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    posted a message on Twin Emperor Trigger?

    My opponent's Twin Emperors triggered in this tavern brawl match. 
    He didn't have a C'thun, but he had previous played a Blade of C'Thun on a high statted minion. Is this reaction supposed to happen?

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    posted a message on Remove Dirty Rat from the game
    Quote from SuperAga >>
    Quote from CypherBenkes>>
    You just outlined how to beat players that run Dirty Rat. You have no excuse anymore if you know how to play against it. A 2/6 taunt for 2 mana is an Anti-Aggro tool. The only people with an issue are aggro players. That's the point. If I can die in four turns to an aggro deck, why can't I play a 2/6 taunt?
    Since MSoG I've played next to no pirate decks, mostly reno decks and some dragon priest and jade druid. I play Dirty rat in my reno decks, because it's broken, I can't remember any game I have lost solely because I've used it, on the other hand I've won many games because of it...I have a very good idea of how to play it. It may have been designed as an anti-aggro card, but right now it's biggest impact is when it;s played against combo decks and reno decks, pulling out a Kazakus or a Kun/Avianna is a far bigger issue for those decks than a warrior having to put 6 damage into it.
    Oh, and what exactly did you outline, in regards to beating Dirty Rat? PLAY. MORE. BIG. MINIONS. PERIOD. END OF STORY.
    You're completely ignoring what I'm saying, right now in the meta you cannot play big minions. Which means the 2 mana 2/6 very rarely has a drawback. Putting a couple of greedy cards into you deck to have a slightly higher chance of winning off the back of your opponent playing a specific card is a terrible idea.
    I purposely played Dirty Rat against a Rogue and gave them an Auctioneer, because I didn't care what they had in their hand. I lost, and I didn't care. Wanna know why? Because I can't be bothered to care.
    Just because you enjoy making terrible plays and losing, doesn't mean other people do.
     There are much more intensive mechanics in other games, like locking down an entire board so your opponent can't play anything, destroy resources, discarding your opponent's cards. You're lucky you aren't dealing with that right now, because those are staple mechanics in other games.
    And are any of those games as successful as Hearthstone? 
    Deathlord doesn't fuck up Battlecry effects for the opponent? You've seen Dr. Boom come out of a Deathlord before, right? Losing 2-10 damage is a pretty big deal, let's be real here. There's nothing wrong with having Dirty Rat in the game, especially when you consider... you ALREADY know how to beat it.
    Either get with the times, or quit.
    What are you even talking about here? When did I ever say that Deathlord didn't stop battlecries? 
    Refusing adjusting to how a game works means you refuse to learn, understand, and become better. Two choices, 'sall you got, and all you'll ever have.
     You're just making assumptions that I lose to often Dirty Rat, which is untrue. I have lost a few games when my opponent has played it, but I've always played around it as best I can, by holding minions in my hand if I'm also holding valuable battlecry minions. But sometimes people win the coin flip and win games from the back of it, which is why I don't like the card.
    I'll say it again, Dirty Rat right now has far too few drawbacks, the meta is too fast to play big minions. So what ends up being pulled from it is either something insignificant or something with a powerful battlecry or combo potential. 
    1: Blizzard has stated several times in the past that they don't like combo decks to begin with, particularly things like Kun/Avianna as that is an OTK deck. 
    2: Who says you can't play big minions? Is Arcane Giant bad now that MSoG is out? Is Ysera and Tirion Fordring small minions?
    3: I purposefully play a 35 legend deck in wild because that's super fun when it works out.
    4: Magic the Gathering has been going strong for 23 years now. They have cards that basically say "Your opponent can't do more than one thing per turn." They recently released a card that literally states "your opponent can only uptap two permanents during their untap step." Which is essentially saying "Your opponent can draw a card and use 2 mana, that's it."
    5: You didn't state it, you implied it.
    6: Then why are you even complaining? Dirty Rat is far more balanced than most other combo pieces in the pat, I.E. Grim Patron (Pre Warsong Nerf)
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    posted a message on What is the most cancerous card in STANDARD ATM?

    Small-Time Buccaneer is going to get my vote. In the current meta it's effectively a 1 drop 1/2 If you have a weapon equipped gain 2 attack and Battlecry: Summon Patches the Pirate from your deck.

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    posted a message on Can We Stop Calling Pirates "Cancer"?

    Remember when Pirates were considered to be a joke? Remember when pirates were considered to be weaker than the already extremely weak Murlocs? I do

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    posted a message on Need replacement in Kripp's jade shaman deck

    To be honest, Bloodmage Thalnos is such an integral part of most decks with damage based removal because of the card draw and the spell damage. You can replace it, but you have to choose between spell damage or card draw of the same mana cost to replace it.


    Loot Hoarder or Kobold Geomancer are the simplest replacements.

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    posted a message on This Week's Tavern Brawl is The Battle for Gadgetzan

    I feel like the druid deck cannot win against the Priest deck. He has no hard removal and if he falls behind on board, he can't catch back up.

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    posted a message on Is this too strong? (Warsong Commander edit)
    Quote from JMAP94 >>

    Here's how I would remake the card.  Its basically the same thing as the pre-nerf version but is on "played" cards rather than summoned, stopping the grim patron combo after the first guy and on any other summoned tokens which were the real problems, but still preserving the spirit of the card.  


     Here's the problem with this edit: It doesn't negate the charge if their attack goes higher. The problem with patron wasn't the Patron alone, but rather the combo of Patron with Frothing Berserker. A 16+ attack frothing on turn 8 or 9 plus a slurry of 3 attack minions to clear any taunt in the way?  And it was the same thing with Worgen OTKs. Two 8 attack wind fury minions or one 11-14 attack windfury minion are problems. It's not the playing alone but the burst of damage from increase.
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    posted a message on The mean streets of Gadgetzan is.. IMO

    To be honest, outside of Jade decks, most matches I face are so anti-interaction as it's just face face face or nuke the board Reno (4th minion played since turn 1). Jade deck matches are super reliant on who draws what first and how many of said those things.


    Its a fascinating expansion with great flavor, but the until the meta settles I find it to be rather unfun to play in.

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    posted a message on Pack opening: Expectation VS Reality

    Expected: A couple of legendaries, like Patches or something. A few epics, and a couple golden cards.


    Reality: Kun the Forgotten King and Aya Blackpaw two packs apart as well as a load of epics and golden rares.

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    posted a message on It's Thursday, where is MSG?

    For people upset about EU releasing later, this is how it's always been and always will be. Blizzard is based on the West Coast of the United States and only release things for Hearthstone at about 9 AM (on a normal release) PST. For GMT, that is 5 PM. On heavier releases such as this, they release a little later at about 11 AM or 1 PM (7 PM and 9 PM respectively). The further towards Asia you go, the later it releases. TBH, Asian and Oceanic countries have it way worse.

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    posted a message on Gadzetzan doesn't have Arena must-pick

    Tanaris Hogchopper and Spiked Hogrider deserve a mention

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: White Eyes

    Pretty sure that's a curse word...

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: Jade Chieftain

    This card is AMAZING late game. Shaman already has loads of threats, make an impassible one on top of it.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - Patches the Pirate

    YAAARRRRR!!! You land lubbers be too hard on the lad! He might be not but a wee watcher, but he has yer backs when ye be needin it most! 


    Besides, he be the one to Charge forward! Then when things be looking grim, Skycap'n Kragg will be there to bail ya out!

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    posted a message on The Gadgetzan Gazette - Vol. 32 #7

    Potentially, however it is also a common way to type currency in Copper (the pennies of WoW)

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