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    posted a message on Which paladin deck is better

    Both are good 

    For resume 

    Murloc=no brain 

    Quest=just complete and mech + kandor

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    posted a message on Love and hate

    Hi all,

    Today I want to share my feelings.

    Actually rank 1-2 (up&down tilt) I’m still wondering why I try hard to reach legend so hard whereas I just can’t get  enough about meta, about rng, about broken cards, and what so ever  

    I like this game, but you can’t count (anymore?) on skill, mind reading, etc.

    You know the counter, and you know you won’t have a good answer. Maybe because match-up issues, early or end game screw situation, copy-paste list, broken effects not countable 

    Maybe it’s just me who didn’t enjoy the  game anymore, and just tired about playing it.

    Or it’s just about to give the game an orientation I just can’t take anymore. 

    I will be curious about people feelings too, in-game frustration situation etc.

    Last, sorry for my english, not my first language 

    Long live and suffering to Hearthstone

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