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    Why's everyone talking about being a stealth mech for magnetic synergies and shudderwock, if it is basically Valeera the Hollow's battlecry? It gives your hero stealth, doesnt it? The wording on those two is the same.


    Edit: I see now, Valeera is a hero card, that's why it gives stealth to itself, being a hero. Ye, I was wrong.

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    Ive seen a lot of people arguing about which DK is the best one, but i dont think it's the right way, as different people have variable playstyles, and sometimes it's hard to find the ultimate one. So, I decided to create three votes, as in similiar topics there are numerous opinions about "DK1 > DK2 > DK3". So lets try to fond out which opinion is supperior.

    P.S. Basically, top-3 of your choice. Dont pick up the same DK multiple times for obvious reasons.

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    Update: The Black Knight is done. Hope you will like it.

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    Hello, fellows. This time I'm remaking The Blck Knight. It used to be very rarely seen card, which really shined like in Naxx times, when half of matches contained Sludge Belchers, Deathlords and other popular these times taunts. Then meta got switched to high-tempo-aggro side, and this card faded away out of common edge. A lot of people said that BK would rise after WOG, as it had a lot of taunts. It didn't. It was used a few times, though.

    Anyway, let's talk about it's current position. It is still very unpopular, just because most of tier 1 or 2 decks dont have at least medium taunts. Mages, warlocks, pirate warriors dont utilise them mostly, or if they do, it's like 1-2 taunt per deck, which makes your The Black Knight very unreliabl. A lot of ties my enemy played like Bog Creeper, for example, and i couldnt draw my BK for 3-5 turns. And thenI drow him, when enemy has no taunts at all for the rest of the game. This unreliability makes this card unpopular tech. Nowadays cards should have multipurpose or not-high drawbacks. Like a card could be playable on a board just to conquest the board, to threat, or to fulfill its purpose. BK has 2 mana tempo loss, which is quite terrible. If he destroys at least 4 mana taunt, his tempo is huge, as for 2mana you deal 4-x damage, ignoring divine shields. Otherwise this card is very poor to play with no battlecry.

    Nowadays Taunt Warrior is somewhat popular, so against those BK should always find a valuable target to destroy, for example Direhorn MatriarchStonehilldefender is also seen in decks, which justifies that your opponent gonna pick quite a big taunt minion. Tirion Fordring is as popular as it's always beenm but Ashbringer kills BK, unless you Ooze it. And N'Zoth, the Corruptor still can bring some deathrattle-taunts back,which is gonna hurt. Primordial Drake is another big and popular taunt, so it's another target for our taunt-hater. Tar Creeper sees a lot of play, and this it quite decent taunt to be killed, as it would otherwise hurt your minions for 3, and require 5 damage to get rid of. Some elementals who grant taunts are also in rare use, so against those playing The Black Knight can give you the upper hand, but such matchups are pertty rare as well.

    Aggro decks dont really use taunt, so these matchups will make you hate The Black Knight, because instead of him you could have drawn an AOE, healing, your taunt minion or another tool to sustain.

    So, time to make a conclusion about about this card at this meta. Overall it's unreliable,as i said, because you either meet decks that have 0-2 taunts, which you cant counter if you dont draw the BK, obviously, and this happens to me like most of the time, when i try using this card. Or those minions are just too small to make you satisfied for playing the tech. Against some matchups it can be a very good tempo turn, but those ones are pretty rare. So, Do I craft it? No, this card is not essential for your collection at the moment. Do I dust it? If you are ready to humiliate yourself playing only cancer, aggro decks not bellow tier 1-2, you dont need such cards. Dust it with no doubts and craft more face/zoo types of cards, get easy wins, Legend and be happy. Other people who can have fun experimenting with decks, keep in mind that in future expansions meta can chage, there will be taunts that can make people use The Black Knight in decks, who knows. I personally have it golden, it has pretty neat burping, just in case it starts being popular.

     If you enjoyed this one, here is the thread of all my reviews, if you would like to hear my opinion about other legendary cards:

    DarkDenius' Legendary reviews

    P.S. My older review, which is one year old.

    Quote from DarkDenius >>

    Greetings. As I promised, The Black Knight review would come after some time of the new meta. I think now i can review it as it is.

    A little backstory. I was paying attention to that card's popularity before and after the WOG. That legendary used to be around 1.45-1.85% of deck presence in a while, but after the announcement of new expansion's taunts its popularity raised to 3.42% in one week and to 5.52% in another. I think it's a great number, if you are somehow familiar with statistics. 

    Now, time for my usual-styled review. I crafted this card right after expansion arrival, and that was kinda a good decision. If you already have all neutral top-tier legendaries and dont need class ones, The Black Knight may be your crafting choice. It really helps you to sustain most of druid decks, as they run several huge taunts(C'Thun druid runs 5-7, just for note), so most of the time you will have a target for its battlecry. Against shaman it may help you with dealing with random-Evolved taunts, Thing from Below and some others. Some warlocks also run Defender of ArgusSunfury Protector, so her you have usae of Black Knight. Against Paladin you will be happy to get rid of Tirion Fordring, but then The Black Knight will just die from Ashbringer. Still acceptable, ciuse it's 1 less durability of the weapon. Against Hunters it will be useful to destroy  Misha or a Houndmastered beast.

     Against C'Thun decks, that are very popular at the moment, it may be handy if they play Twilight Geomancer, as a future answer to taunted Old God, or to get rid of Crazed Worshipper, Twin Emperor Vek'lor. So, as you can see, this card will find a good place in control or defensive midrange decks.

    About tempo of this card: If it has its battlecry applied, your tempo is great, because you play Chillwind Yeti for 4 mana and destroy enemy taunt(which costs at least 4 mana) for 2 mana. But if you drop it just for a minion on a board(which i wouldnt recommend in any case, unless you are sure that you won't face a taunt in your match), it is just a 2 mana waste. Not a big loss, but unpleasant.

    Now, the disadvantages that i discovered. This card is useful, but still very situational. THere are a lot of times when you have perfect target for it, but you just cant draw it. And then you draw it when there is nothing to kill. Very awkward situations, but they have place.

    Against aggro it's a dead card. Maybe against some kind of Evolve-aggro shaman or hunter with Houndmasters it would somehow work, but it's too slow in such matchups. Against freeze-mage or miracle rougue it won't help you either. 

    So, to sum up, i would say that this legendary is useful, no doubt, but he is very meta-oriented and situational. If its all about high aggression and tempo, you better not to run him(As used to be before WOG), so it's not an universal tech. It can be somewhat substituted with Sylvanas Windrunner, becuase she can steal a pesky taunt, not just destroy it. (Personally, i prefer running both in my control decks, to have more answers to enemy threats).As i said, if you worried about crafting it, check first if you have all nessessary top-tier legendaries, or if you really face a lot of unpleasant taunts. If your answer is positive, go ahead and craft him, because he is a part of the Expert set and always will be Standart-acceptable. WOG has revived this legendary to what it was back in these days.

    UPDATE: Hail the aggro-zoo meta. This legendary now is in even worse place than it used to be before WOG. People wanna go face, no need in taunts.

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    Timeful update: I've started working on adaptation of my old reviews to the current state, so the first one was Harrison Jones. Hope you like it and find meaningful!

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    Hello again. After all this time of silence I've finally decided to rewrite my old outdated reviews, so the first one of those will be Harrison Jones. Now,one year later, the situation regard weapons has changed a bit. Back in those days there were Doomhammers, Lord Jaraxxus's forks, Spirit Claws, Gorehowls as weapons you see in every second-third matchup. Removing such monstrosities was be a very huge tempo swing, as it basically removed 2-8 charges off weapon, while developing akind of solid body, that could contest board control. But it was like one year ago. What do we have now? Most weapons are played before Harrison Jones even playable in terms of mana, and by the time he is played, they have already worn off.

    Pirate warrior is the only deck that uses more than 1-2 weapons, but against those this card is VERY slow. their weapons have 2 charges, one of which is spent on your face right away, and even if they Upgrade! it, they still have 1 charge. And they have bunch of pirates on board. It's not affordable only to destroy a weapon for 5 mana. If you spend your turn 4-6 on such, it will do nothing. They might just equip another weapon,and still ve able to play more stuff on board. In such matchup Gluttonous OozeAcidic Swamp Ooze, or even Bloodsail Corsair, which also brings Patches the Pirate are better choices in terms of mana flexibility. For the difference of 3 mana you can heal, play a taunt or another creature to contest board, or play something else to help you hold up. Such turns make it better for you, as tempo is better than 5/4 that drows a card and removes 1 charge.

    Alright, Shaman. People are hyped about Doomhammer removal. No. Just no. This weapon is no longer a thing, as Rockbiter Weapon was nerfed, so shamans had stopped using it, same as Doomhammer itself. I havent seen this weapon in about half a year. THis is not the thing you see every shaman matchup, so dont worry about it. Spirit Claws got nerfed as well,so most of shmans had refused to use this too. Typical weapon we see is Jade Claws. Still only 2 charges, but some slower shamans might hold up both charges, if you have nothing they can kill on board. In this case drowing 2 cards and playing 5/4 would be somewhat valueable, but keep in bind spell damaged Lightning BoltJade Lightning, that can kill your Harrison and develop higher tempo.

    Hunters dont play many secrets, so the time when they could have 3-4 charged Eaglehorn Bow has passed. Still 1 charge costly removal issue I'm talking about.

    Paladins still run Tirion Fordring. Moreover, they seem to like Stonehill Defender, which help them discover one or two additional Tirions, and N'Zoth, the Corruptor still resummons them. In such matchups Harrison Jones does not seem as a slow card, and chance of drawing him when your opponent has Ashbringer equipped is significantly higher. Also, drawing 1-2 cards(they always swing at least 1 time just to push damage and avoid full value of stuff like Acidic Swamp Ooze, which is kinda popular). So in such matchups Jones is a good tech. But it's the only matchup, and Paladin is not that top tier deck everybody would play. 

    There is some diversities in Priest, Mage and Warlock decks, that try to use Medivh, the Guardian, but it's single exeption rather than a rule. So counting on that in these matchups and hold Harrison just to have a chance to remove Atiesh is pointless, if it costs you tempo loss.

    So, which decks would play Harrison Jones rather than Oozes and pirates? I may suppose, druids. They have Innervates to enlarge mana poolfor high tempo swings, they dont have that good draw sources, and still have troubles with answers. But, honestly, Druid of the Claw would make it better, as 6 health is more than most of weapons' attacks, so additional spell/minion would be required to pass throuh it, it can be played on full board, or an empty board with no tempo loss, and overall better. It doesn't draw cards situationally, though. The purpose of these cards are different, i agree, but keep in mind that druid has some 5-mana cards that he often uses, so addition of even more of those can negatively impcat your curve and tempo, unless you run heavy ramp cards.

    Mages could play that, as they have Ice Block, Ice Barrier that they play usually before turn 5, and they appreciate draw for further tools or sustain measures. But i still see no mages who would play Harrison Jones.

    So, in conclusion, I would make a statement that this card is not that important. It potentially looks very cool and excititng. This thing forced me to craft it just for my collection, and i had been using it, but then stopped due to realising it was kinda slow. I found better tools overall in my decks. So, Do you craft it? No, unless you want to complete expert set legendaries. Do you dust it? Probably not. There might be an expansionthat changes the meta, bringing cool weapons and slowing things down, but at the current moment, and past times we haven't seen this card beind demandful that much.

     If you enjoyed this one, here is the thread of all my reviews, if you would like to hear my opinion about other legendary cards:

    DarkDenius' Legendary reviews


    P.S. Here is my old review, that was written 1 year ago(almost perfectly). You can read this if you are curious how he was doing in past.

    Quote from DarkDenius >>

    Well met. This is time for next review, and today we are getting closer look on Harrison Jones. There will be no backstories, because I dont personally have that card, but I've still got stuff to say about him. So, in this observation I will often compareHarrison Jones with Acidic Swamp Ooze, because these two cards have the same purpose, but different ways to deal so. 

    Let's talk about his positive sides first. It's a 5/4 for 5 mana with weapon removing + drawing abiity. Basically, for 2 pionts of stats you vaporise your opponent's scissors and draw 1-8 cards. Usualy it's 1-2, as most weapons(Truesilver Champion, Fiery War Axe, Rallying Blade, etc) have 2-3 durabiity, and when opponent plays it he instantly attacks. Sometimes it's not the case, though, so you get an extra card. In mid game it is useful, because you get rid of weapon, drop a medium treat and draw cards. So most of the time he will be handy, but not always. In current meta we have a ot of weaponry in matches, because of warriors, paladins, rogues, SHAMANS, damn them. So you are most likely to find a targt for Harrison Jones' battlecry during these matchups. In late game, when you are out of cards in hand, and go toe-to-toe with your enemy,  removing a weapon with card draw puts you in good favour, unless you're loosing the game horribly.

    Now, it's time to cover his dark sides. And compare him with Accidic Swamp Ooze, So, they have the same purpose, but different mana cost, so this is a really big deal. In early game, if your opponent play, lets say, Truesilver Champion on turn 3-4, your Harrison Jones is 5 mana, so it means you won't wait untill weapon is still in play. At this point, Acidic Swamp Ooze allows you to get rid of weapon, and then use remained mana for, lets say, 1-3 mana minion/spell or hero power. So summary tempo may be higher with 2 cards played. 

    Anoher issue is playing against shamans. If he gets his Doomhammer at 5-7 mana, you will draw 6 cars out of HJ's battlcery. If you are midrange or contro deck, by turn 5-7 you will have around 5 cards. If your start was horrible, you will have around 7 cards, so draing 6 more means you wil mill yourself 4 cards. But yeah, you remove your opponent's OP weapon. But he will have board to deal with Harrison Jones. and hey you are most likely to lose, unless you have very powerful 6-7 mana mass-removal/combo to remove his board. In that cas you have a chance of winning.

    So, that was early-mid game. Now lets talk about late game. His manacost makes it impossible to play him and something big. Like, if you had Ooze, you would kill a weapon, then drop Ragnaros the FirelordSylvanas WindrunnerBlack KnightAncient of War or any other 6-8 mana minons/spells. Harrison Jones would restrict you to 5 mana pool, and you most likely to hero power or something like 1-5 mana stuff. Also, in late game, drawing a lot of card puts you closer to fatigue, so you should mention that if you removing Doomhammer or [cardBlood Fury][/card], if you meet heavy warlocks/shamans. 

    Athough, you can wait utill weapons drops its durabiity to your lacking-card amount, but it means your board/face will suffer X amount of damage thet could have been prevented with 2 mana basic card.

    Time to make a conclusion. This card is good in current weapon meta, but not must-to-have, since Acidic Swamp Ooze is a basic card, accessable to anybody. If you have a midrange-control deck, you have choice to use one of those cards, consdering what you prefer more - better tempo or better card draw. Removing DoomhammerGorehowl or other strong weapons is good, but you shoud choose, wether to put a 2 mana tech, or 5 mana with sometimes negative value card draw. If you get Harrison Jones from a pack, you have the real choice of dusting it. If you really need 400/1600 dust for something useful - dust him. If not - you can remain him in your collection. I woud not recommend you to craft him ,as Accidic Swamp Ooze is a good replacement. You better choose from other staple neutral/class legendaries.  Nowadays Indiana Ford  is not widely played, he persists in 4-6% of all decks. 


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    Hey, fellows, Ive been studying hard all this time, so had no time and desire to do anything here. Soon i will become free, so im thinking about updating(like,completely re-writting) my expert set legendaries, as it's been a while since my old reviews, and a lot of them are no longer actual. So, what do you think? Do I need to help the newcommers in Un'Goro meta with crafting experts? Maybe some of you wonder whether cards are still popular/trash nowadays. I made a poll about it, so feel free to give your feedback onthis idea,

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    So,N'Zoth, the Corruptor is a thing, i suppose. At the start we have 2/2, then it upgrades to 6/6, t, which remains 10/10 in your hand, hen The Octopuss summons  6/6 that adds the second 10/10, AND it summons the 2/2, that gets into 6/6, heading to the third 10/10 in your hand. And then you play 3x 10/10s in a row. It reminds me of a weird wicked jade-like stuff. Pretty solid against control and heavy midrange, too slow versus aggro decks. But still a cool thing to try, i guess.

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    Hah, i actually have exactly 4000 dust.

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    Ow, right, i kinda forgot that just owning the normal legendary gives you 1600. Well, in that case the entire bunch is nedsedsary if you want to play golden legendaries with no additional spendings. My bad i didnt consider the "easy way". Anyway, thats clear now, thanks.

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    So, as Ive got it, if you own a golden and a normal version of this card, you will recieve only the golden value as dust, while keeping the dust. So, i made some math about investing dust and profit from the whole "event". Basically, the most efficient way in terms of "Dust gained" divided on "Dust spent" is crafting golden Rag and Sylvanas, while keeping the normal ones. Why so? Well, lets say you currently own normal Rag and normal Sylvy. You collect dust to craft their golden versions without touching regulars, so after the countdown to the Mammoth Year ends, you recieve 3200 dust for each golden version, and you still have normals.

    So, what do you do next? There are two branches: profitable and aesthetical. In the first way you dust your goldens, and get additional 1600 dust for each, 3200 pure profit in total, and you still have regulars to play with in the Wild, the second direction you just dust the regulars, so you basically convert regulars into normals with 400 dust profit for each(considering you didnt dust them to craft goldens, as i said). The thing is, that if you crafted those cards, you spent 1600 for regular, 3200 for golden, equals 4800, then got 3200 refund, and then dusted the regular one, got 400. So, -1200 dust, if you didnt get those from packs. Basically, i advice you to choose the profit line if you crafted those, in that case you cover your 1600 dust spent on normal one by disenchanting the golden card after the refund as been applied, while keeping the card.

    As you can see, you either get the dust from crafted normals back while keeping it, ir you upgrade your regular legendaries into golden one with a flavor.

    What about non-legendary cards?

    I calculated the following thing: if you craft both golden copues, while owning the eegulars, you need 800+800+800+1600 = 4000 dust, and it will grant you 500 dust profit. I agree that this is not that inpressive to spend 4000 to get 4500. You still can only manipulate with the legendaries. Spending 6400, recieving 3200 of profit. In total, the entire thing can give ypu 3700 dust, if you own 10400 dust, which is 35% profit rate of the original, or you can just stop at 6400 dust, recieving 3200, which is 50% rate. Its up to you whether you would like to invest further dust for less major profit.

    Hope this will help to clear the consideration of the large investment nessessarity, if you ponder about it.

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    Seems they've finally reaslised that the current game designer Ben Brode has no clue about balance in his game.

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    Alright, Soggoth the Slitherer is ready to be read. Enjoy: Soggoth

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    Greetings there. Time has come for another review, so today we got Soggoth the Slitherer in our scope.

    Let's begin with stats distribution. He is 5/9, which equals a 7 mana creature (Captured Jormungar) with a 1 stat off, with taunt and spell shield, let's call it like that, for 9 mana. So, what can we count? 5/9 as 6.5 mana, taunt(1 stat) as 0.5, and spell protection, as 0-1 stat fee(Faerie Dragon, Spectral Knight) for 0.5. Let's also remember Arcane Nullifier, as he follows the same math, as i counted. So, Soggoth's value-manacost should be 8 mana. Why is he 9 mana then? Maybe, because he is a huge minion, they counted each bonus as 1 mana, as they are combined. Taunt + Spell shield is a very unpleasant combo, because taunts are usually removed with Spells, and spell-immune minions are killed with minions.

    So, here we have a guy who cant be Hexed, Polymorphed, Entombed, Mind Controlled(if anyone still remembers this card), and so on. And he has 5 attack and 9 health, which will kill or heavily damage several minions in most cases. He is enough to take down most 1-6 drops, and also have some health, that cant be finished off with pings/direct spells. So, he might kill few big ones.

    Now, let's see, which countermeasures people might have to get rid of him. First of all, paladins shouldnt take much effort to enroot him. They carry EqualityAldor Peacekeeper and/or HumilityStampending kodo or Book Wyrm. Anyfin-paladin can spend his Anyfin Can Happen(1st one), to invest 12 damage into him, if all nessessary murlocs have died by that time. However, if the paladin spends 2nd Anyfin, murlocs will have 8 attack, which means he cant just 1v1 trade with the legendary. He can consume 1-2 murlocs, saving you 8-16 life.
    Warlocks is an intersting one. If it is zoo, he can have real problems with killing Soggoth. It would take him double Power Overwhelming, which weren't spent by turn 9+,keep that in attention. Or chargers like Leeroy Jenkins, Doomguard, which are not enough my themselves, taking 3-4 damage worth of minions and buffs, or, in best caus efor us, his entire board. Reno variation  can use Twisting NetherLeeeroy jenkinsFaceless Manipulator combo(hah, just realised, he would just copy your Soggoth with it). Another powerful way is Sylvanas WindrunnerPower Overwhelming or Shadowflame. In that cause he will be your problem, not warlock's.
    If hunter doesnt have Deadly Shot, which lands on Soggoth the Slitherer, or Savannah Highmane, while Tundra Rhino is on board(count, how often you see this scenarion. I cant remember more than 3 times), he will have real issues. Or have Sylvanas WindrunnerFiery BatKill Command to roll the chance to get your taunt.
    Priests dont have much to do, but Pint-Size PotionShadow word; horror, and any cards that can interract with 3 attack minions. Or he will waste both potions to steal it, but it will require both of them in hand + a toll to steal past turn 9, which should be a rare case as well.  Oh, Sylvanas WindrunnerShadow Word: Death. Still a 2 card combo, which he might not have.
    Other classes should have real troubles with Soggoth the Slitherer, except warrior with enraged Grommash Hellscream.
    Moreover, the only popular neutral threat that can deal with Soggoth is Sylvanas Windrunner, as even Ragnaros the Firelord cant kill it, leaving on 1 hp, which should be ended with a minion sacrifice.There is also The Black Knight, but now he is VERY uncommon. Like, you may meet him once per 20-30 matches, but everything may change after Gadgetzan's taunt fiesta.

    Nowadays the only deck that use him are Astral Communion-ramp druid and some warriors. Very rarely anybody else, but might be. What is more, warrior with his "BUFF STUFF +x/+x, give your taunt even more heaviness" can utilize Soggoth really well, as the healthier Soggy is, the more minions it will consume to die. Same goes for Grimy Goons faction in general.

    So, to finish the line, I can say that this legendary is interesting. It can be Overpowered, it can be underpowered, everything is considered by situation he is palyed into. All in all, he is a sticky guy to be faced against, and can cause some unfavourable trades for your opponent, or will give you a chance to clear the board, if enemy chooses not to run his boys into it. Does he worth crafting? I dont think so. Only in case of you liking it badly, or wanting to try some heavy-lategame-oriented control deck, or just want to craft one of the missing leegndaries for your collection. Does he worth dusting. Same, i dont think so. Ask yourself, whether you want him to be in your collection, or in your deck(s). If not, or if you need dust to finish a legendary/deck you want - well, you can dust it, at your own farewell.

    If you've enjoyed reading this review, follow me in my profile to stay tuned and check out my other observations(Links):

    The Expert Set:

    Neutral legendaries: OnyxiaBaron GeddonMalygosDeathwing | Bloodmage Thalnos | Cairne Bloodhoof | Leeroy JenkinsHarrison Jones |Sylvanas | Ysera | Ragnaros | Alexstrasza | The Black Knight 

    Class ones: Al'Akir the Windlord | King KrushCenarius Edwin VanCleef | Archmage Antonidas | Tirion Fordring | Jaraxxus |  Prophet Velen[Remastered in 26.10.2016] |Grommash Hellscream 

     The Whispers of the Old Gods Set:

    Neutral legendaries: N'Zoth | Soggoth

    Other Sets:

    Kel'Thuzad | Arch-Thief Rafaam

    My forum thread(Link)

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    Stand against murlocs.

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