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    I have every deck in standard atm, 22k dust and started saving for next expansion with 500g already stashed.



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    The amount of retardism in the answers to this topic is.... I wanted to say baffling or something, but I've become cynical enough not get baffled anymore.

    This was a really nice conversation starter and a super imterestong topic even beyond Hearthstone! (Too bad the OP should have started a new "nerf this"-thread, so these neglects could have carried on to posting their usual "this again, go to salt thread" responses.)

    The thing about losing in Hearthstone is so stressfull because very often it is due to a significant luck factor. In other games I have actually enjoyed (to some degree!) the games I've lost because I have felt like I have learned something and seen some ingenious plays by my opponent.

    Another thing about Hearthstone is that I feel like the the atmosphere is hostile. The amount of bm and opponents rubbing it in is so huge that I tend to que into matches with a negativity to start with (yes sherlock! this is my view/problem, but I think it has some merits to back that feeling). I haven't played Gwent much, but I think the system they had was marvelous! You could cheer your opponent after a match with a tiny bit of dust if you CHOSE to. That immediately creates a more supporting field, and getting a handshake after a game leaves a better taste in your mouth than just a soulless lost match with a tiny pinch of bm to really make you feel sooooo goooood!

    Thanks for the refreshing topic!



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    I've been rank 1, 5 stars three times during the past three hours. Give me a fucking break and let me get that legend for the fucking fucking fucking god's sake!!

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    It's your boy here, one of the biggest doomsayers for Hearthstone and the creator of this topic. 

    First and foremost I gotta come clean and say I have only played three games of Artifact so far! I'm a bit surprised that my initial hype died even a bit earlier than the actual release and I haven't been sucked into the game more. On the other hand I actually feel that Hearthstone has stepped up it's game by a mile! I mean Blizzard has done the bravest thing they could have done with the previous two expansions by not upping the power level AND now nerfing many oppressive decks. Hearthstone seems to be in the right track again and I love it! :)

    Artifact definately has had a rough start but I still hope that people would give it a chance and I sure will play it more and maybe even switch mainly to playing it in the future because it definately caters much more to my needs as a more serious card gamer. I just haven't been able to pour my life and soul to a completely new system just now, but when the stars align I'm ready! :)

    I didn't come here just to talk about my own life and bore you to death with that, but I come bearing news. Artifact has had two major updates since launch: first they targeted the community aspect by adding chat and emotes, then yesterday they did the thing most people have been screaming for https://playartifact.com/news/1714081669510213123

    They added a progression system and a way to acquire packs and portaits and tickets! To me this wasn't actually a that big of a wish, but for the majority of players this is HUGE! Also they ate their words about never nerfing anything and tackled a few troublesome cards in the same go.

    To top things off and because I believe many people already "quit Artifact for good" I can't emphasize enough that the market prices have dropped dramatically since launch. It irks me that because during the first week of launch the prices for constructed cards were like 40-50 bucks people still feel that the game is "teh most expensive thing in teh world after gold itself". The last time I checked the price for the most expensive card was 10 dollars! And I'm quite certain the prices have dropped even further after that. And even if you wouldn't consider paying ANYTHING beyond the initial purchase there is still free phantom draft so you wouldn't have to pay a single penny more to be able to play the game.

    Overall I hope Artifact would rise from the ashes and become a viable option at least for the more experienced card gamers. More genuine competition is good for the customers in the end!



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    The number one reason I wouldn't want to be a politician is the fact that people complain so fucking much! About everything! This day is phenomenal to Hearthstone overall. Read the previous sentence again - phenomenal. Blizzard has released two great sets without much power creep (hence the stale meta for a long period) and now they address oppressive decks that will likely impact the meta in a super significant way. I am 110% satisfied with Blizzard and so do big influencers like Kripparian and Regis etc. 

    Let us speak loudly and give huge applauds to Blizzard so that they will continue to do good stuff like this in the future!

    Like a couple of posters here already stated this refund nonsense is ridicilous and you can't draw a clear line where the refunds would end. Like let's say another deck with not a single nerf plummets because of these changes and shifting meta. Should they now get refunded as well? No!

    Free to play is cute and all, but for Blizzard you are just a 0-paying customer so you don't get to vote! I'm a paying customer and I have access to every meta deck and beyond. I will adapt and keep having fun. 

    Kanye for president. Out.

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    Do you like poker? I love it, though I suck at it :P The thing that intrigues me in poker, is the fact that you're playing the player, not just your own cards.

    I have also played a goooood chunk of Fantasy Flight Games' Conquest LCG (rip) and it shares a similiar mechanic to Artifact in that it has 5 planets you must choose and divide your forces to. Pick the right battles in other words. It has been my favorite of game all time, and knowing that Artifact will have three lanes to fight in makes me so damn happy! I referenced poker in the beginning because (based on Conquest) I have actual in-game knowledge about how it feels to bluff, coy and pick the exact moments when to start pushing the preffered battles and also when to abandon a lost cause. It feels ah-mazing! With Hearthstone's base mechanics i.e. the skeleteon of the game, it won't ever be about outplaying your opponent as much as it is to strictly follow your starategy (= basically your deck and what it is designed to do) and hope for a decent draw.

    For the reason above, I believe Artifact will also be a really interesting game to follow on twitch and youtube, and learning from better players. Hearthstone's "silly moments" compilations can be fun to watch at times, but what is actually really exciting to watch is when a good player does something clever and lures the opponent into a trap.

    "But the game looks so complicated!" In my opinion it is at it's very barest "just hearthstone, but with three games side by side". Yup, basically you have creatures that are trying to hit face. Just divide your resources (cards in hand) to those three different lanes as you choose and win two of the lanes and your done. (Ok, you can also win the same lane twice to be victorious, but that's basically it.) Of course it seems strange with an unfamiliar UI, but it is not that much more complicated than HS. The tactical depth on the other hand is far superior and if that is something that is not your cup of tea, then it is not a game for you. But the pros and many, many, many of us more devoted players have been craving for something like this for sooooo long! Thank you Artifact for coming to reality in november :)

    I also want to poke my finger at the economy side of things. I'm already an old fellow (30 years old ffs!). I've been raised in a society where I bought a game and the played the game. Yes, I bought the game. For me the whole concept of free to play is a weird one and for me HS has never been a f2p, because I've poured so much money into it. Now if I need to buy Artifact in order to start playing it, I cannot even describe how..... normal it feels. Also I've read the comment about how "x amount of € for a card game is too much" so many times and that is something I have difficulties to digest as well. For me card games is my favorite game genre (to the extend that I don't play any other games) and these games need continious updates, expansions and spectacularly well balanced cards in order to be enjoyable. I don't know any first person shooter that has 100 different weapons and every three months a new set of 100 different weapons come in and so on...  Card design needs to be perfect and it requires skill to design new and interesting things all the frigging time. So why do we need to pay "just for a card game" is a ridicilous question in my opinion.

    I want Artifact to shake the electronic card game industry in order for it to grow! Hearthstone has been the shining horse for so many years, that is has prevented the competition almost entirely. That is a really bad thing for us customers in a long run. Hearthstone will always be a good starting point for novice gamers and the casuals, but it is great to get another viable option for the esports scene.

    Please share your views on Artifact. I sure have seen so many quotes on various threads already that I can smell the hype train! (and the hate train :P)

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    Quote from Horkinger >>
    Quote from Dirtymo >>
    Quote from Horkinger >

     I Guess you didn't read my response beyond the first sentence then, did you? I explicitly said that it will be more complex than Hearthstone because of the lanes. Even ESL wasn't the exact same, but it was too little different. Nevertheless, if the lanes is all that distinguishes Artifact from Hearthstone, it will by far not be enough for the game to compete. And it will also fail to attract the gamers that want a "deeper" game experience since then it would be like ESL (with just one lane more). And the lane did not make it "feel" like a different gameplay.

     I did read, and I mainly felt ashamed about my oversimplified statement and wanted to open my thoughts on it more.

    I have to admit that I haven't played ESL, but coming back to my history with Conquest and it's five planets it was something spectacular and added very much depth but only little complexity.

    The more we get descision making opportunities the more enjoyable experience it will be for me. If Blizzard released Hearthstone 2, a game like I described as Artistone, nothing else changing but having three simultaneous battles, I think it would be a much better game. A present HS match can be over in a heartbeat if you don't happen to draw answers to that wyrm + apprentice combo right away. But must you win on two boards would grant a chance to start pushing those battles instead of the lost cause.

    Basically I do feel like Artifact will have the same bone structure than HS, albeit with three skeletons, and beyond that it will have some crazy muscles :P

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    Quote from Horkinger >>

    If Artifact is "just Hearthstone, but with three games side by side", Artifact is doomed to fade quicker than Gwent. But I don't think it is.

     Yes, I did oversimplify it to the extreme because I've seen so many comments of being "overwhelmingly complex/I don't understand wha'ts going on". It shares the same structure though: you have creatures and your goal is to defeat the tower like you would defeat the opposing hero in HS.

    But I will now throw in a mind game for you: Let's say we're playing this "Artistone" and your opponent has a sorceres apprentice and a mana wyrm on lane two, but lane one and three are empty. Where do you start deploying? That wyrm + apprentice combo is such a powerhouse that it might strike your lane two down in an instance if you leave it unguarded. But how about those two empty lanes, they do seem appealing for you to take victory in! 

    For me we're already pitted with so many decision points and we have to adapt tactically the whole time, so that the gameplay feel will be miles away from Hearthstone.


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    Quote from tfioi >>

    Well the thing is my version of Big spell mage is, except the "Big spell" part and Jaina, different from most of them out there.
    Tried fitting Ice Block and my win rate plummeted cause I had to fit the secrete package that ruined my game plan.

    Played few version with Pyroblast and it was useful. Either for high roll on Dragons Fury or actually closing the game.
    Tho cause I played Medivh it was slow, on that I agree.
    Have few ideas on why it can fit. Either cause high roll Spiteful Summoner or one is to ignore the lack of Firelands Portal and fit value with Servant of Kalimos (which I had in few version to out last Cube/Control locks).

    But my current version is Medivh'less and has Bright-Eyed Scout.
    Few thins are achieved with that.
    1. I have a 4 drop
    2. What ever I draw is on curve (can back lash), example is playing Frost Lich Jaina on 5 or having a clear board on 10 with Dragons Fury + 5 cost Dragoncaller Alanna. <--best things that can happen.
    3. Everything else is fine too, I dont mind having Blizzard on 5 also

    Anywho, point is the archetype is not dead, mage is not dead.
    Before secret mage was cool, everyone dissed me it was bad, turned it was good. Even before this current XPAC it was smooth sailing to Rank 5 when Jades where a thing.
    It's not mages problem that Blizzard pushes some classes to god like status


     Nice man! We share ideas, and you've got even better ones! I sincerely feel that the Ice Block Secret package was a hinderance to the deck, when Arcane Artificers are pumping you up with some great armor and Jaina granting lifesteal.
    I hadn't thought of Bright-Eyed Scout, but man I see the potential now that you mention it. 
    I feel like some of the worst match-ups have been super volatile aggro starts, like paladins, so we must see how viable aggro decks will be flooding the meta, and Big Mage could be a great deck. Of course it's a bummer we didn't get any new shiny big spells, but sometimes you don't have to reinvent the bike I guess.
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    Quote from elcubano24 >>

    My only concern is that this generating legend effect has been tried with mage in the past via Sindragosa with little success. I know there's a difference, but unless we are missing more puzzle pieces, I don't know if this is a card mages can find a home for in their decks unless they go ultra-greedy control.

     And Sindragosa still has some beautiful synergy with Jaina. But Toki is just a bad Tempo play.
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