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    posted a message on EVEN MORE LEAKED CARDS :D :D
    Quote from felixhana >>

    The 1/3 Warrior is very good with lackey, acoytle of pain , Bloodsworn, Grommash etc.. , or just solid 1 drop vs fast deck. very good card

    2 Discover card are very good

    The anti battlecry tech card, I dont know. Loatheb was good because it can save your board or your face vs boardclear or lethal in 1 turn. Stop battlecry? Not so much.

    The 3/3 demon. Very good . HAPPy ghoul mkII basically

    The Shaman weapon. Good, not great

     Galakrond.  It stops Galakrond.  4/5 for that alone, since this is a Galakrond meta.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Sky Gen'ral Kragg

    Auto include in every quest deck, except maybe Druid, which quite frankly makes the design space of this card VERY boring.  That being said, it's just strong, get extra tempo, remove something, you don't think twice about putting this in your quest deck in Standard.  Also fantastic art, and the Pirate tag gives hope that the warrior and rogue quests can add some pirate goodness.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card - Grand Lackey Erkh

    I don't think this is good enough, body is weak, it does nothing on its own, and value is not something that leads to victories in most lackey classes, except for Warlock.  I think this works in Warlock, also possibly Shaman, but Warrior and Rogue will pass.  Rogue has much better things to do than play this, and at best it serves as a Spirit of teh Shark replacement come rotation, but as most rogue players know, that card is not very good and has been overhyped for too long, and the data has supported that for quite a while.  

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    posted a message on Fix your game Blizzard

    The card is pretty toxic in Arena, since it doesn't need any extra deckbuilding to get the highroll, like Spiteful Summoner.  Must feel really bad to lose an Arena game solely because of this card, but Standard is basically teh same with Dragonqueen and Galakrond.

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    I tried this deck out for about 10 games, seems quite strong.  My only problem with it is how linear, and quite frankly how boring it is to play.  Bomb Warrior without the galakrond stuff, while most likely inherently weaker, is much more enjoyable and less autoplay.  My only advice on the deckbuilding is another Brawl, card is ridiculous in the meta right now with swarm Locks and Druid's coming to the forefront of the meta.

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    posted a message on what did people think of the year longs story?

    Felt a little pigeonholed, more an excuse to bring back established characters for new legendaries n single player content, but that's not necessarily a bad thing; think of 2018, when they did something kinda new (RR/WW), they were for the most part poor expansions that saw little influence outside of very select cards.  RR especially seemed to garner little to no interest from the playerbase, so Blizz clearly were paying attention to that, though largely because weak lore sets equate lower sales. 

    If they continue the trend of a year long story, if they continue to rehash old characters to fill the gaps of the story I will have 0 interest, you can only pull off the 1 trick pony once because it's completely used up and benign.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Shotbot

    Really like that they've added more reborn minions to the pool to help Quest Pally, and since this is a solid card it'll be a staple in that deck.  Hope they do more of this in the future to help archtypes that typically only see support in the expansion they come with.

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    posted a message on ROGUE PLAYERS COME HERE
    Quote from pakko >>

    What did I say that hurt your little brain so hard? XD

     This thread makes no sense and is a legitimate waste of space.  Thus the little brain comment, which quite frankly was too kind.

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    posted a message on Buff Basic and Classic
    Quote from debug4 >>

    If they buff classic and basic cards they could be playable -> players wouldnt have to buy packs to get playable cards -> less profits, so they probably wont do it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

     Literally answers the question completely, still depressing as hell.

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    posted a message on This game is no fun anymore
    Quote from Hooghout >>
    Quote from TardisGreen >>
    Quote from FortyDust >>
    Quote from JarlBallin >>

    When was the last time this game was genuinely fun with all 9 classes without having to rely on Aggro or boring-ass Control decks?

     About two weeks between the nerf that reverted Luna's Pocket Galaxy and the patch that added Evolve.

    Two weeks is all Blizzard can manage before they screw things up again. This time we didn't even get that much.  OP Shaman was replaced with Hypercontrol Priest, and here we are.

    Do you ever do anything other than whine and cry?

     Do you do anything other than kiss developers ass?

     You just have to ignore TardisGreen, they only spout toxic opinions without purpose.  One of the few trolls left at Hearthpwn.

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    posted a message on Is it better to save gold or buy packs?
    Quote from Keema >>

    Save gold for the adventure. After it drops, wait to see what the cards are like. Then decide whether to buy all, or some, wings, or craft the cards you need (if there aren’t many important ones) and buy packs. 

     Crafting the adventure cards won't be an option if history is an indicator, the cards will be locked behind the paywall.  Still, it should be overall good value, even if it's underwhelming.

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    posted a message on A New Year Bash is This Week's Tavern Brawl
    Quote from dps_kane >>

    or they might be on vacation? ever thought of that? devs get no xmas break?

     You have it in the can ready to go, you don't make it on the spot, cmon dsp_kane.

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    posted a message on Blizzard is doing band-aid fixes because adventure will have 35 new cards.
    Quote from user-100041474 >>

    Community is just too impatient as usual.

    Like we get nerfs after A WEEK, and they still complain. 

     The nerfs were not adequate, and I think you haven't been paying attention to how the meta has developed, the game is seriously unbalanced and needs a BIG retuning to be respectable again, which didn't come close to happening with the nerfs.  But sure, go all toxic poster and say it's just impatience and complaining, which is in essence the most basic and simple opinion to have.

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    posted a message on NERFS ANNOUNCED!!! SHAMAN OBLITERATED!!!
    Quote from Joker_2k19 >>

    Shaman is far from obliterated. That thread title is exaggerated.

     We all got Jebaited thinking some kind of meaningful change was in the pipe, so I can at least understand people are confused.  As a Rogue player it just makes me sad that tons of people will play the class only to take advantage of obviously broken synergies, but that's the state of the game.

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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Balance Changes Announced - Battlegrounds Changes too!
    Quote from Whadgar >>

    Is that it? The problem With this deck is that you could play fully invoked Galakrond on turn 7. Now it can take you 1-2 more turns, and thats a big deal. And will also be harder to snowball With evolve now. I think Blizz did a great job!


     Those nerfs count as a great job?  I'm not trying to call you out personally, but objectively I can't see how great is justified, at all.  This is a deck that has dominated the Wild meta immediately upon impact, these are not the changes that will shift a deck down a meta tier, it's just window dressing.  Also the Mogu change could be construed as a buff in some instances, is that also great?

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