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    Sad Nat Pagle noises

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    It is virtually unplayable at 1 mana in current archetypes. At 0 it was the perfect curve enabler. At 1 mana it is very difficult to use even if it gives you 3 1-drops. It is not  a good t1 play, and later in the game it is not impactful. Paladin win-rate should go down a point or two because of this nerf I believe. Still too oppressive imho, specially in wild with those anti-fun tax tactics. 

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    I'm F2P sitting on 12.7k gold after buying both shaman and hunter portraits and I only log to finish daily quests. How did you guys end with so little gold?

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    Bc there is nothing Holy in Wrath jk. Most likely an oversight.

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    Quote from Arivaali >>

    Nerf to 8 mana and HoF before the rotation. Fucks Baku warrior in wild and saves standard at the same time. Hagatha should be HoFed too.

     Man it cannot be 8, it has to be 7. Don't be so salty.

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    Quote from hillandder >>

    HoF? Probably no but a nerf to 8 manas are necessary.

     It cannot be 8 mana, it must be 7. It goes against the design Philosophy of HS. Dr. Boom Must Have All 7s (stats and cost). 

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    posted a message on Power Disparity (Year of the Dragon RoS)
    Quote from Prudence94 >>

    None of those cards is unfair...

    Zul'jin is a ten mana spell that fills its owner's board,keep an AOE handy and you'll be fine...

    Hagata is just RNG fiesta so as long as your Deck has a solid gameplan she shouldn't pose much of a threat...

    Dr. Boom is certainly the hardest of them to counter but it's still RNG based and its Hero Power doesn't guarantee a Mech every turn so it doesn't generate infinite value... As much as against Hagata if your Deck has a solid gameplan you should have a fair chance of winning the game... 

     Although I agree with the RNG fiesta. There are a few issues related with not all classes having access to similar power level cards. And in particular Hero Cards give high advantages. In the current set, the game has slowed down a lot compared to when the Witchwood was released a year ago, now it looks like it might be more likely to arrive to turn 10.

    Those cards are fun to play.  But maybe not so much to play against.

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    posted a message on Possible Change to Genn and Baku

    Balance-wise even and odd decks are challenging to balance due to the nature of the 'Start of the Game' mechanic and in particular how oppressive certain hero powers are when either upgrade (Tank Up, Fireblast Rank 2, The Silver Hand, Poisoned Dagger) or when costing 1 mana (Life Tap, Reinforce, Totemic Slam).

    As the issue is related with the hero power and how repetitive does it feel playing against Even/Odd decks. Instead of changing the numbers on the hero powers I rather suggest follow the thematic of Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater, i.e. using the modified hero power on:

    In any  Even/Odd turn respectively, your hero power becomes your regular hero power (2 cost standard effect). On average this effect will not change the functionality of the hero powers (and Justicar Trueheart will not be affected), will have the average effect of reducing the numbers as the Devs. suggested,while also adding a more challenging usage of such hero powers instead of the brain-dead 'press hero power each turn'. This way the first 2 turns remain the same, but the change is noticed turn 3 onwards. This change will mainly affect Odd Warrior, Odd Mage, and Odd Paladin, while being less impactful on Odd Rogue (but to be fair Rogue is in a pretty bad spot at the moment in Standard...).

    In practice this can be implemented in a similar way as Dr. Boom, Mad Genius in which the hero power changes each turn accordingly (reducing its cost for Even decks and Upgrading for Odd decks). 

    (Also... an option to skip the voice lines of Baku the Mooneater  and Genn Greymane may be necessary...)

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