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    Your options:


    Second copy of Fire Elemental

    Jade Chieftain

    All of which has some synergy to the evolve mechanic.

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     Just upvoted - it's a nice deviation from Circle of Healing/Wild Pyromancer/Auchenai Soulpriest Control Priests.


    Made a couple small changes:

    +1 Thoughtsteal -1 Lightbomb

    There's no doubt that 2 x Lightbomb is optimal. But since I only have 1 copy and I feel the card draw from this deck could be unreliable at times, I added Thoughtsteal in its place. Afraid of getting Shield Slam/Deadly Poison/Blade Flurry? Fear no more because we can turn them into legendary minions!

    +1 Big Game Hunter -1 Shadow Word: Death

    A greedier choice to get that tiny bit of card advantage which I feel is worth it a lot of the times. I might switch back depending on how it's going to turn out.

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    posted a message on Counter that card!

    Crazed Alchemist

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    posted a message on Coren Direbrew / Grim Guzzler Boss Guide

    I beated this heroic encounter using a warlock deck.

    Key cards: Molten Giant+ShadowflameForce-Tank MAXKel'Thuzad and Deathwing

    How to edge past AI:

    1. Get a Force-Tank MAX turn 2 and kill one of AI's minions, forcing AI to trade the other minion plus extra cards into your 7/7.

    2. Keep a Molten Giant+Shadowflame combo and unleash it on turn 4/5 for massive board presence swing.

    3. If AI has multiple smaller minions (Grim Patron) then plays 4 1/1 Taunts, do NOT kill the taunts, as the enemy hero's autocast hero power will no longer fully benefit himself.

    4. If still alive by turn 7, players will stand a much better chance as we can choose which big fancy minion to play from our own hand each turn.

    5. Kel'Thuzad can be used for yet another massive board presence swing in our favor; and if you happen to have Deathwing in hand, play it and finish Coren off.

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    Ha! This does not disappoint!

    Against druid, draw Force Savage! Against paladin, draw equality consec! Against handlocks, draw sac-pact for Jaraxxus!

    Well you could also draw innervate tree of life against druid, draw blessed champion holy wrath against pally, or sense demons against warlock. But I guess whatever happens, the fun is real.

    Auto-include in dragon decks for fun and versatility for me.

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    Love the effect. In terms of mana efficient AoEs, rogues already have a 1-damage one (Fan) and a 3-damage one (Poison+Flurry). This basically completes rogue's anti-aggro abilities, and greatly improves shaman matchups.

    Only drawback - this would be insane if it's a 4 mana 3/2 but Drakes and Loatheb/belcher are, in many cases, too good for rogues to give up at the moment.

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    posted a message on [LEGEND]Keppada's Haha Tinkers

    Tried this deck out and lost 0-4 in a row at rank 5 (end of season). Changes were +BGH*1 +TBK -Shiv*1 -Gallywix

    In those 4 losses, 1st was against handlock (bad matchup), 2nd was against ramp taunt druid (even worse matchup, arguably the worst), 3rd was against deathrattle aggro + frothing berserker/charge warrior (did not draw healing in time while opponent drew well), 4th was against control paladin (burned through healbot+lay on hands and got to 1 short of lethal, but could not get through Tirion in the end).

    This could be just an unlucky streak of matchups but overall this deck feels passive. Needs too many cards to pull off a lethal combo. There were times when I spent the entire 10-mana turn doing nothing and waiting for the correct card to be drawn, while opponent happily developed their boards. Plus the bad matchups are almost unwinnable even with good card draws. This deck needs all the cycling cards it can get, but those cards are more often than not less good otherwise.

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    posted a message on Goblins vs Gnomes: 61 New Cards, Upcoming Balance Changes

    I LOL'd hard at Hemet Nesingwary! :)

    One-eyed cheat looked like Paladin's cobalt guardian but feels better. That cannon!

    If Blizz decided to give us a piratewarper I will try to run pirate aggro rogue on ladders.

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    Without Overload this card is on par with Ogre Ninja; with Overload (1) this is next to unplayable.

    Blizz cuts too heavy on the stats on Windfury minions (except that Zap-o-matic) to the point that Windfury minions need to have stealth to be good. God even spell/Hero Power immunity may increase their power level...

    Disappointed. One of the worst cards in this expansion so far.

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