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    posted a message on Should Exodia Mage be nerfed, and how ?

    Considering the only Mage deck that's ever viable in any meta is a degenerate combo deck the obvious answer is to just delete/rotate/nerf Iceblock from the game and be done with it.

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    posted a message on Frozen Throne Mage, Paladin, and Warlock Legendary Death Knight Leaks!

    I have about 1,700 wins on Warlock, trust me it's not the heal or the weapon that makes Lord Jaraxus good, if her HP spawns elementals then having an endless amount of value with life link in a control mirror it's amazing and keeping your health +5 armor lets you stay above the burst cap all the while. These cards are going to dramatically shift the balance in the control mirror away from Warlock because they no longer have a monopoly on an unlimited amount of value mechanic that lets them face roll those match ups.

    Standard is for weebs.

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    posted a message on Frozen Throne Mage, Paladin, and Warlock Legendary Death Knight Leaks!

    If the Heor Power summons a Water Elemetal than the card is 100% better than Lord Jaraxus, because you don't cap your HP to 15 and start with a minion in play. I mean get an Emperor Thaurissan tick, play this and get two Water Elementals with life link, that's pretty absurd.

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    posted a message on Craft Elise or Save Dust for New Expansion?

    Considering the Death Knight Legendaries are all going to be late game value cards with tempo swings, I think crafting Elise right now is a big mistake because it's possible the effect won't be necessary, or even very good, in the control mirrors of tomorrow. I'd wait to see which Death Knights look playable in Warrior, Priest and Mage before deciding.

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    posted a message on "The Caverns Below" is getting nerfed
    Quote from Yuusukeseru >>

    And a 1 mana 5/5 Charge that can be bounced back and played two or three times is not fun. 

    But against Control it will be still the same ...

     Except it's not, the more time you give control the more opportunity they have to play the midrange beatdown role, even tho' Quest Rogue and Jade Druid have an easy mode vs control you still have windows to take the board and push for a win. Also if total win rate for the deck goes down vs aggro even further then there's less of an incentive to play the deck at all, it's not like the Pirates or Merlock matchup is unwinnable for Quest Rogue considering they can tech for one or the other. Anyone can build a deck that destroys control by just top loading their deck with value at the cost of weakening their aggro match up, there is no reason for Quest Rogue to exist at all and the Quests were probably the worst idea/design the game has seen since Secrets.
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    posted a message on "The Caverns Below" is getting nerfed
    Quote from dontbemad >>

    you still don't get it right ? of course I don't mind to loose quest rogue but I obviously mind about blizz destroying a healthy and enjoyable meta game because the playerbase is crying about something which never needed a nerf just because they don't understand the game and how to play it. I am really mad about this point, hands down since I had to grind in stale and horrible meta games all those months before un goro, hope you can understand it from my point of view.

     Are you seriously trying to say that one of the most accomplished CCG players and a CCG designer doesn't have a valid point? I'm sorry, but who are you again and why should anyone listen to your opinion? All of the TKO vs Control archetypes need to be nerfed into the ground, they're the definition of  uninteractive gameplay and degenerate design. Now we can play control decks without 2xDirty Rat and praying for the RNG to give us a chance, there are so many decks that can come into the light now that Quest Rogue doesn't force a concede anymore.
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    posted a message on [S39 Legend] RenoLock- from rank18 to top25 legend!
    Quote from propuzoficj >>

    Is it possible to fit Sneed's Old Shredder anywhere? Seems like good N'Zoth value but there's already a lot of late game. 

     It's too slow, if you're trying to maximize N'zoth value then you're better off with Feugen/Stalaag so you can play the mid-range beat down role vs Jade Druid and Control Warrior, the 5 drop slot is practically vacant so you could easily cut Mortal Coil and Impgang Boss for them.
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    posted a message on The Rogue Quest, The Caverns Below, is OP. Nerf it already.
    Quote from Raynman >>

    For the first time since launch I am actually done with ranked. For the first time I'm actually choosing to play casual just so I can insta-concede to every stupid quest rogue I see.

    Nice way to destroy this game and take every fun aspect out of it. I despise Blizzard for still not fixing this shit and every idiot who play this deck even though they very well know it's no fun for anyone. Pathetic is the word





     You can still maintain rank 20/15/10/5 while instantly conceding against certain classes without penalty, and have a more competitive and thought provoking experience than casual. 
    Unless you also enjoy other people instantly conceding against you. 
    You can still reach Legend with a 100% loss rate to Quest Rogue, I've done it with Renolock in Wild twice now. Personally I don't know how people are defending Quest Rogue, at least control could beat Jade Druid by getting ahead on board, but Quest Rogue is pretty much impossible to beat without a stroke of luck. I think there's something very wrong when a Standard deck can just destroy a Wild deck, and considering both Quest Rogue and Quest Warrior do just that on the back of their Quest alone it's pretty clear their design is horribly flawed. I think that's just the consequence of having an uninteractive card that can't be removed thru' the combat phase tho'. that's been true of CCGs since Moat ruined Magic for years.
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    posted a message on Nerf Arcanite Reaper

    The card is appropriately costed, if you're looking for cards that should be nerfed in Warrior than Frothing Berserker is easily the most bull shit card in any aggressive Warrior archetype considering it has unlimited scaling and curves above removal.

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    posted a message on Negativity in Hearthstone (Brian Kibler)
    Quote from banstylejbo >>

    A lot of players rant about how RNG ruins Hearthstone and compare it to the level of RNG in Magic. Magic and Hearthstone only share one randomness generating feature: what you draw off your deck each turn.

    The big difference between Magic and Hearthstone is that in Magic cards with random elements/effects are almost entirely casual in nature and see little to no play competitively. As a paper-based game it is harder for Magic to incorporate random effects like those we see in Hearthstone, but Magic has a huge random factor already built into it in the form of lands. If you draw too many or too few then you will most likely lose regardless of how good the matchup is for you or how skilled you are compared to your opponent.

    Hearthstone, on the other hand, as a digital game can easily accommodate the design space of RNG. People use the term "RNG" like it is some bad thing. Done properly and in an interesting manner it is good for a game (and I think Blizzard is finally honing in on the proper level after some missteps last year). Without RNG Hearthstone would be boring and Blizzard knows this. There is no built in mechanism in Hearthstone similar to lands in Magic. I gain one mana every turn like clockwork, meaning with a properly built deck I can be assured that I will be able to play my cards each and every game without fail. If there is no RNG present this causes the outcome of a particular match to be almost 100% ensured assuming both players are of roughly equal skill level. If that was he case we'd have all already quit from boredom.

    In general, humans have a hard time understanding the effect randomness plays into their lives. When things go good we naturally attribute it to some kind of skill we must possess. When things go bad we look to blame the factors we can't control rather than ourselves. It's human nature. In an environment such as Hearthstone it leads to a culture of negativity when the easy way to make ourselves feel better is to assume we just always have bad beats instead of looking into why things didn't go our way. Sure, not every scenario is winnable, but many could be if we had done something differently.

    TL;DR: All of this is just a long way of saying that in general humans have a hard time grasping how RNG affects them and thus we get salty really easily.

     I don't think drawing cards or how many cards you draw is an entirely RNG effect in the sense that you can affect those outcomes directly as a player thru' deck building, even in a CCG that involves dice to determine an outcome like Warlord (D20 system) the RNG is less detrimental to the game experience because atleast you always know your odds and can maximize your chances to win. The problem with RNG in Hearthstone is that it intentionally reduces the skill cap by undermining things like deck knowledge and card couting. WTF should you expect off of an Unstable Portal? Who knows! And that isn't even the worst RNG in the game.
    I think it's exactly because human beings are not good at processing RNG that it should never be part of a serious card game, nothing Kibler says is going to change human nature and the Pavel Book debacle pretty much ended me bothering to watch competitive Hearthstone ever again.
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    posted a message on What do you think of the Un'Goro meta

    Midrange has nothing to do with Control elements and Midrange Hunter isn't a Midrange deck because of Sludge Belcher and Freezing Trap, Midrange decks are aggro decks that curve above control's removal options so it has a slower, but more resilient clock for a higher win rate vs control but a lower win rate vs other aggressive archetypes.

    In Hearthstone, it could basically be any aggressive deck that doesn't have a consistent one drop in it's strategy.

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    posted a message on Renolock [ Legend ] V 2.0

    No Dark Bomb and Blastcrystal Potion why?

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    posted a message on So it's been a year now : rogue players, what about blade flurry ?

    I don't think Team 5 nerfed Blade Flurry because they wanted to print new weapons  and poisons for Rogue or they would've printed them already, rather Blade Flurry was nerfed for the same reason Magma Giant was nerfed i.e. Blizzard didn't want Malygos Rogue to be one of the best possible decks at the start of the Standard season. With Emperor and Drake gone, I think that nerf should probably be re-evaluated.

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    posted a message on The Rogue Quest, The Caverns Below, is OP. Nerf it already.
    Quote from robert_fanr >>
    Quote from Deftmove >>
    Quote from notsoclutch >>

    The deck is tier 2 and a control meta isn't actually a thing.  Quest Rogue is fine and honestly, even though it's not the most fun thing in the world to play or play against, it is a completely reasonable deck for the game.  People just need to accept that and move on. 

     Define reasonable, the deck is better at abusing charge than Worgen Warrior was and they nerfed Charge because of it - Worgen Warrior was a Tier 2 deck as well so ...
     Wargon warrior was quite a bit harder to counter than quest rogue, because it had tools to deal with wide boards through wild pyromancer combos as well as good hard removal with execute, the possibility to gain early tempo with win axe or frothing and armour gain . Just playing a fast deck was not enough to counter it . 
    Also quest rogue rarely OTK s opponents . It requires some build up turns before dealing the final blow .
     Worgen Warrior never played Frothing Berserker, and aggro was generally favoured vs Worgen Warrior because despite the board and spot removal the deck couldn't apply pressure outside of completing it's OTK, where QR is hardly a glass cannon. The two decks pretty much shared the same position in the meta as an annoying Tier 2 deck, except QR stomps control way harder because it's not limited to a single angle of attack. Nothing about the deck's win rate or match up vs aggro mattered, Blizzard hit it with the nerf bat because they hated it on principle.
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    posted a message on Wild Reno Priest
    Quote from GrandPatzer >>

    This is the list i finished @ #87 legend on EU last season. Raza the Chained combined with Justicar Trueheart is actually pretty fucking good. 0 mana heal for 4 is "decent". 

    Lyra the Sunshard is a bait card in this deck, you never want to be greedy with it tho i won some games just because of lyra. You can drop it as 5 drop if the opponent has no board, to force an answer. If it sticks, the value you get is nearly always enough to win the game. People hate to see this card getting into action so they will use whatever removal they have, which makes your bigger threats more scary. 

    I run Holy Smite not just because of lyra but also because Priest of the Feast and it can help you remove some early game threats. 

    Medivh, the Guardian and Free From Amber is your major win condition. I've gotten Ragnaros the Firelord from amber+another raggy from the staff couple of times which is pretty sick :D

    There is also Elise the Trailblazer and Shadow Visions combo in the deck. 

    You basically win all control matchups with this deck. Aggro matchups are also pretty good if you just draw some early game. Midrange decks like dude paladin are the hard counter especially if they get divine shield on the plebs :D. There is loads of tech against pirate warrior since that was the deck i struggled with most with the early versions of this deck that had no Golakka Crawler nor Gluttonous Ooze. If you face warrior/druid/mage/warlock etc any deck that could be both aggro or control, always mulligan for aggro since the control matchups are favoured anyways. Always keep reno.

    There is 4 different aoes + Kazakus in the deck so aoe should not be a problem especially because you always find some aoe with shadow visions if you really need it.

    Have a go with the list, i played like 300 games with different kinds of reno priest decks but this is the one i found most consistent. Feel free to point out some improvement suggestions or ask any questions. The deck is super fun to play tho it takes some time to get used to. I suggest playing this list with some kind of deck tracker because the usage of shadow visions is what makes the deck so strong and the ability to know 100% sure what spells are left in your deck is super important.

    Reno Priest [s37 top100 wild legend]
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    Minion (18) Ability (12)
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    Oh btw, if someone is wondering why i dont run Brann Bronzebeard tho i have lots of battlecries, it is because i dont believe in 2 card combos in reno decks, no matter how strong they are. Playing brann makes the deck more inconsistent because your inner greed starts to come up when playing cards like this. You will win the value nearly always anyway so you don't need bran mkay?

     There is no reason not to run Brann Bronzebeard, even if you play him on curve he is a must kill that either demands removal or pseudo Taunts, also in Control vs Control mirrors Priest doesn't have the advantage vs either Quest Warrior or Renolock due to the Quest and Lord Jaraxus and you're only compounding your problems by not having a consistent answer to N'zoth via Sheep. I think Medivh is also a really dubious win condition in a format where every body is playing one, maybe two Oozes for Pirate Warrior already.
    I think I'm undefeated in Legend vs Priest with Renolock, except for those stupid Priest versions that run the Quest to go deep into fatigue at the cost of throwing their Pirate Warrior match up.
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