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    Quote from notsoclutch >>

    Its a little overpowered, but I love the design.  

    Thanks for the feedback. 
    Quote from Pinesmoke >>

    How about "Battlecry: Choose a minion.  It takes 1 damage at the end of each turn."  If that's not strong enough, maybe the damage could increase each turn.  Not that much of an change, since minions usually don't live long enough for it to matter, but it could occasionally save you against cards like Ysera.  Although, the original design has the best synergy with Acolyte of Pain.

     Well I guess if this is too OP, that would make it more balanced.
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    Quote from sneakytoddman >>

    Well, you guarantee 2 damage for 2 mana + a 2/2 body, so this is definitely OP. Would probably need to be 3 mana. Alternatively, the text could read "at the end of each turn", which would probably make it balanced-ish.

     It would still take 2 damage if it said "at the end of each turn".
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    It actually was a 1/2 minion but I didn't know if that was underpowered or not. I just went "screw it" and made her a 2/2. I main justification is that the effect can't go face and it just deals 2 damage whereas there are 2-drops with 3 health and would survive.

    Also, I think you misunderstood. The minion that the Battlecry targets is the one that takes the damage, not the Alchemist herself. Thanks for the feedback though.

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    This was a card that I made quite a while ago but since it fits the Old Gods expansion theme quite well, so I thought I would post it (I have updated it with the Old Gods tag)

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    C'Thun's least favorite Hearthstone card: Eye for an Eye.

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    EDIT: Removed because dumb comment (remove feature doesn't work for me).

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    I personally really like the idea of this mechanic. It's very versatile which is a big plus but unfortunately, it has the downside of not being so great when used.

    1 Mana - Heal 2 Health, compares unfavorably to Light of the Naaru (which is rotating out) and Flash Heal.

    2 Mana - Heal 4 Health, a worse Holy Light.

    3 Mana - Heal 6 Health, a worse Healing Touch or Healing Wave, but it is starting to get better.

    4 Mana - Heal 8 Health, a Healing Touch that costs 1 more mana to play.

    5 Mana - Heal 10 Health, comparable to Antique Healbot (which I know is rotating out), where you lose 2 Health but get a 3/3 Mech on the board.

    6 Mana - Heal 12 Health, nothing I can really compare this to.

    7 Mana - Heal 14 Health, a Healing Wave that is guaranteed to win its Joust but costs more than twice as much but it is starting to get better.

    8 Mana - Heal 16 Health, there's not a single card I can compare this to but I can compare it to 2 Healing Touches. Costs 2 mana more but only 1 card as opposed to 2 as well as having the extra versatility.

    9 Mana - Heal 18 Health, alright this is actually looking better.

    10 Mana - Heal 20 health. This is where the card gets good. It heals for 4 more than Health than two Antique Healbot's and it's all in one card. Yes, you don't get the two 3/3 bodies but the 3/3 bodies don't always make any difference.


    Overall, while I understand sacrificing  power for versatility, I don't know if this card will see any notable amount of play in Constructed.

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    Hey, I just joined the site. Now I'm not new to Hearthstone, I've been playing since June 2015. I found this site a few months ago and I've kind of looked around at it quite a bit. With the new expansion being revealed, I thought now would be a good time to finally join the site.

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