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    posted a message on Am I the only one who HATES facing a priest, and feel like the fun of the game is being dragged down by this class?

    I am a Priest Loyalist and I can say I love Priest as a Class but hate Res Priest, the mirror especially is coma inducing. 

    I love controlly games as I only play Control, but Res Priest does nothing interesting. Clear Board, Play Minions, Resurrect them and hope you dont die along the way.

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    posted a message on Conceding meta ?

    Yes thanks the new system, conceding bad match ups is even more viable. I've been literally conceding against every Rogue I see. Previously I would have to hope that I didn't come across Rogue as with Priest I have like a 30% or lower WR against rogue. 



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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary - Kalecgos

    Another staple Legendary for sure, has a good immediate effect and is a card that must be removed. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary - Chef Nomi

    Could be interesting with Myras Unstable Element as sort of a refill in an Aggressive Rogue deck. Definitely has some potential doesnt look to insane tho



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    posted a message on New Shaman Spell - Hagatha's Scheme

    Its nothing Special, keeping a 5 drop in your opening hand is a bit annoying in certain match ups, If you draw this turn 5 or later its a complete brick. 

    Not good enough to replace Valcano but will have to do.

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    posted a message on Battle for Hearthpwn
    Quote from Noah_McGrath >>

    What about combo

     Both Aggro and Control players hate your guts so I bet that's why Combo wasn't included.

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    posted a message on Left Hearthstone for Eternal = Happy come on in !

    I play Eternal as well, will admit it is much better than Hearthstone from a meta/balance perspective.


    Still love both though.

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    posted a message on When Rogue Will Get A Broken Card?


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    posted a message on Mana Wyrm in memoriam

    All my memories of this card consists of me not having an immediate answer and getting hit for 10-20 dmg by a fucking 1 drop over the course of the game because when I tried to remove it I got counterspelled or If I played a Taunt it got immediate removed by Explosive Runes.

    Good times.

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    posted a message on So they nerf cards mid Arena run?

    This is kinda petty to cry about, but yeah they are not gonna wait for you to finish your arena run before implementing much needed and honestly extremely late nerfs.

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    posted a message on Why Mind Control Tech Always Steal Divine Shields Minions?
    Quote from Echo_ >>

    I haven't had to worry about MC tech because it's easy to play around it. Pay attention to what deck your opponent is playing, because the main decks that run MC tech are deathrattle hunters, shudderwock shamans, token druids and odd warriors. This might be difficult based on the deck you are playing, but paladin in general can rebuild boards quickly so you don't have to worry about your 3 minions being cleared.

    As for with other decks that can't really play around MC tech a lot, I never really get completely polarized steals, so sorry to hear about your bad luck I guess.

     Easy to play around it, but for Minion Based decks, playing around it can just lose you the game anyways.

    For example Zoo, if Zoo plays around MC tech against Odd Warrior or Deathrattle Hunter for example, you are basically forfeiting your chances of winning because you won't be able to kill them before they out-value you, where as you are just better off playing into MC Tech and hoping he either doesn't have it or Low Rolls. 

    Kind of funny how that works, but that's Blizzard card design for ya.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Mana Wyrm

    Late as fuck but ok

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    posted a message on Where can I learn evenlock?

    Use your noggin it's a very powerful and easy deck to play. Mull For Defile and Hellfire against Aggro and Giant against everything else.

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    posted a message on Viable Priest Deck? (Standard)

    Basically their are only 2 viable decks. Burn Priest and the new Zereks Priest.

    Zerek is definitely the strongest of the two and Asmodai even hit Rank 1 Legend with it if I recall correctly, bad part is it is expensive AF with Lyra, Velen, Lich King, Thalnos, Cloning Gallery, Malygos, and Zilliax.

    Burn Priest is much cheaper but has a couple terrible match ups that are popular right now(Druid and Warrior).

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    posted a message on Anti-DK card

    DK is one card in your deck, it typically cost 8-10 Mana, and some of them have little to no immediate impact like Valeera or Anduin a lot of the time.

    I think DKs are fair, they just need some balancing to bring them in line with each other as some are overtuned and some slightly underwhelming(Which we know Blizzard won't do).

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