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    -If you dig deep enough, you can even find our old enemy, Secret Paladin. Some folks are playing older lists, some folks are playing Murloc variations, some folks are playing CTRL-ish variations but Secret Paladin, even in it's weakest form, is still Secret Paladin and works when it works.

    -Hunter's are even more Aggro in wild. unfortunately. Most of them are Ship's Cannon-Glaivezooka led Aggro Hunter decks. Rest of them? Standard Aggro Hunter Decks of course!! And maybe you can find some Midrange-Deathrattle or Reno Hunters here and there but you have to look way way deep for those fun decks. And that actually reminds me of some other format, but I will come to that in a second.

    -Warriors are... well, %98 Pirate-Aggro Warriors with Sir Finley Mrrglton thrown into the list. Very rarely you can see some CTRL, Enrage Warriors with Rotface or Disneyland Warriors.

    -With Rogue, people choose the easy way and play Pirate-Aggro (sometimes Budget Standard versions) archetypes but there some nice people who play Miracle, N'Zoth with  Shadowcasters thrown-in or Malygos Combo Rogue decks.

    -Shamans are BIG BIG offenders. The most popular archetype is Aggro-Midrange (well, midrange is just Aggro for the last 3 expansions anyways) Shaman followed by whatever archetype is popular on standard at the time.

    -Warlock is one of the better classes to deal with since I've seen more Demon-Renolocks then Zoo archetypes with of course Mal'Ganis the Turtle and Imp-losion and it's Standard versions as well.

    -Mage could've been a lot better if not for those Burst-Tempo-Mech archytpes but it is still one of the better classes to deal with. There are Reno Mages, Mimiron's Head Quest Mages, CTRL Mages (well unfortunately) Standard Quest Mages which are dealable and at least fun to deal with (Excluding the Quest ones of course).

    -Druids are just Jade and Aggro Druids. That's it. Maybe if you play Wild for 10 consecutive days, you can see one or two Malygos, Beast or Yogg Saron ones bur thats it.

    I think this is a big list of decks that see play in wild.Now give me a standard list that sums up 3-4 decks.1 point for variety

    People don't tell lies about wild.Of course you won't find any fun if you seek legend in wild because it;s still competitive.If you want fun go play casual wild.You have way bigger chances of fighting fun decks there.

    I really don't understand why people complain about wild not being fun when they are playing for the ranks.

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    I really don't understand why people like you have the need to share the hate with us.You like the game,you play it.You don't like it, you don't play it.Simple as that.I can guarantee that no one will regret if you quit Hearthstone.Make this forum great again.Bon Voyage.

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