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    Well, I tried messaging the person, they told me to use the Discuss Appeal, which I had done already, but interestingly enough, nothing is replied in the appeal. It isn't strange considering it is not Christmas and likely people aren't around, but this has been active for almost two weeks.

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    Quote from ShadowAldrius >>

     That, that person is a bad player and/or expected a powerful meta deck? (Soul Demon Hunter)

    Tickatus is not a good keep at all against aggro demon hunter and could have cost him the game. Unless he was planning on playing it without corrupting it.

     I've had a few people do that, keeping him. I happen to be Soul, but could be Aggro, and you should mulligan for Aggro.

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    posted a message on Tikatus is the real problem in this meta.......

    I should also say, it is important enough that Warlocks keep it against me, a Demon Hunter. Granted I'm using Soul Shards deck, but they don't know that. You mulligan for Aggro because that is the way you lose, yet they are comfortable keeping Tickatus even if it's Aggro. That should say something.

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    posted a message on Tikatus is the real problem in this meta.......

    Tickatus is basically Azari, except you don't need to do all the work. Azari would usually burn around 5 cards by the time it was used.

    Tickatus should cost more mana, like 8 or 9, to ensure a really heavy play in order to activate it. Make it a 10-10, but move it higher in the mana curve to make it hard to Corrupt.

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    posted a message on Warning Appeal Process Length

    One would assume emotions wouldn't be guiding judgments here, they shouldn't, but we will see. I do find it odd that no reply is given.

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    posted a message on Why matchups FEEL rigged

    I should mention that while the video is interesting, it isn't well suited for Hearthstone. Matchmaking is not pure randomness. They have parameters they set for it and factors that influence the results, which by default makes it rigged. Doesn't mean this basic level of rigging is bad, you don't want to match people completely randomly, like a player at D1 with someone that started playing the game 30 minutes ago.

    At the same time, this also means that it is possible other, more nefarious rigging takes place.

    If your winrate affects you matchmaking, it means the randomness is affected.

    In a purely random setting, no matter what your winrate is, your chance to face and opponent with any winrate, really far or close to yours, is always the same, meaning you could match constantly be matched with someone of same winrate just as easily as you could be matched with someone of wildly different winrate.

    The moment your winrate narrows your pool of matches, that means as you increase it, you will match with higher winrate opponents as well. This is smaller, and whether you continue to win depends on what other high winrate opponents are using, and whether that it good matchup for you. If so, you will continue winning, if not, you will lower winrate until the selection of opponents is wider and you have more people with better matchups to match with, who also have lower winrates.

    It is just odd, when for multiple days the high winrate puts you against good matchups and you keep going, and suddenly the next day everything changed and the high winrate is now a bad matchup.

    I will note that there is an incentive to rank up to Legend, as you get rewarded a one time Random Legendary.

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    posted a message on Warning Appeal Process Length

    Greetings, I have a warning that was issued on the 11th of this month for something I didn't do. I appealed the warning immediately, but so far, have not heard any update on the situation.

    I don't know if this is supposed to be the case so I am here to inquire on what is the supposed timing one is expected for the appeal process?

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on We are likely to see a renerf to Raza in Renopriest in the near future!

    Kind of sucks if they change Raza again, since that is the only fun Priest deck that exists, Highlander. Even I who hates the class can at least appreciate the Combo nature of it.

    At the same time, I don't think it would that huge of a deal, I played it as a Combo OTK deck while it was 1 mana and it was still usable, not as broken, but still very much usable. It does mean a lot less damage, which I think is fine. I like how it can dish out a lot of damage, but working with every single card as opposed to having to space out damage due to the mana cost, is a little too much very often.

    I personally find that the deck having a huge damage turn like any more traditional Combo deck is healthier. The way that it continuously machine guns you every turn might end up needing to go again. The moment you are able to rearrange your deck order and get both Raza and Shadowreaper right away makes the machine gun very consistent.

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    posted a message on Ranked Wild - Questions & Advice
    Quote from DietThunder >>

    Just an update: at 9:42am pt, I hit legend with the Secret Paladin (never did get Yoggchamp, but I’ll keep trying it’s the only achievement I have left)

    my last game I won on turn three against a rogue who played a Tinkmaster Overspark  that gave me the 5/5 devilsaur. My last five or six games never saw a big priest. I also would report that I never once had Eater of Secrets in hand a single time against a mage. But it doesn’t matter now.

    special thanks to cobmetallica’s Mysterious Challenger list (http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1374041-68-legend-mysterious-challenger) I played one druid who friended me after to scream about how I am playing all these stupid old cards, and shouldn’t have won. It was doubly satisfying when I played him again and whooped him with the same “old cards”


    A really fast final boss, that is not common I believe. It is also interesting that you didn't see Priests at the end, I saw a few very close to the end, and one as the boss, which was the close win I mentioned before, won on 5 Fatigue draws with the last bits of damage I had left.

    Funny, it is good that old cards still win. They have made cards progressively so much better over the years, that old ones still working is good, he shouldn't be angry about it.

    Quote from CoKrokToPrd >>

    "What was that deck you never had faced before?"

    One was a OTK mage deck with Mozaki, Master Duelist. Basicly just drawing, freezing and spaming fost spells to face in the end.

    The 2nd one was a druid deck with Gadgetzan Auctioneer. It was played on turn 6, then he drew his whole deck Floop's Glorious Gloop, then he got 10 mana after he destroyed his Twig of the World Tree with Sphere of Sapience, then he switched decks with King Togwaggle and fatigued me with 2 Naturalize.

    You can imagine, shit like this pisses of, when its the game for legend and out of nothing i lost on his turn 6 ...

    BTW, with my Odd Shaman i played now 14 games in legend, 50% of the games against priests..and i have a record of 7-0 lol.

    Essentially a Freeze Mage with that card. That actually makes de think about using Mozaki in my normal Freeze Mage. I use the Cosmic guy with 2 Spell Damage, but after three burn spells Mozaki is worth it. Shame she isn't 4 Mana as well.

    Yeah the Druid when they draw well, you can forget it. It is way too fast.

    Nice, so it's good to face Priests, another option then.

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    posted a message on Ranked Wild - Questions & Advice
    Quote from Ardemonius >>

    I have the same problem. I use deck tracker, and these are the % last season from 3d:

    When I used secret mage: 36% priest and any Reno deck, 20% demon lock, 2/3% aggro

    So I played quest mage to counter priest: 50% aggro deck, 5% priest. 

    Reno priest: 5% aggro deck, 25% mirror or big priest, 30% combo (druid, rogue, any c'thun deck) and lock with ticktatus and the hp swap combo. 

    I can't reach legend. From d5 to d3 is normal, from d3 is a nightmare, impossible to climb, I face only counters, about 70%. Then, when I go back to d5, normal match-ups start again, until 3d. 

    A friend of mine had the same problem, but yesterday reached legend. How? Doing nothing. He said the game suddently stopped to counter his deck (he plays only king's bane rogue).

     I see, matchmaking is just weird in this game. Specially with your friend, that suddenly he stops seeing bad matchups. Although I could see the Rogue doing better if suddenly lots of Priests appear. Resurrect Priest shouldn't be too hard if he is using Saps.

    Quote from DietThunder >>

    Gotta say I relate with you OP

    I have played since 2015 but never gave much a hoot about Ranked mode, and certainly never legend. I am really struggling with these Big Priests.  Currently playing two variations of Secret Paladin (praying I get my Yoggchamp achievement) and it’s like if I don’t have a perfect draw against them (or a lucly Blackjack Stunner) I am toast.  I started running Zul'Drak Ritualist to mess with the resurrect pool, but even that doesn’t do enough.

    nevertheless I’m happy to even be at D3, but it would be nice to get that card back once and for all

     The Yogg achievement seems ridiculous to me, so random, how is anyone supposed to have any chance of getting it? It is entirely out of your control. Does your deck have the Rush guy that puts enemy minions at 3/3 on attack? Might as well as, it activates before the attack hits correct? Meaning it always kills the target.

    More than the card back, it was nice to get the rewards from the Achievement chain. The card back I had for many years. If you feel frustrated, try Secret Mage like I did, it was just so disgustingly effective that it wasn't fair.

    Quote from Pr1ncipe4i20 >>

    HS always was rigged to do this kind of Matchmaking, even if u are good enough to reach legend rest assure that your tech cards will have almost no effect in game except for 2 or 3 matchups and then u will face lots of decks that counter u and some decks to make u feel that u have chance. 
    When I craft a homebrew deck, out of nowhere horrible decks with horrible combos or mana curves screw me right away, even decks with only basic and classic cards and that's really odd.
    But, not that odd...I'm used to it, i read each turn and each draw I do every turn to predict what will happen and what topdeck the guy will have it...most of time they get what they need and me too, which means, if u let it pass 1 damage wrong u will lost ur game on the next turns. So, if a deck has many turns playing the odds start to be hard to read.
    But all in all...HS is not a skilled game...Try Runeterra, is more skilled even than magic or Gwent.
    I know play BG afk and Runeterra actively. 

     You face decks with only basic and classic cards? How the hell do you get that? That is not something I get to face.

    Hearthstone became less and less focused on player control and more on random elements, so you are less and less deciding game outcomes.

    I have no intention of trying more card games to be honest. I gave Hearthstone a try because of a friend that got me into the game, and it was nice because Warcraft itself is interesting IP which helped me continue playing. I have never had any interest in the LoL IP, so it's not even appealing. I actually played Faeria for a little bit, interesting mechanically, and the artwork is so gorgeous, but it is hard to find time for multiple Card Games.

    If by BG you mean Battlegrounds, that is surprising, it is just about the least appealing mode to me since it is so random. Arena is very much the same. Duels is just slightly better since you have full control of your starting point, but otherwise, still a lot of randomness for my taste.

    Quote from OliverQueen >>

    Galakrond warrior is good vs priests, destroy raza, have good tempo, lots of armor, etc.

     I can see it being effective, it is more proactive than a Dr. Boom version I'm certain, which is needed for Raza, you cannot really guarantee that you outlive the Damage. With Raza making it 0 again it is harder.

    Quote from SlydE >>

    The confirmation bias is strong with this one... Try to record 100 games instead of 5.

     Well, still happen with over 50 games in my case. Small sample size, but it definitely makes one suspicious.

    Quote from DietThunder >>

    It does seem that way though. Or at least like the RNG does pick a person to win at the start of the match. Above I mentioned the Stunner and Ritualist against priest. About two hours after my post, I hit Blackjack Stunner off First Day of School on my second card drawn and I had Zul'Drak Ritualist in my mulligan. I won on turn 7 after polluting his pool and sapping Scrapyard Colossus

     It's like when you hit a run of 20 games where you draw Baku very early, then another 20 where you don't see him. Doesn't feel as random.

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    posted a message on Ranked Wild - Questions & Advice
    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    Reno Secret Mage does well against Big Priest mostly because you can tech in cards like Potion of Polymorph and Devolving Missiles which, together with some potential Polymorph stuff you can get from Kazakus, mess up the priest's resurrect pool.

    Against Raza Priest I think both Secret Mage and Reno Secret Mage do fine (not amazing, but a bit better than 50% I'd say), the key being that Ice Block can totally ruin their Anduin + Spawn of Shadows combo

     Secret Mage is indeed not bad at handling the Priests. I will still use the other Mage for fun, since for fun I prefer to use slower decks.

    Quote from CoKrokToPrd >>

    I made it 3 times to legend in the last 4 months. Always with Highlander Decks. Hunter, Priest and Warlock. Hunter was the last season before new expansion. I almost made it with Quest Mage, but lost couple of games at D1 and then i got annoyed and lost even more:)

    I didnt find anything special about the match-ups. Always the same couple of decks. Priest, Mage, Druid, Warlock, Paladin...

    I faced 2 times a deck i have never played against before exactly in my game from D1 to legend. I lost both..but i guess its just bad luck. Made it a few games later.

    Next month i will try to go legend with Odd Shaman. Did already some practice games in legend. So far im 12-2. But didnt play since a couple of days.

    I think its doable with Odd DH.I tried some games and the deck is pretty stong. It just aint my playstyle, so i didnt try any further.

     Quest Mage is one I thought about using, as well as Freeze Mage, since the latter one is not bad against Aggro if I face, and can handle Priests as long as they don't steal the Ice Blocks.

    What was that deck you never had faced before?

    I ran into an Odd Shaman yesterday or the day before, it was pretty good. I remember years ago trying to make that deck work, it was just focused on Spell Damage and getting the most out of it.

    I am not sure Odd Demon Hunter is strong enough, I just find it too weak, really feel ineffective playing.

    Quote from SlydE >>

    Just for the record, I also played some Odd DH, also to level it up, but Raza priest is especially tilting to play against for that deck. Lorekeeper Polkelt is borderline broken and solves most consistency problems of the past. The token druid, secret mage and zoo matchups are nice to play on the other hand and seem fair for both sides.

    I tried to play a slow-ish even shaman to kille the priests, but it didn't seem good enough at it.

    I feel pretty confident there is a slower druid Deck which can beat the Big/Raza/Secret trinity, but I don't know exactly what it looks like. All the tools are there! However,I don't think it is possible to also do reasonably well against a deck like odd paladin.

    Interesting thought about reno secret mage, I might try it out!

    The good part: I have faced decks like malygos druid, freeze priest, mill rogue, miracle rogue, n'zoth rogue, mech hunter, freeze priest and add-to-deck rogue, so interesting players who want to spice up the meta are absolutely around in the format!

     Yeah, the Raza Priest is annoying, although even the Resurrect gave me more problems since if you didn't draw 2 Silences, it is just over. They always have the 6 Mana spell with me.

    I don't think the Druid can beat the Mages, just the Priest, it was just too slow against me. It was a Toggewaggle deck. Faced a few of them.

    Yeah, it is more fun to play some interesting ideas, but that usually doesn't work well with ranking up, specially not before they are optimized.


    Either way, I am happy to report here that I have succeeded my goal minutes ago.

    I started off just trying to see if I would have better luck today with the Odd Demon Hunter, so I slowly managed to get up to D4 3 Stars. Then I proceeded to lose 3 games in a row to D4 0 Stars and decided it was enough.

    I decided to make a Secret Mage, I didn't have a couple of cards I wanted to use to make it more effective, but it still worked out.

    It was a disgusting hour or so, I went 16-3 and aside from 1 of the wins, and 1 of the losses, the games weren't even remotely close. It was just disgustingly easy to get there.

    The final boss was fittingly a Resurrect Priest.

    Thank you for the help and advice everyone.

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    posted a message on Ranked Wild - Questions & Advice
    Quote from Binori >>

    I'm Wild D5 up to Legend every month player. This month Resurrect Priest and Raza Priest are most dominant control decks. It just a normal thing for me. You will face a LOT of counter on D5 and up. It is a real pain to grind into Legend as almost always. This month Wild D5-D1 meta are Priests (resurrect and Raza), Aggro Druid and Secret Mage.

    If you want to farm Priests then use Aggro Druid. These games are very fast, you will win up to turn 6 or lose.

     Interesting as before D5 they didn't really pop up much. Might do Secret Mage for a while, dusted most of the stuff that is used in Aggro Druid since I don't like playing Aggro and those are the first cards to go from old expansion the moment a new one come out. Hope I don't need to craft them again.

    Quote from SlydE >>

    I have reached legend in Wild  a few times lately, but this season it has been more tricky than usual. I can't give you that much advice as I only got to rank 1 Diamond to crash down to día 3 a few times.

    Finding a decks which consistently beat secret mage, big priest and raza priest is very tricky! Then, there are quite a few other common decks and some strange oddballs, so your deck needs to be be generally powerful as well.

    Token druid took a major hit with the nerfs and used to be a top dog, so the meta is up for grabs atm making it harder.

     Yeah, that is not easy to pull as the Secret Mage destroys anything that beats the other two very easily. But then again, if I continue facing the same sample which is mostly Priests and only a few Mages, would be best to go this way.

    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    Since no deck can beat Secret Mage, Raza Priest & Big Priest, the best way to get to legend is to play one of them;)
    This month I made my first climb to legend on this account in wild. Up to D5 I was playing various not-so-good decks (Spell Druid & Beast Hunter mostly) and then I picked up Big Priest and climbed very fast to d2. Got stuck there a bit as I started facing lots of Raza Priests who farmed me, but eventually got a small win streak and made it to legend. I went 37-19 with Big Priest overall and most of these games were in d5-d1. Once I made legend I switched to Reno Secret Mage, which is pretty good at beating both Priest decks...;)

     Yeah, seems indeed I should go with Mage for a while, although if I see as many Priest that might not work out. That Reno Mage handles both Priests well? I'll have to see it then.

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    posted a message on Ranked Wild - Questions & Advice

    Greetings, in reflection from the frustrations of yesterday, I decided to post here to maybe make things for effective.


    I haven't played Hearthstone properly since around 2016. I haven't bothered ranking to Legend for all these years. The Achievement system in a way sort of an incentive for me to want to do it. That and the fact that I was missing about 200 wins for Demonic Illidan and that is usually how I would reach Legend, grind wins to get X class to Golden.

    For some strange reason, I have the Reached Legend in Standard unlocked from the past, but nothing up until that point (which makes sense, they weren't the same then), however, the Reach Legend in Standard or Wild is not unlocked.

    December 13th - I decided to try and get both the 1000 wins and see if I get Legend in the meantime. For the purpose of having fast games, I went with Odd Demon Hunter. I started around Silver 5 and went to Gold 5 a few hours later. Had a varied sample of opponents, and about 20% were Priests.

    December 14th - I played again, this time I went to Platinum 5. Similar sample opponents as the 13th.

    December 15th - I ranked to Diamond 10. Again, same variety of opponents. This was the day of the Patch, I was playing after the Patch.

    December 16th - I ranked to Diamond 4, 2 stars. Once again, same variety of opponents, not much changed even the day after the Patch.

    December 17th - I ranked to Diamond 5, 1 star. I played 52 games. I played 46 games as the Odd Demon Hunter (21-25), and 6 as Resurrect Priest (2-4). I faced 25 Priests, just shy of 50%, the remainder of the games were a normal variety of opponents. The Priests were mostly Resurrect Priest and about 10 Highlander Priests.

    Nearing the end of the DH games, I was fed up with seeing so many Priests, so I decided to try the Priest, only to be instantly matched with a Mill Rogue, the first one of the day, even the first in the past 4 days. After losing, I changed right away to the DH again, to be matched with a Resurrect Priest again. You can probably tell what was going on my mind at that point, but obviously, that really isn't enough to prove anything.

    I then played the other Priest games and found only 1 Priest in those 5 games. I faced Aggro in the others. I added a few of the Priest I played against, a couple of them accepted and when inquired about their opponents, I was told they were facing very few Priests and mostly just Aggro. This was also one reason I decided to see what would happen by changing to Priest.

    I assume this is enough relevant information but I can always add whatever is needed.

    I'm a naturally unlucky person, and before you doubt me, you are always welcome to add me (Region EU, tag #2815) and confirm what I'm saying by spectating. I don't mind people pointing out mistakes I make, it is welcome. I made one mistake in those games that I knew of, and aside from mulligan ones that cannot be avoided unless you know exactly what kind of deck the opponent is playing, that was probably all.

    Questions & Advice:

    1. Am I the only person whose Achievements present that way? I find it odd that the game recognizes the Standard Legend ones from the past, yet doesn't give me the Achievement and reward for the Standard or Wild one. Does anyone that reached Legend in the past received the Achievement for Standard or Wild when the system was implemented?

    2. Anyone that played yesterday, after 11pm GMT+0, were you faced with the same sample of players as I did, consisting of about 50% Priests?

    3. For those who can see the relevant data on HSReplay, can you tell me if this class distribution is normal or an anomaly compared to theirs? This for Diamond 5 and up.

    4. Is there a way to face a different sample of players without changing decks? It is annoying to be forced to change decks if I want to face a different sample, specially when that change in sample is now the one you wish for the first deck, while the sample for the first deck was what you would want in to face as the second one.

    5. Assuming I'll be facing the same sample, what is the best strategy to face them? I'm thinking of doing the missing 110 DH wins next month and just pushing to get the Achievements right now. Seeing how the most common is the Resurrect, I would think of going with Mage or Shaman for transformation purposes, but the Mage, if going Control, is vulnerable to Highlander Priest. Shaman could do the job, except I assume I'd require a Shudderwock win condition to handle the Highlander Priest.

    I also thought of the Highlander Priest, but I hate playing with and against the class. I can still do it, but I'd rather avoid it. The Highlander does well against the Resurrect if one has the proper tools at proper time, which is not something I tend to have.

    Thank you for any replies.

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    posted a message on Which Reward Track 50 Portrait
    Quote from YourPersonalGuru >>

    Another approach is just going for a class that you'll never get to 500 wins with, but you still want some shiny stuff for. I think I will go with Illidan, since I only use DH in arena. 

    BTW: The original Valeera is such a well drawn portrait, that I would find it hard to use any other. The 1000 win was a fun idea. Which is great too, since they wouldn't make a prettier portrait anyway. Garrosh... Cool idea, horrible drawing. Sorry for being so hard on the artists, but all the original portraits are good quality. You can't just throw in your daughters lunch break drawing and expect people to be amazed.

     That isn't an issue for me, I have all classes over 500, 700+ except for Priest. I honestly don't even feel like working the missing 200 Rogue wins just because the Portrait isn't that great, same for Warrior. Which is odd, since Rogue is one of the classes I enjoy the most playing.

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    posted a message on Which Reward Track 50 Portrait
    Quote from YourPersonalGuru >>

    TBH I think they all look pretty bad... The detail, color and expression = fan art to me.

    Gul Dan and Ilidan might be the only exceptions here. Both have decent detail and bonus gear. I might go with Anduin thou, because that guy... Just cracks me up! Did they actually look up the guy before drawing or did they just assume that all blonde men look the same? XD 

    If you play priest. PLEASE take that one! I need a good laugh to compensate for the annoyance of playing against him ;)


     I have to say that is something that does seem the case, they all look underwhelming. Nothing compared to the 1000 Wins ones, that are great except for the Warrior and Rogue (Rogue I get that some people like it, I don't, even the original looks much better).

    Mage will obviously be the first, but I can't it will see much use. The Kul Tiran one is better.

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