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    "Next Sunday 23/01/22, a new season for the Hearthstone Class Master tournament opens with the SHAMANS and with it comes an open door for all Hearthstone players to participate in our tournament! 121gameon has agreed to help with the changes needed and from now on we' re to see groups for players from all Hearthstone servers! For now Europe and North America groups are listed (please make sure to read each group's title before registering) but soon we'll open groups for the rest of the servers. Since Europe is where our main player base is, we open 4 groups while for North America we open only 2, one for the east coast and one for the west coast. If we count a rise in registrations, we will of course open more! We would also like to kindly ask for your patience as 121gameon is slowly rolling out their updating with their site. If you encounter any bugs, please let us know so we can inform them, or contact directly the live chat support on their site.

    EUROPE (Athens/Greece time): 

    • BOG A (open 3/4) 12:00
    • BOG B (CLOSED 4/4) 16:00
    • BOG C (CLOSED 4/4) 20:00
    • BOG D (open 0/4) 23:00

    NORTH AMERICA (local time):

    • BOG A east coast (open 0/4) 12:00
    • BOG A west coast (open 0/4) 12:00

    So, the Shamans are called in first! There will be another post about it but if you want to see the order with wish the classes are going to be rolled out, please visit our site and check the Class Masters honourable cases! It's still early, you got time, sign up to our host 121gameon and join the class master tournament!"


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    "...Mission failed, we'll get them next time! Well, at least we tried. The North America site will be taken down as we had zero participants to the Shaman bogs last Sunday!! After giving it some thought though, we are to make an effort to keep our Class master tournament open worldwide. In order to do this we will have to have another meeting with the guys from 121gameon.com so we set some things straight and maybe make some changes on their site too in order to make what we want possible. We can't guarantee that we will be successful for now but we surely want to try! Word has it that someone or some players tried to join the Shaman Bogs but were met with a message that was saying that they had not sufficient decks in order to participate! So we want to have a closer look on what caused this problem there.

    Until then, please have a visit to our European site (to be worldwide?) and enjoy your stroll in our new environment! Read the rules and get charmed! ...The winter of '22 tournament is about to start!"

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    "...The moment of truth has come! We reach out to the North America servers and check for a pulse! Are you dead or alive? Don't feel bad if there is no participation! We will come back and revive you sometime in the future! There is still time though! Visit the Hearthstone Class Master tournament North America website and enjoy our charming environment and read more! Register for one of the Shaman bogs of your timeframe liking as they open for the first time where you live! We even treat you like kings, creating 8 groups for your convenience only! 4 groups for the east coast and another 4 for the west coast! We even dare to set them at your time!!


    • BOG A (OPEN 0/4) 12:00
    • BOG B (OPEN 0/4) 16:00
    • BOG C (OPEN 0/4) 20:00
    • BOG D (OPEN 0/4) 23:00


    • BOG A (OPEN 0/4) 12:00
    • BOG B (OPEN 0/4) 16:00
    • BOG C (OPEN 0/4) 20:00
    • BOG D (OPEN 0/4) 23:00

    Any players playing on North America servers residing anywhere in the Americas, you're eligible to register! Please do not forget to choose you country's flag when registering in the 121gameon.com website so we know what country you represent! These bogs are (for the first time) password protected! Who would have thought that technology could reach as far as to secure... BOGS!? Your password is shamanNA 

    The Druids have also been announced on the Hearthstone Class Master website but they open next Sunday 09/01/22! Well... That's it! Let's see if we'll be rolling this with a blast or pack our things and leave like strays!!

    P.S Please keep in mind that due to the fact of opening for the first time NA you might deal with several issues. We apologise and ask for your understanding. Thank you very much."

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    "...It's been a blast! We hope everyone had a great time playing in the Class Master tournament and we thank you very much for honoring us with your participation! Worry not, the European Class Master tournament will come back stronger next season! Meanwhile the "Class Masters showdown" is now OPEN!

    What is the Class Master Showdown? 

    • In the first round of our Tournament, we seek to find the best of each class and we award them with the title of the Class Master
    • In the second round we bring those Class Masters together to compete for the best Class Master of all! This is the "Class Masters showdown."

    What are the rules of the Showdown?

    • Have from one up to three wild decks available and switch between them whenever you want (even during a game)
    • It's a best of three format (first to win 2 rounds wins the game)
    • It's a league! Everyone plays with everyone!
    • Victory awards 2 points, loss awards 0 points and tie awards 1 point to each player!

    What happens if a player is the Class Master of multiple classes?

    • That player won't play against the classes they are already a Class Master
    • That player is awarded 2 points for each class they are already a Class Master, starting with an advantage that will place them at the top of the league's leader board!

    ...And there are more special rules, titles and achievements earned for your performance there but that's not for now. Make sure to pay a daily visit on our European and North America websites to get more info and fully understand the beauty of our Championship to be, as we gather information and get bit by bit closer to its opening!

    Our beloved Creator and organizer Dimitris Giordas is working constantly on improving the graphical environment of the websites aiming to also improve your experience with the Class Master tournament. The work load is heavy but he is determine to deliver!

    Last but not least, The Shamans will open registrations for the North America servers this Sunday 02/01/21, we hope to see you there! Much love and appreciation,

    the invisible Class Master tournament team!" 


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    "...The answer is yes! Yep, it is true, the brand new North America website is up and running and we are announcing our first class to open the NA tournament test runs this Sunday 27/12/21! So, lets do a review on few things to consider, in case you're thinking of participating in the NA Class Master tournament:

    • The Class Master series is currently hosted on 121gameon! Please register on their site and don't forget to select your country's flag!
    • The Class Master tournament test runs are 100% free to join!
    • You all know by now that they pay all participants a symbolic amount that can buy you... *drum roll* candy! (candy makes kids happy)
    • It's a wild decks showdown
    • It's a best of three format (the first player to win two rounds wins the game)
    • You can use from 1 up to 3 different decks during your games
    • You must be a resident of Americas (North and south America) to participate
    • Join us on discord for easy access to contact the organizer (Dimitris Giordas), to get passwords for access to your finals, any last minute changes and more!  
    • The Class Master series is for all ages and all skill/deck levels. After the test runs are concluded, by gathering data from the games of our players, we're making an effort to create skill divisions!

    Skill divisions: Based on the victory/defeat ratio of our players during the test runs, we're thinking of breaking participants in three different categories:

    • Novice
    • Intermediate
    • Master

    Once the divisions are created and based always to player participation and interest shown, we're to try match players of the same skill/deck power to compete with each other and either get promoted to a higher division, or rule their class as Class Masters in their division. So, do not get frustrated if the competition is fierce and you can't win, keep on playing so next round we can match you with players closest to your skill/deck level. More on this in a future post!

    Although we were to launch NA tournament test runs in late 2022, we thought to give it an early try just to get the pulse from the North America Hearthstone enthusiasts. In case our concerns of opening early are valid and participation levels are very low, we will close the NA test runs and revisit them late 2022 as was scheduled from the beginning.

    Discover more details on the Hearthstone Class Master Championship by also visiting the European Class Master site and please keep in mind that the Class Master idea is run by a single man and the love he has for the game!"


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    "...And we're back online! Mailchinp was very kind and patient with us, they explained what we did wrong, which was that we did nothing wrong but it was rather something that their bot did. The bot is checking their sites for breaches reporting back to mailchimp its findings. Mailchimp then checks to see if there is a credible breach  on the bot's reports. Until they check, the site that is under investigation goes off line! I need to say that the people at mailchimp treated us professionally and with dignity through out our communication and the resolving of our issue! Thank you mailchimp for providing us a place to thrive and for being the professionals that you are.

    So, lets get back to our final class! The Cathedrals are all full? Wait a minute! There seem to be two more slots left to be filled completely! 

    • CATHEDRAL A (CLOSED 4/4) 12:00
    • CATHEDRAL B (CLOSED 4/4) 16:00
    • CATHEDRAL C (CLOSED 4/4) 20:00
    • CATHEDRAL D (open 2/4) 23:00
    • CATHEDRAL E (CLOSED 4/4) 13:00
    • CATHEDRAL F (CLOSED 4/4) 17:00

    On other news, as stated in our previous post, we open for North America! The date is set in two weeks, so prepare your decks and get ready to become part of the Hearthstone Class Master history! Here are some things you need to know about the North America tournament test runs:

    1. They are free to enter! No entry fee!
    2. They award you a symbolic amount of money split among all participants!
    3. They follow the wild format
    4. They follow the best of three winning conditions (the player to win first two matches wins the game)

    We are also working on some beautiful graphics for our North America Hearthstone Class Master tournament site, which are going to be also implemented in our European site too! More news on that to follow!

    So, as you can see we're here to stay and we're getting bigger and more beautiful from Sunday to Sunday! No matter what decks you have, no matter your skill, no matter your age and gender, the Class Master tournament test runs are you! This is why we're also working on creating skill divisions for our players to get to play with equal skilled players! ...But we're in an early stage for that so lets leave it aside!

    Join us wherever it suits you the best, on our discord? On our Instagram? On our Facebook? Wherever! Just make sure to say what you think and share your thoughts with us without fear! We want to hear your voice! You are the Class Master Championship!"  

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    "At long last... we come to the end of our first season! Priest is the class to close the Class Master tournament test runs and the participation levels are off the charts! Looks like Warlock and Priest have the biggest fan base! So, the Cathedrals are open but the slots are few! Anduin had something to say but was interrupted by a sudden turn of events you will get to read more about in the lines that follow!

    • CATHEDRAL A (CLOSED 4/4) 12:00
    • CATHEDRAL B (Open 3/4) 16:00
    • CATHEDRAL C (Open 3/4) 20:00
    • CATHEDRAL D (Open 3/4) 23:00
    • CATHEDRAL E (CLOSED 4/4) 13:00

    ...And now for some bittersweet news. The sweet part of the news is that after the meeting between the organizer and the people from 121gameon, one of the conclusions from the things discussed was to open for North America too! But hold your horses! The bitter part of the news is something rather unexpected, the Hearthstone Class Master Championship site got banned! According to mailchimp, the company that hosts the Class Master site, we violated some of their terms and conditions and therefor they had to ban us. We're currently trying to resolve this issue as we truly meant no harm to the mailchimp's reputation. Our site remains off line until further notice. We hold no hard feelings against mailchimp and we completely understand and need to respect their policy, yet it is only fair to understand what exactly did we do and if there is a way we can fix the issue so we continue using their services. We want nothing more. There is currently a conversation taking place between us through email and we for sure hope for the best! Until then, the tournament may be put on a halt! 

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    "...Looks like there are a lot of Warlocks out there! The Ziggurats are all full! We can hear some poor warlocks knocking on the doors begging us to let them in and that they won't call in that ball busting Tickatus! ...we all know that some of them are lying already but just out of pity we open one more Ziggurat for all the warlocks who came in late!   

    • ZIGGURAT A (CLOSED 4/4) 12:00
    • ZIGGURAT B (CLOSED 4/4) 16:00
    • ZIGGURAT C (CLOSED 4/4) 20:00
    • ZIGGURAT D (CLOSED 4/4) 23:00
    • ZIGGURAT E (open 0/4) 13:00

    ...We also got some more news to share with you! Visit our site and click on the Hero class banners to get an over all feel of how we treat our Class Masters and what becoming a Class Master means! We hope you like it and get motivated to compete and become a Class Master yourself claiming a spot in the pantheon of our tournament!

    Before we close this post, we would like to inform you that the meeting between the organizer and the 121gameon people was postponed and set for today! We truly wish for a fruitful cooperation and the success of our championship! Will we open for North America too next season? More news to follow!"   

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    "...The Shadow and The Light! The Warlock and the Priest! These are the last two classes that will close the Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs! Although Priest is cheating on the Light with some shadow spells... But, well, anyways let us not start with this class because it always comes down to that Resurrect deck. The Ziggurats are now open for the most rotten of you people to bring out the warlock within you and join the last rounds of our Tournament! We post this while it is still early so you got a chance to actually make it!

    • ZIGGURAT A (open 3/4) 12:00
    • ZIGGURAT B (open 0/4) 16:00
    • ZIGGURAT C (open 2/4) 20:00
    • ZIGGURAT D (open 0/4) 23:00

    We are constantly working on improving our site and if you happen to visit us from time to time you will notice a live update as everyday we enrich our content with more details about what is to come next and what the Class Master tournament is all about! We will not provide you with a link to our site here because we want to finish with the general renovations but you're free to go have a look yourself if you're that eager... keep in mind that it is still work in progress and all you see is subject to change!We hope you appreciate the Hearthstone aesthetics!

    In other news, the organizer is having an online meeting with the 121gameon tomorrow to discuss the future of the tournament and the possibility of opening to not only Europe but also to North America next season as suggested by the Hearthstone enthusiast Sevasmios on this very Forum site, on this very thread! So, to all Hearthstone enthusiasts out there, stay close! More news to come soon!  

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    Hey there guys, had a brief chat with a guy you might be familiar with, Sevasmios, here on Hearthpawn and I had some extra thought on what he suggested to me. He thought it would be a good idea to open the tournament for North America too and that there could be an interest from Hearthstone enthusiasts there to participate in it. I also had a talk with the guys at 121gameon, the site that hosts my tournament test runs and they are open for North America. They are not willing to brake the US or Canada into states for now though. This means that players from NA who create an account on 121gameon will be marked as either USA players or CANADA players. My tournament promotes regional ladders such as countries for Europe and states for NA. They promised me that if there is significant participation they will do it. If I start it there I will also try to start it free for you guys, no entry fee at all! <3 

    My only concern is that although I have such great love to provide you with a meaningful and lasting tournament/championship, it might not be enough to deliver you the best experience due to a heavier workload. Having to deal with Europe alone is time consuming as it is, if NA comes into play too... I don't know. I want to do it so much but I'm a bit reluctant at the moment. 

    Anyone want to share any thoughts with me on the matter, please feel free to do so. Just wanted to let you know of what was in my head concerning my Class Master tournament the last couple of days.

    P.S anyone who hasn't voted yet, please vote, it helps me "calculate" better my future championship!

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    "We interrupt our program to let you know of an important message from our naive tournament organizer!"

    Sevasmios, judging by your name I take it you're from Greece like me? Thank you so much for letting me know, it never crossed my mind that this forum was North America. I always considered it to be more like a global crossroads where people come to learn all about Hearthstone news, share their thoughts and opinions and such! The Class Master series runs in different continents due to the Blizzard's servers so I though since I'm from Greece I should start with Europe see how it goes and then consider other continents too. I will consult with the people at 121gameon, the site that currently hosts my tournament and if they are capable to cover players from other continents too (which I believe they are) I might consider opening NA next season! Again thank you very much for letting me know! I hope you like the tournaments concept and maybe I see you as a participant in the future! I will continue posting thought. It's like an open journal and I'm having fun doing it!


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    "...THREE LAST CLASSES REMAINING until the end of the Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs' first round! The Paladins will conclude their best of the class this Saturday 4/11, Mages pronounce their Finalists the next day Sunday 5/11 and then we open for the Warlocks and the Priests of Europe! With them, we will have achieved our goal of organizing and concluding the 1st round of our tournament... In the second round, all class Masters will fight each other for the best class of all!

    Now, are you a Mage? What are you waiting for? Grab a spot while it's still open and still free to join!!

    • TOWER A (CLOSED 4/4) 12:00
    • TOWER B (open 1/4) 16:00
    • TOWER C (open 2/4) 20:00
    • TOWER D (open 2/4) 23:00

    ...The fun is only beginning! We're very excited as we love what we do so much and we want to spread some of that excitement to you too! To all who participate in the tournament test runs a BIG THANK YOU, we truly hope you enjoy seeing your progress on our site and we need to inform you that we will try our best to expand and enrich our online home further in an attempt to honor our participants even more! Keep a sharp eye on it every Sunday to Monday as it changes its shape! Hope everyone is doing alright, we wish you patience, health and peace in your lives! <3

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    "...The Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs are half way over! Five more classes to go and we have successfully concluded our first tournament! After the Hunters, who still haven't concluded their Class Master due to a pending rematch, comes the Paladins and their eternal servitude to the Light. Paladin vs Paladin for the best Paladin of all, in Europe! The Paladin quarters are now open and there is still some room for you to join! ...In case you do so, "Well met!"

    • QUARTERS A (CLOSED 4/4) 12:00
    • QUARTERS B (CLOSED 4/4) 16:00
    • QUARTERS C (CLOSED 4/4) 20:00
    • QUARTERS D (open 1/4) 23:00

    ...and don't you even think that we luck the news! We have opened a new section in our site called "Rules of the tournament test runs" where we explain in more detail what our current tournament is all about! We conceal some beautiful aspects of it though, ...for a future post! Learn more, pick your favorite class and become part of our newfound family! It's 100% free!!


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    "...Looks like the Hunter tents have a few slots left open! Grab your arrows and your bow and join the tournament while you can!

    • TENT A (CLOSED 4/4) 12:00
    • TENT B (CLOSED 4/4) 16:00
    • TENT C (open 3/4) 20:00
    • TENT D (open 2/4) 23:00

    On other news, we got our first Class Master Demon Hunter! Won't spoil the surprise on revealing more details, just drop by our charming site and see it for yourselves! Don't forget to check the "map of the Class Masters dominance" in Europe on the bottom of our page! Your participation in the Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs is 100% free and it comes with a bonus of a symbolic price reward for all participants as a humble thank you for allowing us to gather information on our championship! You can buy gums and lollipops with it! It's a good deal! So, come out of the woods and visit a tent of your time frame liking! Check here to calculate the time difference as the Class Master is a Greek deed and it is set on Athens time standards!"

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    "The Rogues have decided their best of the class! Ukraine gets another champion! See for your selves the "Class Master hall of fame" under the section titled "Class Masters of Europe!"  and don't forget to click on the Hero portraits to get into more details! Keep in mind that the Class Masters can't participate in the second round of the tournament test runs as they are to defend their throne when the new class masters have been pronounced! More details on the matter in a future post!

    ...But enough with that! The Hunters are on the loose! Join a tent while its still early for soon there will be no spots left to take part on the hunt for the best of the hunters in Europe! Gather your beasts and your traps and represent your country with pride! Don't forget, the Class Master Championship is just running its trials... we're here to stay!

    Our family is steadily growing bigger! Lets have a look on the latest statistics:

    Are you on Instagram? We are on Instagram too! Drop us a follow! So what is it going to be? Will you join the Class Master world today? When you do make sure to add all your details on your 121gameon profile! Especially what country you are from! Looking forward on seeing you in the tournament test runs!" <3

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