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    posted a message on No need for this forum any longer!

    Well the attempts to ban me have finally succeeded. There will be no more 80 g quests to share and no more need for this website. My pihiole sent your obnoxious ads to the digital dumpster for years and now it’s time to leave on my own terms. You can’t ever ban anyone from a webisite, try as you might it just doesn’t work. 

    the mods here can now censor my last post along with the basement dwelling crybaby fucking trash that reside here. 
    nothing but asshurt lames who bitch and whine constantly about everything. 

    This website is such a joke and a bd one at that.  The other blow hard mod who left has started his own whiny asshurt baby site too and does nothing but beg for money.

    f2p whiners welcome to the paywall where , just like the illegal trash that try to come into my country , you won’t be able to climb over.

    go back to your safe spaces ,green hair and nose rings. 

    the mods can go back to Twitter and whine about wanting to abort babies shoot heroin in the streets and universal income.....

    so long trash and get FUCKED!








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