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    Dr. Boom is dependent on whether Mech Warrior will be a thing or not. If it is though, then Dr. Seven on curve would be pretty powerful. The hero powers he has available are good, but not impactful like Shadowreaper Anduin. The best one is the minibots from my perspective which I assume will just be three 1/1 mechs which will obviously have rush applied to them. Mech synergy and the capability to dictate where each point of damage goes is pretty good.

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    You mean hero powers ;D

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    You misunderstand how the attack stats adjust. Compare Firefly to this card going against 1 or 2 attack minions. Firefly would be a 2/4 in the sense that it deals 2 damage against 2 attack and 4 against 1 attack. Framebot would deal 3 against 2 attack and 5 against 1 attack. So the adjusted stats for framebot become 3/5 and 5/5 compared to Firefly 2/4 and 4/4.

    There are many scenarios that can be looked at in which Firefly is better, but this is just pointing out that the only time Firefly on stat comparison alone would be better than Framebot is when the enemy minion has 5 or more attack.

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    This card does have potential. The underlying text is more like "Choose a Mech and give it 2/4 with Divine Shield and Taunt". So the Divine shield can be used immediately on a mech that can attack and it gains health. The attack increase can also allow for some responsiveness.

    Edit: Another way to look at it. It is like a modified version of Blessing of Kings . Lose the two attack in exchange for Taunt and Divine Shield, but only with mechs.

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    You mean turn 3 or 4 right?

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    A bit poorly stated, but the cards you can gain from this are totally worth it.

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    You actually only need 3 minions damaged for this to be worth throwing on the field. Not too difficult to do, but it would still probably be a bit too slow compared to other cards you could run in the 5 slot.

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    Except weapons have more immediate affect on board and have stacking value based on the endurance. Running this card would mean you literally build a deck around it so that it takes advantage of set situations.

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    The cards you gain from this are insane. So very much it will be meta defining in that you will likely be running Big Game Hunter and possibly The Black Knight in order to remove it as soon as possible. Only one card out of the 8 would actually be considered bad.

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    With the right deck, this death knight is actually pretty insane especially for how powerful that weapon is. On the other hand, losing the armor hero power is a bit of a drawback in favor of gaining tempo through the one damage to all minions. For 3 turns though (so long as the weapon is not destroyed), that does guarentee 5 damage to at least 3 minions.

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