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    Eh, this card is probably clunky to use. You would want to use the damage effectively, but once you can trigger the deathrattle. You might end up throwing something out off curve when you can make use of the effect.

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    I honestly believe they will go to there original mana cost. The 1 mana cost is specifically from Academic Espionage. Augmented Elekk will most likely just be programmed with base copies rather than modified.

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    There is potential for it, but it seems obvious that with this theme that Blizz is doing with priest. They want them to play more tempo/deathrattle without question.

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    I honestly think this will still be too slow to be seen in meta. The four slot for mage is pretty competitive in what you will fit in and generally you won't be playing this minion for the stats, but for the spell damage. So it is not really a 4 mana minion from my point of view and we already got a better card revealed for that purpose with Celestial Emissary.

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    It is 5 cost in order to act as the middle ground in comparison to Equality + Consecration which is 6 mana. Though that still leaves to question why you would run this card over Equality.

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    There are two downsides to this card, but the positives do outweigh the negatives. First downside is that the cards are random of opponent's class cards (not deck) which could have poor results such as Totemic Might. The second downside further exemplifies the first in that you are inflating your deck by 10 cards which means it could become more difficult to draw into a card you would usually need.

    This is why you will more likely use this card in some manner that exploits the value rather than depend on RNGesus being on your side. The fact the cards cost one though essentially prevents it from being punishing to use.

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    Turns out there are a lot of possibilities being made with Myra's Unstable Element. This card added a whole new one which is faster than Pogo-Hopper, but the question becomes if you can get the value you need from Academic Espionage in combination with Tess Greymane with them being random. Keep in mind, it mentions opponent's "class" and not deck.

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    Me used to trade for deathrattle. But now me no need to trade for deathrattle. Fireworks Tech is SMOrc best friend. Even make mech friend hit face harder.

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    Can pull Righteous Protector, Tar Creeper, Stonehill Defender and other cards that we don't know if they are meta yet like Faithful Lumi. Paladin is one of the few if only classes that can get proper value out of this card draw specification.

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    The difference with this and Hand of Protection is that the Divine Shield is not visibly on the field. So this is a case where you can actually use Divine Shield defensively whereas Hand of Protection would be used offensively because the shield can not be pinged off as easily. If Druid and Rogue are prevalent in the meta though, then this card is far less useful.

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