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    You know what makes this card even scarier against combo decks..... Zola the Gorgon

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    I don't see this working in the manner of getting high value cards to be shuffled back into your deck. Or at least those situations will be far more rare. This is definitely a good card, but gotta keep realistic for what minions it will actually affect or if there will be a combo application. Best I could potentially see for now is a resurrection Priest style deck where you could kill off your own minion if need be while Spirit of the Dead is played onto the board. You then end up with a valuable minion in your dead pool and a 1 cost in your deck.

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    Is actually a pretty good late game card so long as you can make use of Spirit of the Dead. Comparing this to pre-nerfed Ancient of Lore, the stats of 7/7 are already good and drawing at least two minions would not be out of the question. Only real issue I see with this is getting those valuable minions to even be in your deck. Will have to see if there is anything more to be added before a final judgment can be made.

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    The sad part about this card being printed is that it can not be named Divine Shield. Otherwise it would be neat if they also printed a Hearthstone card which essentially would mean Bubble Hearth to forget that the game even happened much like PvP in WoW XD

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    This card will be pretty ridiculous in arena. I do like its flavor and has some potential in zoo decks. Like set up an egg to be your left most card.

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    Goblin Blastmage at one more mana, 2 less attack, and no activating condition. Since Goblin Blastmage was an above average value card, this puts Dyn-o-matic at a more balanced position. Being in warrior as well where it can hit your own minions that are not mech gives it a broader use. Could probably even compare it to Madder Bomber which puts it at two less attack, one less ping, but more focused in that it will only hit minions.

    So overall, I see it as being playable and close to very good. Past iterations are better from my perspective, but this does at least come close in comparison mostly because the ping damage is more focused.

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    A better Mechwarper in a meta that it likely will not be effective for. Fits best for zoo and aggro. The cards revealed thus far don't show much possibility of there being early game mech dominance.

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    Understated for its mana cost: Check

    Effect has RNG factor: Check

    Unlikely to fit in any meta deck: Check

    400 dust: Double Check

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    Arena card pretty much just for the added value of the battlecry. The stats are not ideal though even taking that battlecry into consideration. You would more likely see this as a 5 mana minion, but it is set to 6.

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    This is true, but what I am saying is that you typically want to make effective board use of the damage on the weapon. So if you don't have a reason to apply that damage (even if face is always an option), it could mean throwing Blightnozzle Crawler down on turn 5 rather than 4 for example. This essentially is why I say it is a clunky weapon to make use of correctly. Though there is definitely room for it to shine with Carnivorous Cube without question.

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