About Me
Hello friends. Before we start this journey, short or long, I believe the right thing to do is to properly introduce myself to you. Who am I and why I do this.
So, I live in Greece and as my tag name suggests my name is Dimitris Giordas, I'm now 42 years old and I got three kids (twin boys 15 years old and a girl 9 years old), still married to my "high school sweetheart", counting 26 years together and 17 years of marriage! (a true war zone veteran😅)
I'm the lead singer of an alternative rock band called "Sun, rain in life" and have being playing since the good old grunge days back in 1995!
Me and two other members of our band, own a liquor store in Ymittos - Athens and we've being working there for 16 years.
I also draw my own cartoon characters but lately I'm too bored!
That's just about it with the trivia!
When it comes to Hearthstone, I've been a video game player since kindergarten and the last 5 years I ended up enjoying that specific blizzard game more than Diablo III and Starcraft II.
As a player I don't have that much time and focus to achieve greatness so I'd say I'm a pretty average player in the game (rank 4-3 once when I gave it some effort, being a regular rank 9).
Back in 2000, I happened to work on a tournament structure for the Samurai showdown title. 4 years of work gave me some experience to what players like. For some reasons not relevant to the post the project was cancelled.
I always had it in me to make other people have a great time through games and based on that feeling, I worked on Hearthstone to develop an original idea of a league for all of us to enjoy.
While I do not have much free time, working on this project makes me relax after work and it is actually bringing back this feeling I used to have when I was younger and care free! ...suffice to say that no matter the feedback, I'm going to work on this for as long as I can for my own pleasure!
So, this is who I am and why I do this. As we go along with the posts, and this project struggles to find its character and final form, I would love to hear some constructive criticism under each post in order to build this thing together and make it something beautiful and note worthy for the hearthstone community (local or worldwide).



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