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    posted a message on Evocation & Solarian Prime Nerf!
    Quote from nexit1337 >>

    well, if the problem is the apprentice, then nerf the apprentice,
    blame the root of the problem, not the result


    I agree with the Apprentice nerf - I addressed this on a different thread.

    Apprentice should follow the same philosophy as more recent nerfs - change it's text to read:

    "reduce the cost of spells in your hand by 1. (Spells can not go below 1 cost)"

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    posted a message on I have an issue with the game and...

    There it is again, you have an issue with something in hearthstone and decide to go to the forums and comment on it. Perhaps you are looking for feedback, perhaps you are just curious to see if you aren't alone with the issue, or perhaps it's a legitimate concern.

    You make your post and then the same old troll comments come out:

         - Go to the salt threads with this!
         - Stop playing if you don't like it!

    Follow this up with the typical responses of:

         - I do fine why can't you
         - Play XYZ deck if you are having issues
         - The meta/deck/class is fine - learn to play

    It's rather sad the feedback from players in the community.
    In an online community and game where it's the players who are the arbiters of what's fun, broken, fair, and obnoxious.

    Yet here you come 'Player - I know more than you', 'Player - righteous indignation', and 'Player - I think your post is pointless'. With no regard to understanding or common decency you throw your disdain and criticism at the OP. Your computer screen or phone screen as your shield and armor protecting you from having to be a decent person and giving you false pretense and permission to spew verbal vomit.

    If a player suggests a plausible change to the game, it's ignored the majority of the time, or shunned.

    If a player gathers as much data as they are capable of, they are told it's not bi-partisan or biased.

    If a player put's forth both sides of an issue, they are met with highly polarized or highly focused retorts on a single topic in the post.

    I understand that we all have the right to state our peace, but that is the part that the majority of this community are missing out on, stating our "PEACE" - you bring so much venom, chaos, and selfishness to these threads.

    It's no wonder Blizzard hardly reacts to community involvement...

    Be civilized, be constructive, work together to create a better play experience. Let's show blizzard that the community has the power to affect change and bring about the game-play that is deserved.

    Stop tearing each other down just because you need to feel better about yourself. This isn't a High school popularity contest...

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Developer Alec Dawson Discusses Upcoming Changes
    Quote from Alec Dawson

    Moving on to Cabal Acolyte, going to 4 Health will tone down some of its defensive capabilities on turn 4 and post-Spellburst effect. Acolyte was one of the best performing cards in Priest and we want these sort of effects (mind control-esque) to be a deckbuilding choice.

    ::Priest was working, we nerfed it::

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    posted a message on My Priest is cursed

    I can't help but laugh at the people who claim "priests deserve this" - "you did it to your self" - "priest players (you) just suck"

    If that's the way you feel then, well, when you get irritated because of a certain deck, mechanic, losing streak or class - then just suck it up because:

    You deserve it, you did it to yourself, and (insert class (you)) just suck.

    As for the OP - I've had the same issue a couple of times in the past, my simple fix was to just log off and not touch HS for a day.
    Come back to it fresh another day and start up again. I usually start to see some forward momentum then.

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    posted a message on Time to Hall of Fame Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Simple - do the same thing to Sorcerer's Apprentice they've been doing to all the other reductions cards.

    Or just change the wording to mimic Summoning Portal

         ::Your spells cost (1) less but not less than (1)::

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    posted a message on "I want this game to be balanced!" VS "I want to win at all cost!"

    How do you define balance in a game like hearthstone?
    Is it that all cards have a positive playable nature?
    Is it that each class has the same power curve?
    Is it that there should be a rock/scissors/paper style of game play?

    Even the idea of balance is a bit arbitrary.

    I want to win at all costs, well simply put, everyone wants to win. But what does “at all costs” mean?
    Is it P2W?
    Is it net decking?
    Is it playing the flavor of the month?

    Winning at all costs is subjective to the intentions of the player.

     Personally, I copied the most recent Galapriest deck so I had a chance in standard, but I play an OTK priest deck in wild.

    I play on both sides of the coin, but I choose to do so on different battlefields.

    The game is not balanced, there should be more of a mix for aggro/tempo/control in the game, and each class should have the same power curve and access to each of those play styles. (imo)

    The players who are here to push through with the highest win ratio and “best deck” play should see the benefits of going meta, compared to off-meta decks.

    Off meta decks shouldn’t see such a disparity of success in comparison though.

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to please everyone all of the time, whereas it’s easier to piss off a lot of people every day. Welcome to the human race.

    I voted “Other” because of the previous comments:
    The idea of Balance is arbitrary and Winning at all costs is subjective to the intentions of the player.

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    posted a message on A Peek To The Past is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    just wanted to point out Ogre is actually french LOL

    Language in itself is often weird.

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    posted a message on What is better. Wild or Standard?
    Quote from jainaishot >>

    Both are terrible atm. Do not listen anyone that tells you wild is better. They are equally toxic.If you do not believe me,try them your self. Hopefully the next patch will change things.

     If that's the case - don't play the game IMO

    That being said...

    My view:

    Standard -

    More restrictions on gameplay due to the limited card pool.

    Consistent shifting in meta with each expansion.

    Copy/paste decks everywhere once the meta is set.

    Creativity is stifled and not rewarding.

    Blizzard has more focus on standard due to the financial gain.

    Wild -

    Massive card pool which can make catching up difficult.

    Fluid meta ask expansions are added, exsiting meta is absorbed.

    Copy/paste decks are not the go-to format but still an option.

    Creativity is viable and often rewarded.

    Blizzard sees some revenue so they keep an eye on it as needed.

    Neither is better or worse, it's all dependant on what style of play you are interested in.


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    posted a message on How do we draw with Priest now?

    I love it - I think priest is the most talked-about class. And with what I've seen here I can only repeat what I've said in previous threads.

    FIrst - There are generally only 2 states of priest within hearthstone.
    Priest is viable Nerf it!!!
    Priest isn't viable Fix it!!

    Second (set in a spoiler to save space):

    So, I was in the middle of cataloging all of the cards that can be used for:

    Minion Damage/Removal - directly damages a minion or removes it
    Potential Removal - 'damage to enemies' or just direct damage
    Card creation - Cards that generate the above-mentioned cards (this includes the "theft" mechanic)
    Other - this is a category for things like Hero power manipulation, polymorph effects, and in the case of priests, the ability to change the mechanics of spells (healing into damage)

    The reason I started this project is due to the consistent argument that "priest is the king of removal".

    I had only gotten through:
    Class          Direct Removal          Potential Removal          Card Creation          Other
    DH              5                                   4                                        N/A                            N/A
    Druid          16                                3                                        2                                 N/A
    Hunter       23                                10                                      5                                 1
    Mage          29                                22                                      27                               4
    Priest          28                                4                                       15                                13

    The view here is that priest isn't the only class with removal in abundance. It's just the one that people dislike the most due to the accompanying kit behind it. And this list doesn't include Neutral cards this is just class-specific cards

    I will probably still do this just for comparison's sake but put it in a different thread.

    Creating an overview of the classes to show the differences, getting data, this can help show what is fact and what is opinion.
    Opinions matter, but when a majority of the community bands together for a single cause, it's best to have some data behind it.

     Card draw for priest is a flaw in the class, on purpose, I think it's fine. Having to rely on top draw and RNG creates a difference in the class which is fine.

    The fact that games take forever, well go figure, the class is based of control/gimmicks and one card drawn every turn. if you want the game faster with priest - give it aggro/tempo/card draw to keep up with the faster decks.

    And last but not least:

    If you are playing to win and the conditions aren't favorable, it's your choice to continue or concede. If an opponent decides to play priest and you don't like the class, it's your choice to continue or concede.

    If you don't like something that exists within hearthstone - it's your right to complain about it. BUT don't expect everyone to agree with you.

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    posted a message on Archmage Velen OTK

    Currently Aggro is faster than when the deck was created, it is posing a larger problem.

    However, proper use of Spirit Lash, Holy Nova, and Mass Hysteria can make a difference.
    Some of the common mistakes (not saying this is you) are using these too early or too late.

    If the opponent has two or three 1/1 or 2/1 minions then Mass Hysteria will be overkill. However, if you are playing a mech-hunter/pally then you will need to take that into consideration since those minions will snowball fast. Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: Death are also staples for mulligans.

    Unfortunately, there are no specifics I can give, much of this also comes down to knowing the meta at your rank and the most common matchups you will see and mulliganing for them.

    There is a constant learning curve as you go through, I generally get to diamond 5 as a casual player and every new rank cap requires relearning the common decks of that cap.

    I will try to get some new videos up for the different caps as the metas shift.

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