About Me

Hello, my name is Phillip. I'm from Norway and I'm 16 years old (2017).

I remember when my older brother played Hearthstone around 2014, and I was allways besides him and watch him play. All the games that my brother played, I ended up to stick to these type of games for myself too. One day he show me the game and created a account for me, so i could play it too. It ended up with i played it alot. Almost every day. So i started right before the adventure "NAXXRAMAS". 

When i play Hearthstone, I like to be the person with alot difference plays i can make and gets so much value for each card i can. General Control-, OTK- and Fatigue decks. My highest rank of all time is rank 2. I have never had the time to reach legend, but I will be there soon, or I hope so. Here are my favorite decks and Heros:

Here is my favorite Heros:

  1. Rogue, because it really reflexiable class and this class is a typical options-class. When i talking about Rogue, I aiming at the miracle deck-list. its so fun to play and flexsible. it cruch control with their tempo, miracle turn!
  2. Warlock, because this class is really a diffecult to play, when you play a control type deck. A class that you use your own heath to give you more otions and gets a more flexsible hand, thats makes the game more interesting.
  3. Druid, because it love ramp Druid alot! Ramp up, ramp up some more and play some big guys, so you opponent can hit that concede botton!


  1. Miracle Rogue
  2. Reno/kasakus/krul Warlock
  3. Freeze Mage
  4. Ramp Druid
  5. Control/DK Mage
  6. Raza/OTK priest
  7. Control Warrior
  8. OTK Paladin(Murlock verson)
  9. Fatigue Rouge
  10. Concede Shaman

Some old decks i miss playing:

  1. Combo Druid (GvG)
  2. Fatigue Mage (GvG)
  3. Control Warrior (GT)

Some cards have been nerfed and thats great, but some nerfs i think should be buffed alittle again. I'm aiming at Big game hunter, also known as BGH. This card got nerf from 3 mana to 5 mana. I think the card got neft at the wrong time. When BGH was used alot, Dr 7 was around. almost all the decks had Dr. boom, and det only counter was BGH. BGH didnt stop the tempo play, because the boombots was still remain. It only slowed down the play alot. When Dr. boom finally go to wild, they nerf BGH. Ever since BGH has never been use again. I hope they will reconsider this and maybe buff this to cost 4 mana. 


BattleTag Dibblebolood#2861 Favorite Class Rogue Region EU