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    posted a message on The nice thing about Rez Priest...

    Playing against Rez Priest is a pain in the ass, and I think the Heroic bosses would agree!

    I just beat the 4 explorers, they're super hard bc they keep tranforming the board into murlocs and it fills their hand with 0 mana murlocs. But I had 4 fully charged Lesser Diamond Spellstone(with shadow visions). They don't get countered by murlocs because the spellstone summons 4 "different" minions. So anyways, I started blasting them with the Kel Thuzads and Khartuts, whenever he cleared I played another spellstone, until they died 

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    posted a message on Did you like the "old" style of choosing buckets of cards in an Adventure?

    I really like that they went back to the old style. Maybe I'm biased because I started Hearthstone buying Blackrock and Naxx, but I prefer the old style adventures. Also in the Story Mode/Normal Mode you never really needed to create a new deck anyways, because it's too easy, so I like that they let you have pre-made decks with crazy heroes for those, while letting you create a deck for Heroic!

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    posted a message on Tombs of Terror Solo Adventure Release - Chapters 1 and 2 Today! With FAQ!

    8 bosses per adventure is really tiring, also the bosses have to be super generic since you can't build a deck specifically to fight them


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    posted a message on The Burndown - Tavern Brawl #215

    WOW this brawl is such a good idea and so fun! Even if you lose to an OP deck you'll get to play with that deck right after!

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer

    Yeah, new adventure is a big let-down! I don't think the value is bad, but having to fight 8 random bosses with very little creativity put into them is quite disappointing(I think the Kobolds Dungeon Run was great, but after 4 expansions with the same thing it's getting annoying). I miss the crazy bosses we had back in the actual Adventure days!

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    posted a message on Brawl Block: Old and New Is This Week's Tavern Brawl - Deckbuilding From 4 Expacs

     I have been asking since the beginning for a Nostalgic brawl with only older sets. I guess this is close enough! Awesome!

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    Currently 0% winrate with this, and for all my opponents too when I’m playing any other deck lol

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    posted a message on Crackling Doom

    WTF is this card? I just saw it in a Kripp video and I've played this game for 3 years and had never seen it before!

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    posted a message on Discuss the Nerf - Innervate

    This was the WORST CHANGE POSSIBLE. Not only does druid have many more problematic cards, the card didn't need to be turned absolutely unplayable(there were many possible nerfs). Also, now we have two Hearthstone cards that do the EXACT SAME THING(Counterfeit Coin and Innervate). If it wasn't enough, didn't Blizzard just say they didn't want to nerf basic cards, so that's why they created the Hall Of Fame?

    This is oficially the worst change in the history of Hearthstone

    BTW, there might be a druid card that clearly isn't balanced and can be easily nerfed without being turned unplayable, as it has many effects. Oh I forgot, this would mean 800 free dust for the players! We can't let that happen!

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    posted a message on Ragnaros Fire Festival Best deck so far!!!

    Yeah I forgot about the Voidcaller! I guess Mal'Ganis would be really good, too bad I don't have him. I had a lot of success with the normal Zoo list and the burst usually helps a lot

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