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    Quote from Tanadiel17 >>

    Guys which quest better to craft? Warrior or druid?

     Warrior quest seems like it has a wider range of decks that you can create around it.

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    You could consider Venomous Scorpid for more card generation. Barak is a super safe craft though if you enjoy playing Hunter. He's an incredible card-draw option for the class which lacks card draw.

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    Okay, that last question wasn't a great one because Odd Mage focuses a lot on Hero Power synergies. This deck does not, however. I will certainly consider Tour Guide as an inclusion once the set releases.

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    Loot Hoarder seems like it may be a little slow. It's (typically) outclassed as a card draw option these days and this list already features a good deal of draw/card generation.

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    The majority of these just need a cost adjustment. 

    Cho'gall could possibly read: "Battlecry: For the rest of the game, your spells cost Health instead of Mana." A little scary. May need a cost boost but a way better effect.

    A couple ideas for Sherazin (all of which keep the dormant effect):

    -"Revive when you play 3 cards in a turn."

    -"Revive once you've played 4 cards."

    -"Revive once either player plays 4 cards in a turn."

    -"Revive once your opponent plays 3 cards in a turn."

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    Yeah, this card seems insane. 

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    The post by Blizzard clearly states why the cards were nerfed. The meta is very balanced right now, but the playstyle of certain decks is not generally fun to play against. Sorry if you like playing 15-20 minute games back to back to back, but not everyone does. And that isn't a bad thing or a reason to insult someone. Clearly, Blizzard wanted to fix this in preparation for the upcoming expansion and also to stop the significant amount of Turn-1 concedes against priest. This was happening in winnable matchups, seemingly because players did not want to even participate against the class. If they can do something to stop people from not playing their game, that's a good thing.

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    But Fireheart is one of the best Shaman cards currently. If you have an interest in playing Shaman it's not a bad craft at all.

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    I moved to a faster list after a couple of games trying to include this many elementals. I think with Primal Dungeoneer you'd like the draw results to be more consistent. Having a lot of elementals, you may draw one that isn't helpful at certain points of the game when you need it. How is this list doing against Control? I've been having a bit of trouble beating Control Warriors. Maybe take a look at the list I just posted on my profile. It's an aggro-Doomhammer lineup like you mentioned.

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