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    posted a message on New Neutral Rare Card Revealed - Two-Faced Investor

    50% chance to increase what?

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    posted a message on How will control and greedy decks even exist for a year with Tickatus?

    I don't know what game are you guys playing. When I play the game I find mostly aggro decks, and very few tickatus locks. How is tickatus a problem? The problem is the aggressive options are too op compared with the control ones

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    posted a message on [Legend] N'Zoth Galakrond Warrior

    Thanks for sharing, i love the idea but i didn't craft any new card yet... Tempted to go for this one, it looks really fun. Could you share some results you had playing it? 

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    posted a message on [SA] Markdd27’s Control Highlander Warrior

    Nice deck, played some game even tho I miss some card, had some good results, but it feels like it's missing value... I mean I'm not overplaying stuff but I often found my hand with just cheap removals and no threats to play. Not sure what I should add/do

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    posted a message on Craft decks now or wait for new expansion??

    Yes you should

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    posted a message on I just hit Legendary rank on Standard(Season 75) using my Demon Hunter Tempo deck

    Is it true that you get all the grills u want when u are legendary?

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    posted a message on Are you happy with puzzle box and insane RNG from Mage

    It's amazing how people after playing the game for years can't see what this game is all about

    It's like you go in a cinema to see an adult movie and then you are surprised because they do that kind of stuff

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    posted a message on What happened to frequent updates?

    Wow with one post you successfully complain about every cliche and even more! Nice combo, it was impressive:

    - cards are trash

    - the decks are boring

    - the game is stale

    - I hate priest

    - highlander need to go

    - no creativity (??)

    - druid decks are trash (????)

    - and cherry on top, you complain because no deck is completely busted...!! That's next level

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    posted a message on Unabe to reach Legend

    While luck is definitely a factor, you need to forget about it and see how you can improve your chances to win. After you lose a match, don't start another right away, take a moment to look back and see what you could have done to have more chances to win in that particular matchup. Maybe you could hold a card for longer or you could choose to mulligan differently. This is gonna have max impact on ladder where you face mostly the same decks.

    Im not a pro player but when I spectate them I always learn something I would have done differently. This is because they are always questioning their own plays and nothing else

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    posted a message on Is the priest became an obnoxious class?
    Quote from Ravza >>
    Quote from popnutshanty >>

    priest is fine, now dh...

     No priest isn't ok because people are forced to play 25 minute games when they signed up to a single hearthstone game. The devs originally sold us on the idea of short games. From a game design perspective priest is horrible.

    DH cards are better than other cards but at least the game is over by turn 5.

     So you are saying control decks shouldn't exist as an option in this game? Come on.

    If you want short games you can play aggro, it doesn't matter what you face, even against control you have your shot, you win quickly or you lose quickly and you move on. 

    What's your problem with priest lol. Some time ago, control warrior with boom was tier 1. I don't remember the same hate for warrior. I would agree about Res priest as I said which was just brain-dead and boring, but galakrond is fine. You have options against it.

    Maybe all those mono dh- me play green cards- players are mad now because they can't spam dh and win as much as before?

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