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    It's just a bug. I dusted my two normal copies to get 200 dusts. When they realized and fixed it, I will craft them back with 80 dusts, so I'll get 120 dusts thanks to this bug.

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    My predictions:

    Year of  the Dragon: Archivist Elysiana. It was nerfed to prevent super long control warrior mirror back in the day thanks to Elysiana + Banker. With Banker rotating out and control overall being weaker, no reason to keep the nerf (though some Wild Odd warriors might complain). Another possibility is one of the Shaman Galakrond cards to give the archetype a little hope (though I think those nerfs are fair).

    Year of the Raven:

    Reckless Experimenter: Nerfed only to prevent SNIP-SNAP OTK. Now that Echo is changed, no reason to keep the nerf.

    Dr. Boom, Mad Genius: In wild Dr. Boom is nobody. Making it back to 7 can make control warriors reconsider him.

    Extra Arms: 3 to 2 to 3. Why not back to 2? Priest sucks in wild.

    Raiding Party: 3 mana is fine for wild. Tempo rogue will still struggle.


    Spiteful Summoner: even at 6, these decks won't stack up against Quest Mage and all kinds of crazy Warlocks. Auto-lose to wild's aggro too.

    Bonemare: probably fine at 7 now that games are decided before turn 7.

    Call of the Wild: similar to Bonemare. Games essentially end before these big cards can be played.

    Lesser Emerald Spellstone: hunter secrets aren't seen since nerf to Barnes and spell hunter. 5 mana may be more appropriate.

    Call to Arms: even Paly would still seem too "fair" in wild to be meta.


    Some legendaries as people mentions: Raza the Chained, Aviana, Crystal Core, Barnes and Luna's Pocket Galaxy shouldn't be change because they are inherently dangerous cards, even if their respective decks don't seem to dominate the meta now. I would be surprised if Blizzard reverted any of those nerfs. As far as I like Yogg's hope to not end when he dies, it's a mechanic thing rather than just balance, so probably no.


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    You still have to own packs to unlock 3 heroes to choose from. For me personally, BG looked so interesting that I pre-ordered DoD just for early access to it. It is very addicting. Otherwise I might stop playing hearthstone in all.

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    BigDaddy: you are right, I mostly been play Battleground since DoD released (actually, before it released), so I haven't been updating this deck.

    But I did play wild ladder for a bit. I have to say the current Wild meta is not great for the deck, with the popular Quest Mage and Darkest Hour Warlock being able to assemble their win condition almost always before we do. Mecha'thun Warlock and Cubelock are tough matchups, too. The deck is still decent versus aggro in general and in particular Secret Mage, given the amount of healing we have. I might replace Holy Wrath and Baleful Banker because those are bad cards vs aggro and mostly useless against combo decks (too slow).

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    The fact that it's not made into a keyword probably means it's exclusive to this Reno hero card. Most of the cases it's just another way to say "cast Plague of Death." Not too impressed.

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    First of all, DMH warrior fan here! Over the years I have experimented with many different builds and I'm really glad to see someone achieve that high of a rank in legend with DMH warrior - you must really have mastered the deck. I haven't tried Hakkar yet because I don't have the card, but I'm curious how you feel about it. My understanding is that Mecha'thun warlock isn't popular at all in wild (maybe in high legend?), and in other matchups it's hard to find a turn to drop Hakkar. Against Reno decks you can just win the fatigue game.

    My list usually includes at least one and often two Dirty Rats as well as Brann Bronzebeard. Rat is the star against quest mage, helps a lot against Reno decks, and does fine in Secret Mage and Evolve Shaman matchups. Against skillful Even Shamans who hold on to their resources, you just use Rat before Brawl. If your opponent may have big stuffs in hand and you can't kill it, just don't play Rat. For Deathlord however, it's usually the opponent who controls when to trigger it.

    Otherwise the list looks very solid. Garrosh is an underrated hero card, weapon and HP both good. Given the amount of whirlwind effect you have, I might include an Execute just to have a safety option against a single 4 7/7 or the like. 

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    The results are kinda mixed - there are games where Sathrovarr is great but there are more games where he just clogs in your hand when not comboed with a fully discounted Tiger. Even if its cost is down to 8 by Thaurissan, spending a whole turn to do DK Hero Power and Sathrovarr is often too much of a tempo loss. Maybe he will shine someday in wild, but currently I'll stick with my original build.

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    I would remove the dragon package and the lackey package. Big Ol' Whelp as well as lackey generation cards make Shudderwock give you so many cards that are not Shudderwock and your hand will soon be full, not to mention that you will face lots of fatigue damage by repeating Big Ol' Whelp's battlecries. Lifedrinker can help you stablize health while applying pressure while playing Shudders and Sandstorm Elemental can help you deal with pirates and lackeys that are probably going to be popular - so I would include those. Just some personal suggestions XD

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    I'm afraid you are right. I knew Giggling Inventor would see a lot of play but didn't realize it was nerf-deservingly powerful. This looks as powerful as pre-nerf Giggling - even with no minion on board 5 mana 5/4 with Rush is playable, and with a small minion it's almost a neutral post-quest Oasis Surger.

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    You made my day, man! I've been with Bob lately lol but I'll definitely return to ladder once expansion hits

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    If only they are Battleground cards I guess

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    posted a message on Patch 16.0 - Removal of Doom in the Tomb Cards, BG changes and New Heroes

    Good nerf but Reckless Experimenter cries in the corner

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 10.17 - Discussion Topic
    First, thanks for comments! See my response below.
    Quote from McF4rtson
    Did you mean "When attacking a minion, Silence it first." or would this behave like Water Elemental?  

    It would behave like water elemental - minions take damage from this minion will first take damage, then get silenced if it survives.

    Quote from Wailor >>


    Quote from DittoLander >>

     I really like the effect! Very interesting indeed. I'd give it slightly more Health, so that it can survive one hit.

    As with the previous post, most of my complaints are aesthetic/flavor:

    • The artwork features an undead, not a Demon. So, I'd suggest changing the artwork.
    • Cards starting with "The" are usually legendary.
    • BG cards don't have a watermark!


     Yes that's really good suggestion. I will give it more health and maybe find other artwork / name if I go with that idea.

    Next I want to share my second idea, which is, surprisingly, Ditto! I truly will appreciate advice on this one, because I'm not sure of its balance, or if its wording makes sense.

    The idea is that when you buy a minion such that you have two of the same type, ditto will transform into it and merge into a triple/golden version of it. I think it's slightly stronger than Shifter Zerus because you have more control over which minion ditto will turn into and it can take effect immediately on the turn you buy ditto, so I make it Tier 4.

    The golden version would counts twice towards Triple, which translate into - any minion you buy will become a golden version! Let me know what wording would make the effect easier to understand, and whether you like the Mute or Ditto better.

    Finally, comments on other people's cards:

    Anub'rekhan: interesting card. Granted, deathrattle strategy doesn't click that well with simply larger body, though stats is certainly important in Battleground. I might change the battlecry to be deathrattle, and maybe make it available at Tier 5. But overall it's a decent design.

    Greedy Merchant: Very interesting effect, and particularly good/broken in Daryl. I like it a lot.

    Scorching Infernal: I would say it's overpowered - it makes Nefarian's HP available to everyone. I would change the effect to be damaging all minions instead of just enemy minions, so that your own divine shield will be broken as well. But because demons don't have ways to gain divine shield, it will certainly be a good effect in Demon strategy.

    Coldlight Gravediver: If only it doesn't resurrect itself... You can say "all other friendly murlocs."

    Varimathras: I like the flavor but its use seems too limited. What about "adjacent minions are immune to poisonous?" Would that be too OP?

    Argent Priestess: I sort of don't want permanent divine shield to be available to every tribe - tribes need to have their own strengths and weaknesses. It also makes George really unhappy.

    Felborned Mekkatorque: I would only retain the second effect (demons can be magnetized), and that by itself is worth a Tier 6 status. Otherwise this will be abused by mech strategy mostly and the second effect will be kind of out of place.

    Battlegrounds Roaster: similar comment applies - it's a little disrespectful to Nefarian. But I like this much better because it's a dragon, and AOE could be a dragon-unique thing. Just make sure they have no way to gain poisonous.

    Changing Protector and Deep Hunter: too OP - and I don't like just copying effects from other tribes and call it a day. Changing tribes is kind of cool, though.

    Experienced Tracker: Sort of like Toki's hero power on a stick (you buy it, sell it, cost 2 mana), because there are three Tier 6 beasts - all very powerful. I would make it Tier 4 or 5 at least.

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