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    9 mana add 3 legendaries to your hand

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    Quote from fabjx >>

    What's the point? You get back the same dust you are going to use

     You get 2 free golden molten giants or dust them for 800 dust.
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    We all miss the old control style, but this deck wont fit in this meta right now. The meta has alot of tempo decks and "control decks" that beat this deck easily, like Jade druid and Raza priest (control decks doesnt exist, Jade druid and raza priest is the closed control decks we can play) . This deck fit in a meta with alot of aggro.

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    Quote from CrazyMax3PSN >>

    after the release of the new set, there will be balance changes for sure, this card will be the first card to get the nerf hammer.

    the cost is cheap for the stats, plus you get op effect too !! 

    this card will be auto include in every midrange and control shaman decks . 

    naah.. As control shaman, you dont wanna use this card, I guess. The card just going to be useless if you are playing control shaman.. I agree that the card will be used in midrange. Like elemental Shaman. This card has a good chance to fit well in elemental shamna. This card synergy great with elemental effects!
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