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    While it is underwhelming compared to the other Death Knights. I say this is more practical if you are planning to play the long game. This is to say it gives you something that can potentially help against Freeze Mage as well due to the armor hero power as well.

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    Mage be like: B-but I have Ice Block active...... DAMN YOU BRODE!!!!

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    In standard there are 13 out of 17 cards you would want to obtain from this deathrattle if running a dragon deck-> 76.5%

    If not running a dragon deck, there are 10 out of 17 (with 2 others possible to add based on stats) worth obtaining-> 58.8%

    Wild with dragon deck is 21 out of 28-> 75%

    Wild without dragon deck is 15 out of 28-> 53.6%

    So overall, this is a very good card. You will be more likely to run it in a dragon deck though considering that you will be more likely to guarantee value. But, it is not bad in non-dragon decks either since you are slightly above 50/50 of getting a card you could see as useful. Arena will also enjoy this card immensely as it is in the rare tier and can obtain you higher value cards.

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    Aside ways to work around the deathrattle, this card is more dependant on who has the initiative for turn 4. If you are able to play this first prior to your opponents 4 mana turn, you have the stronger initiative to capitalize on the 5/5 value. In all honesty though, this will probably be mostly used in rogue potentially by playing this and then using Shadowstep.

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    I am actually a bit surprised that there is not more "meta defining" in the vote. This nearly allows priest to power creep the early game. Here are two examples of ideal turns you could have with this card included for turns 1 through 3:

    1. Northshire Cleric-> coin + Shadow Ascendant + Power Word: Shield on Ascendant-> Tar Creeper

    2. coin + Pompous Thespian-> Shadow Ascendant-> Kabal Talonpriest on Ascendant

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    The best thing I can honestly think of is Bomb Squad-> Treachery-> Moat Lurkerx2 for a total of 15 damage to hero and a 5 damage removal. But that is just for fun. In terms of this card actually being useful though, it would have to be something really dumb like Mayor Noggenfogger.

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    I simplified the math for the overall game:

    w= number of cards not yet known regardless of how many are in deck or hand

    x= number of Gnomeferatu you can use (this can even include them being returned to hand to play again)

    y= number of assumed valuable cards that you intend on discarding

    z= number of valuable cards that have been played or discarded

    x/w(y-z)= probability of discarding valuable card

    Example: 2/20(6)= .6 or 60% chance of discarding a valuable card

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    There really is good value in this card. Firstly to note, it has Lifesteal attached to it which obtains value every time that happens to activate. Taunt will assure that value could potentially be multiple since it has 8 health. Second, it has an immediate effect with its Deathrattle being so powerful. Although it is on a random minion, you can pretty much consider it a 6 mana 4/8 with Deadly Shot attached. Albeit, you need to set up proper circumstances to get the most value out of this card.

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    Of course I should have also mentioned that while Arcanologist exists, that this card will just not see use when you have a reliable way to pull the secrets out. So as Hoogausarr said, you will probably only play Glacial Mysteries in a Secret Mage deck even though the value can be justified in only two secrets.

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    Shielded Minibot 2.0 except it could be potentially more annoying with buffs applied.

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