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    You don't add the spell to your hand from the effect alone, as the card conditions state you specifically look for the spell. If you do not have the discovered spell in your deck it's a 2/2 for 3 mana.

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    *Guldan putting his Warlock cards in his deck locker*

    Your opponent: Hey buddy I think you got the wrong class, another class is 2 mana crystals down.

    Guldan: Fuck you! I'm renouncing my Van Darkness

    I'll show you who's boss of this game


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    Seams like a variation of Dark Peddler which makes it good, granted you can't discover the card but like mad scientist you get a 2/2 for 2 with a card draw (granted mad sci gets a free innervate too).  While peddlar is a death rattle it's 1 cost only, unfortunately much like grand crusader or burgle you while the body is great for the effect the out come is likely to be hit or miss. Get hex, Trion, fireball or Archmage and you win big but get totem might, savagrey (not terrible for rogue) or eye for an eye and you really good little bang for your buck. At least a 2/2 body guarantees some card for card value as you get a pseudo draw your opponent must consider when playing unlike burgle which if pulling 2 duds, offers absolutely nothing in return.

    Probably a good filler card for rogue as a 2 drop that doesn't die to ping but fills your hand, the upside to getting bad low drop cards offer combo enabler cards or generally good cards with high mana cost (unless you pull Tree of life or the likes). I'd certainly run this card in other classes, but rogue probably gets the most benefit a long side shaman with using any spell in the game. Raptor rogue also has synergy with this card granted it's rather mundane and not particularly a value card to resurrect with N'Zoth but likely the go to rogue 2 drop.

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    10/10 LEGEND! You are a Legend, Absolute LEGEND!

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    Works well with Temp buffs such as Power Overwhelming, Mana Addict, Rockbiter Weapon or Abusive Sergeant as you don't copy the ephemeral nature of the effect itself. That said it's generally a weaker version of faceless that is less flexible even if it has taunt as an automatic option and weak to silence. Also a decent follow up play to Ancient Watcher or Eerie Statue as you get free stats without copping the can't attack effect.

    Also works in hand lock decently well as a molten giant grants you a 4 mana ironbark + an 8/8 giant assuming no cards are nerfed. Might be played with Ysera's Nightmare but it doesn't copy the effect so it's rather disappointing. At least it can stack with faceless should you run some sort of copy deck for a cheap 4 mana large taunt creature.

    *Edit* Also probably intended to be played with C'Thun

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    To buff the hero power while not making as insane as choosing the totem you want every time a simple "Choose one" totem using the druids mechanic of choose one would suffice. When you press the hero power buff you get a selection option as druid's choose one, where you are presented with the option between 2 totems (so a 50% chance to get the one you want). The simple option of player input and choice alone will greatly increase the consistency of shaman and slightly increase the skill cap. The first hero power (0 totems out) is a 50% chance on the totem you want, a 66% chance with 1 totem out and a 100% chance with 2 totems out.

    Most of the time you just don't want 1 totem so you essentially get a veto totem and a little more choice. You can then hero power against a northshire cleric/imp gang boss without RNG loss to Searing totem. You also don't lose to Northshire/ can mill Northshire by choosing or vetoing a healing stream totem.  You get a much higher chance to AoE board clear with a 50% on spell power.

    As for your choice when you have 3 and or 4 totems out you have 4 options. 1.) Make the totem options at 3 both the same totem and not allow the totem to be rolled when all 4 are out. 2.) Allow the option between the last totem and a random totem of the existing 3, allowing shaman to use their hero power as often as paladin in the process and disabling this feature when all 4 totems are out. 3.) Create a 5th lesser default totem (maybe storm totem) that is a 0/1 taunt that will be the 5th choice totem with the option of allowing it to be repeatably chosen when all 4 totems are out or not.


    Assuming the "Choose one" system isn't viable a 4th viable option exists. The 4th option can keep the original totem summoning system but with a twist. This option causes totems created by your hero power to be added to your hand and cost 0 (as if unstable portal reduced). You can then hold them and play them for 0 later on which allows you to manipulate which totems you summon or save certain totems. If you youthful brew master or bounce a totem they will cost 1 mana as normal, the 0 cost only effects the initial totems added to your hand via your hero power. You can manipulate the totems you want this way as well as synergize with hand size cards or summon creature cards as well as play around AoE or save totems up for Thunder Bluff Valiant Turns (which don't have charge and give your opponent opportunity to board clear). Either way adding totems to your hand offers way more strategy for shaman to utilize (even if your opponent gets to see what totem it is that is fine, totem is revealed when entering your hand).

    However you change the hero power or keep it the same way, picking your hero power (while too strong naturally) is such a marginal improvement its not good enough for a 6/3 for 6 mana and a card slot. Justicar should either grant totems +1/+1 (like the paladin tokens should have been) or merge totems such as a 1/3 +1 spell power or a 0/4 Taunt heal your allied minions.

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    Quote from The_Pixel_Hell >>

    I have a feeling this is gonna be another Troggzor or Mistcaller... I guess we'll have to see what happens and what other cards get released.

    When comparing Hallazeal. Troggzor and Mistcaller have horrific stats for their mana costs, if Mistcaller were 5 instead of 6 it might see some play but 6 mana for a 4/4 loses you too much tempo as a 6/6 for 7 is too poor compared to Dr. Boom. This card is a 4/6 for 5 mana, that is a premium stat line, especially for control decks it's completely ideal to have a high health minion for the mana cost making the effect essentially gravy since the body is good enough on it's own and can have immediate effect. While the pace of the meta and decks that arise will determine the ultimate fate of this card's viability, if shaman has a future outside of face I predict this card will surely have place in shaman decks.
    As for effect status, Troggzor requires your opponent to play under certain conditions to obtain value making it inconsistent and mist caller is utterly slow in that it doesn't offer any immediate effect needing several turns of card draws of minions to make the effect worth the body and mana sacrifice. Hallazeal's effect while some what slow contributes to a slow play style offering healing to a class needing to slow the game down with a lot of cheap removal spells. While mostly a combo card, it's great for AoE clear spells for mass healing or removal for small increments of healing. The fact this card remains on the board gives a constant effect and coupled with discover cards such as jewled scarab (or spell creation from Nefarian/Saraad) make this card have potential for amazing value.
    Lastly, card quality and power is the last variable to consider. Troggzor in a world without Dr. Boom might have been quite good and Mistcaller in a slower meta game could offer great value however death rattle zoo and rush decks being so powerful made these cards obsolete. As far as the current revealed cards, while not screaming "Super Powerful" this card is above the curve as the power curve is considerably lower. I imagine every control shaman must run this card with mid range opting to tech this card in as a 5 drop (a missing slot for shaman unless you count earth elemental or azure drake) and possibly a mirror match tech card for face shaman.
    I love this card, it's not over powered on it's own and in some circumstances really not that good, but synergizes with spell removal very well while offering great value for synergy with a solid base stat line if you're forced to play it as a body.
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    Phenominal Arena Card. It's hard enough to draft enough weapons for warrior so having an early game light's justice attached to a 1/1 for trading all for 1 mana is very much worth the cost of a card. Great tempo gaining and essentially almost always better than upgrade. As for constructed it's still a pirate card so if a pirate deck should ever emerge it's really not bad as it provides synergy for a turn 2 3/3 bloodsail raider as well as a body for Southsea captain to buff. As a common card with new set bonus I bet this card puts arena warrior on the map.

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    I'm looking for cards that aren't really incredibly strong but really pop out as very fun or so unique they are worth returning to a class as they can make very unique decks but don't necessarily excel at anything. Many of these offer options as soft counters or as missing mechanics a class could eternally use. Sometimes a mechanic introduced form a new set should have at least 1 card represent it for the duration of time, such as discover.

    my top 10

    #1: Charged Hammer this card utterly redefines the shaman class from token spamming board centric to control removal. While not particularly amazing, it's just incredibly fun and a card i'll be sad to see removed next year as it's my favorite card easily.

    #2: Gang Up the crux of Mill rogue and other gimmick styles of decks and grinder rogue. I'll be heart broken when this card rotates out as the shenanigans and possible crazy games will be gone :(.

    #3: Illuminator While essentially a mage class card that some hunters can use, this guy is a pretty tame 2/4 for 3 but has an amazing continuous healing effect tied to secrets. Not good in the current fast tempo heavy meta this guy brings a ton of options for long games.

    #4: Echo of Medivh This super fun mage card makes fatigue combos and crazy 3+ copies for decks and grinder mage a thing. Not as strong as Duplicate and more methodical as you pick when to use it rather than randomly this card I hope makes a return.

    #5: Lock and Load I'll be sad to see this card go, it's just so well designed and has tons of options for deck building even if it isn't amazing.

    #6: Jeweled Scarab Discover is amazing and this bugger is the main 2 drop into 3 drop curve discover card. Staple in hunter, shaman and paladin this card isn't particularly amazing as it's essentially a grinder version of novice engineer. With more options and choices to make than novice engineer I hope blizzard eventually decides to make this card a classic. Classic could use an eternal discover card.

    #7: Hobgoblin While yes he can be insane with some card designs, he opens up a door for weenie decks full of 1/1 creatures. Totally a cool card that's never really been particularly special but will be probably the most missed card from GvG for me.

    #8: Recycle One of the most unique removal cards (even if vastly worse than Entomb ) it's the kind of really underwhelming but cool mechanic removal druid could use as a constant base card for control decks. A 6 mana library boomerang is nothing to write home about but it's definately a mechanic I'll miss

    #9: Healing Wave While pretty strong, the mechanic of joust attached to it is pretty bad honestly. The reason i'll miss it is that shaman has no base set / classic healing cards and is entirely reliant on newly printed cards to heal itself while the other classic healing classes have base healing spells consisting of Holy Light , Healing Touch and Holy Fire . It's a super fun card to always just have, even a changed version with a less RNG joust but less healing would be a great compromise. Even with Joust it's one of the few joust cards worth keeping.

    #10: Spectral Knight This card is the mid range Faerie Dragon. A super cool effect on a decent sized body allows for taunt strategies and counter spell based decks. It never shined in a meta full of sticky minions and aggressive board control but the ultility it offers for a decently balanced card will make it the most missed Naxx card for me.

    *Edit* Honorable mentions to Spider Tank and Pit Fighter as classic vanilla minions for the 3 and 5 cost mana slots as the stat line base power curves. Classic could use a 3/4 for 3 and 5/6 for 5 Vanilla, especially for the future Vanilla buffing card.

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    A 5 mana 5/5, technically it's playable in some constructed like format. It's above average in arena and makes paladin even better there >.> but really it's a worse Stranglethorn Tiger and essentially a less versatile but 1 mana discount Dark Wispers . Definately worse than Muster for Battle as you aren't getting a free Light's Justice and costing 5 for 5 instead of 3 for 3 but it really feels just meh. Requires Quartermaster or a Thunder Bluff Valiant like card to work.

    In standard, if 5 drops are generally bad from the expansion with Loatheb rotated out and strong minions being removed it might see play, especially in neo secret paladin as a play before Mysterious Challenger pulling Competitive Spirit so it depends on the game scale. Might be worth using in a Reno Jackson deck. Likely to not be very useful though from what we know so far. With Death's Bite and Unstable Ghoul rotating out there is a lot less small aoe board clear, although with sticky death rattle minions such as Haunted Creeper rotating out running a Wild Pyromancer will likely be the norm.

    In wild this card is garbage and not nearly as strong as the other 5 drops not fitting in classic secret paladin or mid range paladin (besides maybe a single include into mid range paladin especially with reno).

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    posted a message on (poll)So with Piloted Shredder gone, who's going to be the 4-drop of Standard?

    Refreshment Vendor will be the standard drop for control decks. Twilight Drake for hand lock or hand decks. 

    Also Burly Rockjaw Trogg is GvG... it wouldn't be playable

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    posted a message on Two Expansions and One Adventure Per Year, Knife Juggler & Leper Gnome Considered for Nerfs

    While I too dislike the final choice of "Wild" I like that they took a chance to differentiate themselves from MTG since they are different in many ways. I'll still call it Legacy/Vintage out of habbit but perhaps after 4 years Blizzard will make an extended for the last 4 years of expansions as sort of a Limited mode. Kibler probably offered them good advise as if you didn't play MTG it's likely an awkward term to use. Perhaps naming it "Ancient" or "Eternal" might ave been a better choice.

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    posted a message on Mini nerf-predictions competition! ( for fun :) )

    The charge portion of combo that causes problems with OTK and Savage roar. Essentially a druid version of Feral spirits (which costs 5 for 2 2/3 taunts, you pay 6 for 3 2/2 taunts.) While debatable if it's worse than Cenarias you get 3 taunts for 6 instead of 2 + a body for 9 and as an epic you can play two in the deck. It's a pretty punishing nerf compared to charge but it's a similar board presence effect, taunt gives them some kind of "instant" value.

    Still rewards you for having a board and provides a finisher + burst, however the free 2 hero damage is removed as A.) it allowed you to clear a taunt or reach for an extra 2 for only 3 mana and B.) It's pretty much superior to blood lust being 2 less mana and providing the same or more attack unless the shaman had over 3+ minions on the board ready to attack. While it's hard to compare separate class cards, the difference of 2 mana and benefit really makes this card too valuable. Considering how shaman is a board oriented class and based around board flood it boggles my mind druid designed to be versatile is better than shaman at it's own plan. Imagine a world where fireball is 3 mana and the next 6 damage spell is 5+ mana.

    Speaking of fireball, it's far too long been over stated and way to good for it's own mana cost. At 4, 6 damage clears any other 4 drop in the game save deathrattles (soon to be gone) and offers insane face damage burst. 5 Damage clears pretty much all 4 drops save water elemental a mage card and fire guard destroyer a 4 drop costed at 5 with overload. Still a valuble spell and efficient for it's mana it's not way better or a clear up grade from many of the other newer mage spells that are redundant in comparison. Compared to Lava burst which deals 5 damage for 5 mana, it hurts to see fireball deal 6 for 4. Mortal strike needs you to be at 12 or less jsut to copy fireball (conditional) other wise it's strictly worse as a 4 damage nuke. Slightly devalues Archmage Antonidas but perhaps you could possibly comeback against an Antonidas netting 2 fire balls. 

    Keeps it's unique effect for decks built around him for his effect such as summon spells and token decks, as a 3/2 he was just over stated and a clear upgrade to most 3/2s or 2/3s. Now you take a sever stat hit for the effect and make him purely a combo card. If mad scientist even though broken was run for value as a 2/2 he still might be.

    Pretty much universally in every hunter deck, with deathrattle minions on the way out he still retains his crazy value but less punishing in the sense of must be removed twice right away or lose the game. Essentially a consistant and better Skygolem, having high damage death rattle minions can be problematic as they trade too well often 2 for 1ing even when played at a disadvantage. 5 damage is respectable and the effect and health is remained intact.

    The crusher himself, Tirion was absolutely required in every paladin deck you made in classic with no exception and even today is pretty much in every deck no matter the type. Hunters, shaman, Rogues, even mages wish they had a universally good class minion. As the best legendary hands down getting up to 4 for 1s (sometimes 5 for 1) or simply as a 15 face damage + 2 for 1 removal Tirion is so strong you must purposely hold removal even for the entire game for him or you flat out lose. New Tirion is pretty much the same as a body but with 1 less health he might be able to be traded with a small minion, the Divine shield still get's it's value and he retains his high attack. The death rattle still gives a value Arcanite reaper but might not actually strait up kill your opponent for free by itself and he'll get maybe a 3 for 1 now.


    (Apologies for the titled art)

    BGH has a problem for this game for a long time, minions with 6 attack are better than 7 attack because of him as he causes massive tempo swings killing a 7+ attack minon usually costing 7+ mana while you pay 3 mana for a 4/2 body giving you often a 4+ mana advantage in tempo. The body isn't even horrible either so including at least one in every deck is hardly a draw back. Make his body slightly worse to a 3/2 so you get a 2 drop of stats for 3 as punishment for a situational effect (much like Kezan Mystic) and make the effect not a clear 2 for 1 trade in the BGH's favor. Now you Kill attack heavy low health minions (like rend) but wound large minions usually 8/8s such as Rag or Giants to 2 health allowing you to trade with them easily after wards. While you only bring deathwing to 6 health, you still pay 3 mana to make him a 12/6 while your opponent discarded his/her entire hand.


    -All Giants-

    Minimum Mana cost of 2. No more 0 Mana board flood. Caused problems with Warsong in the past. Still 2 Mana for an 8/8 is cheap and lets hand lock recover, but having giant turns where you place 2 8/8s for pressure, clear the board and heal is a bit much.

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    Quote from TheWamts >>
    Quote from DarkTycon >>

     i'll be heart broken when TGT is removed.

     What the hell?
     Next year it's going to be rotated out
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    Blizzard has no interest in balancing wild mode and will focus on balancing the new Standard format. Tournaments would be really dull games with perpetuating decks of broken cards doomed to never be balanced when enough cards eventually do come out. Perhaps Challenge stone might use the Wild format but I welcome the new standard change.

    However as good as it is to introduce formats, it does solidify the age old statement, the most powerful card in hearthstone is your credit card. New players are forced to pay out the ass to even play Wild mode and why would they even want to play there? It's a mode where the games are stupid quick, the cards have no semblance of balance and will only deteriorate over the years as less competitive players play it, the less accessible it is to newer players and too many over powered cards align up into good decks.

    Sorry to hear it's bumming you out, I'm glad Nax and GvG are gone but i'll be heart broken when TGT is removed.

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