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    I WANT TO BE A DINOSAUR! Don't you?

    This would be an amazing fun card to have in hearthstone during this expansion and beyond. The Deathrattle effect makes it a little worse in constructed but let the fun be had!

    Check out what this Hero has to offer below!

    King Dred Hero

    Imagine all new emotes and sound effects for everything!

    You are now a Dinosaur!

    BOOM! Transformation below!

    As King Dred you equipt a very unique weapon (Terrorizing Roar). This weapon deals no damage on use but sends a random minion back to its owners hand! I think this would be an amazing control tool but it does have that RNG factor. 

    The Hero Power costs 4 mana !!!  WHAT!!  Yep, this Hero Power may be expensive but oh my word is it strong. It basically devours a random minion on the board and self heals your hero with 2-4 health. This is a very powerful hero power in a control game but once again holds a bit of risk of eating your own minions if any are in play.

    Overall I beleive this card and effect would be amazing and fun in game.

    It is very powerful but it holds quite a bit of risk, making it a happy balance.


    That stuff above is awsome right?! I'm going to check it out again in the spoiler above, be right back.

    Well I hope you enjoy the card/concept idea!




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    Awsome character from the WoW universe? check.

    Impressive art and card design? check.

    Use of 2 new keywords for this weeks competition? check.

    This card would see play in several of deck types. Big 4/9 body with taunt to slow things down with that "defend" effect (TAUNT). The "meditate" mechanic would really slow down (stop) those crazy zoo decks (or weapon class attackers) freezing all enemy characters and dealing 1 damage (mini blizzard effect).

    Solid card for any deck! Fair and balanced. Fun for the kids to play!

    Click and like below.

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    A fun Priest Spell in the spirit of Hollow's End!

    This spell would work exactly like Ysera's card effect (only a one time mechanic).

    It would change every minion on the board into one of the random cards listed below.

    I wanted to select a wide variety of cards transformations that we simply do not see in constructed play anymore. I also want "costume" cards! These specific cards have all been popular costumes by fans at Blizzcon and such events (and in game).

    5 mana seems to be a perfect spot to balance this out in a Priest deck. This card carries a high risk/ high reward theme. Change those threatening board enemies into Leper Gnomes? Transform your damaged minions (or crap minions) into Stormwind Champions? The RNG will be fun.

    Costume Cards are: Leper Gnome, Unstable Ghoul, Scarlet Crusader, Ogre Magi, and Stormwind Champion

    Vote for this fun card NOW!


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    Fun possibilities with this card in hearthstone!

    In a world where Spell Damage decks make a huge impact in constructed....

    I could see this being a tech card in some anti-spell power type of decks. Azure Drake....poof spell power gone.

    This could also fit into a spell damage deck that simply wishes to beef this up for cheap.

    Balanced due to the possible drawback of clearing your own personal Spell Damage (or enemy doesn't have any).


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        A group of hunters are traveling deep into the frozen mountains of Northrend. A massive storm shakes the earth & consumes the sky. The hunting party takes shelter within a small cave and wait out the storm. After the storm calms, the hunters embark on the journey home. Suddenly the hunters notice a massive golden light in the distance. The group races to see what it is. Amazingly, the storm's power ripped a massive section of the mountain away. The shocked hunters stand in amazement of a massive golden door built right into the mountainside. The party leader (Torok Splinterspear) commands the others to spread the word to Azeroth of their discovery. Who in the world can unlock this secret door and the unbelievable artifacts this vault may hold. Adventures & rewards await for you in the mountains of Northrend.

    Adventure Concept: The Vault of the Ancients

    Below is the first encounter of the adventure. A taste of things to come.


    The Vault Door encounter would have a new gameplay feature that will blow people away. At the start of your turn, the vault will pop up a randomized question (>100) with 3 answer options to choose from. The questions will include some awsome Warcraft lore questions, riddle style questions, and even some silly math equations. Correct answers will reward 1 of 10 lock combination character to open the door. Incorrect answers will clear all lock combination characters previously awarded (you start over) and insult/intimidate you with awsome emotes. The encounter has 2 ways to complete it. Which shall it be? Answer 10 correct questions in a row or try to break the door down with brute force? Goodluck adventurers. 



    Check out all the amazing Hero Power abilities in the spoiler below.

    The Ancient Defense System hero power will randomly trigger 1 of 8 possible "defensive actions".

    This encounter has a massive amount of variety upon each time you may face it in the adventure. The randomness of the Hero Power makes this encounter truly fun & challenging. Below are the 8 random abilities of the Hero Power.

    #1: Arcane Annihilation: Deal 2-4 damage to all enemies.

     A powerful board clear with potential to shift the battle.

    #2: Summon Vault Guardian: Summon a 4/4 Vault Guardian with Taunt & Charge

     This minion serves to protect the Ancient Vault Door.

    #3: Reinforce the Wall: Gain 5 armor.

     Remember, two copies of shield slam also exist in this encounter's deck.

    #4: Destroy Intruder: Destroy a random enemy minion.

    Boom! Your minion is dead.

    #5: Overloading Shock: Overload 1-2 enemy mana crystals.

    This spell can drive the greatest champion mad with anger!


    #6: Alter Time: Return a random enemy minion to their owner's deck.

    This spell just may send one of your minions back into your deck.

    #7: Initiate World Destruction Sequence: Summon a 0/10 World Destruction Device

    This fun card has a 50% chance to end the game if it's deathrattle effect triggers.

    #8: Malfunction: Do Nothing.

    This spell literally does nothing. Lucky for you if the Vault door is malfunctioning often.

     Sample Card rewards for the adventure

    Torok Splinterspear is a main character in the adventure. You will get to know him quite well during your adventure through The Vault of the Ancients.

    Torok Splinterspear is one of the major characters in this adventure. He is a master hunter who specializes in 1 shot kills of any beast he has hunted. This is powerful card in the set with an excellent battlecry and a pretty handy deathrattle. The card would see plenty of play with the popular beast decks along with deathrattle synergy decks.

    Check out the Splinterspear Cannon!

    This weapon could get pretty scary if it has time to build up!


    This adventure will introduce a "rune spell card" for each class. This is the Shaman class spell. These spells will have very new and interesting effects.

    The other set "Rune spell cards" early ideas.

    Priest: Rune of Darkest Shadow    -This adventure has some serious shadow priest tools.

    Paladin: Rune of Purist Light

    Warrior: Rune of Mountain's Strength

    Hunter: Rune of Ancient Vision  -This spell could be a game changer for hearthstone! Vote to see it's glory!

    Mage: Rune of the Elemental Plane

    Warlock: Rune of Deepest Fear     -A new keyword: Fear will be introduced to the game in this adventure.

    Rogue: Rune of Gusting Winds

    Druid: Rune of Thundering Storms


    Vote for this adventure to see these ideas fleshed out!



    And last but not least, introducing Richard Honoraxe. This is another new character of the adventure with some amazing catch phrases and hilarious jokes.

    Richard Honoraxe is a fearless character of this adventure with an amazing ability to reveal an enemies card and perhaps destroy it. The card has weak stats but massive potential to disrupt an enemies plan. 



    Thanks everyone! I am looking forward to this competition! 

    Vote below for this adventure! I would love to expand this concept for the community!


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    I love this concept. 

    My idea would be to introduce a new "Building" minion type category and a new game mechanic called Shelter.

    Shelter would essentially hide a minion or minions until the start of your next turn, where it would automatically return the "sheltered" minions to normal play on the board unless otherwise stated on the card effect text.

    The Orc Burrow is a basic example of this type of concept. Basic stats with 1 attack and 4 health with that Can't Attack Tag. This card holds a 3 mana cost. Want to protect that powerful card until the start of your next turn? Pop this little puppy down with it and essentially give it a hiding spot. When the Orc Burrow takes 4 damage, it blows up. The sheltered minion returns to the board. A sheltered minion can not be targeted until released out of the sheltering structure. Sheltered minion card effects will not be active while they are in the shelter, including Taunts.

    Like the idea and card?

    Click below and like the Orc Burrow.


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    In honor of the new Warcraft movie (which was great) and in the spirit of "fun" card design this week. I give you The Book of Medivh.

    Yep, a Book.

    This card effect takes randomness to the next level, potentially stocking random decks with random spells!

    A unique effect would have this card show the random spell (kinda like the Reveal mechanic) to both players and then shuffle it into a random deck. Adding a little more salt to the situation at times.

    This card won't find its way into competitive play anytime soon but would definitely fit into a random fun; who knows whats gonna happen kinda deck.

    I think this card concept also finds a place in whispers of the old gods expansion with several random spell "cast" cards like Yogg-Saron, Hope's End.

     Have fun and click below if you like! Thanks!

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    Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian!

    I would love to see an expansion of a legendary weapon for "non-weapon" class Heroes someday in Hearthstone. This iconic weapon is well known throughout the World of Warcraft (and you see it in the new Warcraft movie!).

    The weapon carries a high cost of 7 mana but has interesting potential in late game situations. A mage could potentially have Spell Damage +1 for the rest of the game if the user doesn't use its durability. The weapon battlecry effect also adds to the fun of this legendary weapon. You will discover 3 random spells in the game and receive one of them with a nice cost discount.


    Legendary Weapons in Hearthstone!




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    Remember this must have item in Warcraft III???

    Balance: High mana cost @ 5 with pretty poor stats (2/5) to make up for the cards effect potential.

    Effect: Heals your Hero for same amount of any damage your opponent takes while this card is in play. 

    Viability: Some new creative healing option for any class.

    Have a great day!

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    New Mage Secret!!

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    Play: "Happy Winter's Veil! Anytime of the year!"


    Winter's Veil Gift

    I love this week's theme! Everyone remember this fun event?

    Great-father Winter would be a crazy fun card in hearthstone! 


    Missed the event? check out spoiler below for more information.

    will give player who kills it a 

    • The Stolen gift will give you the ability to Discover a card that is either of your class or your opponent's, depending on which gift was destroyed. Killing a gift on your opponent's side of the field gives you cards from their class.

    Discover three options, pick what you want.



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    Hakkar the Soulflayer is an inetersting character from the Warcraft Universe. This card could be a  great addition to possible Dragon decks at the 7 mana slot. This card could also become an interesting addition to many control decks and possibly push the meta away from many of the combo/burst decks (which I believe Blizzard eventually wants). I see the card as balanced due to the requirement of having less Health than your opponent for the Immune effect.




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    Play: "Murky, Murky, Murky!"

    Check out the sweet card information in the spoiler below.

    Murky transforms your Hero into 

    Your character Hero power changes into 

    Murky comes with a cool weapon: 


     Go ahead and change your Hero into everyone's favorite Murloc today!

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    Demonbane Huntress could be a demonlock's worst nightmare. 

    Balanced due to the very specific card effect.

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