Paladin can finally be super strong but not seen as cancer for the first time since Secret paladin.

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    posted a message on I think Corrupted Healbot is undervalued

    It seems alright for some decks, but that extra 1 attack doesn't make it any more playable than Pit Fighter in a deck whose role it doesn't suit.

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    posted a message on Your Arena Run In 6 Words

    Rogue's cool, Demolisher rocks, unless Flamestriked.


    Edit: For my second Rogue arena today: four Defias Ringleaders, never go second.

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    posted a message on Sigma's TOP 10 WOG cards analysis feat. Nicslay, J4CKIECHAN, Ness and FalconePunch

    I was really surprised that a terrible Basic card like Sinister Strike would make the honorable mentions of a top 10 list for an expansion. 

    In all seriousness though, Shaman's totally crazy now and it's all because they got a Dr. 4 and a Dr. 2 that cleans up its mess perfectly. 

    Ragnaros, Lightlord has been performing well for me as well, far better than his more fiery brother, although I could see myself including both in a deck.

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    posted a message on What I've seen so far from the meta regarding legendaries

    Ragnaros, Lightlord is totally insane in control Paladin. If you haven't seen it discussed or used, you clearly need to pay more attention to Paladins, he's everywhere (outside of Murloc and Divine Shield aggro). I'd easily put him in the "high potential" category, given the fact that if a control paladin continues to exist, he will remain in it, and control paladin seems pretty strong so far.

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