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    posted a message on Patch 28.6.2 - Balance Changes Preview - Constructed & BGs - Coming Thursday!

    Was hoping for a paly nerf.
    A highlander warrior nerf would be nice too.

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    posted a message on Highlander Warrior is overpowered?

    Anyone else finding the new highlander Warrior too unbeatable? 

    Yes, I’m a control priest and this is meant to be a bad matchup. But it feels the moment they have Brann (permanent battlecry) and Astalor… I’m a goner since I can’t kill them by turn 10.

    Any other classes finding highlander warrior too overpowered, or is it a cakewalk for Aggro?

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    posted a message on Mini-Set Meta First Impressions?

    I like subtle abnormalities that are fair to everyone.
    - golden card (duh)
    - 1 mana hero power

    But there are some abnormalities that can be detrimental to specific builds
    - Card reshuffling can drastically the chance of combo builds looking for their win condition card (eg. Sif).
    - Having the 1 attack each turn is advantageous against paladins with their divine shields and 1 health minions.
    - Having a minion dominated build benefits from the +1 health to minion per turn.
    - Having a 1st spell cost 1 mana less is welcomed only by mage and other spell classes.
    And so on.

    Good thing the abnormalies will be gone soon, looking fwd to a more "normal game".

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    posted a message on Mini-Set Meta First Impressions?

    How's the mini-set meta so far?

    My impressions...
    1) Anamolies too random for my liking. 
    2) Hunter new cards seem good, they get really aggressive on me now.

    Which are the classes that benefitted most from the mini-set, based on your actual encounters? =)

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    posted a message on How to counter Sif?

    Thanks for all the suggestions, Guys!
    Good point on the "just gotta accept this is one of those bad matchups", and "tech cards will come at the expense of fighting other builds".

    I guess I will live with it, or add 2 Plaguespreaders.


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    posted a message on How to counter Sif?

    I'm running a control priest, and realised I always struggle against mage, because of Sif.

    (Was hoping that Sif will be nerfed in the next patch, but oh well)

    Till that happens, are there any other useful tech cards other than dirty rats?
    Thanks. =)

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    posted a message on Minion Control Priest

    Very refreshing deck.
    I replaced The Stars Aligned with Snapdragon - adds +1/+1 to battlecry guys in deck.
    This way I don't get headaches when I see The Stars Aligned with Ra-den in my hand. (cries)

    I also remove the AOEs for shadow spells just to accommodate my shadow priest play-style - I know it's a bad decision, but II'm a hardcore shadow priest. Still trying this out in diamond 3.

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    posted a message on Why there is so much hate on Mercenary mode or on Hearthstone in general?

    To excel with this game, you either need
    - MORE TIME (to grind)
    - or MORE MONEY (to skip the grinding)

    So people without the privilege of having both resources, will naturally feel a bit disadvantaged.
    It's no one's fault - we all know developers can't work for free, and stockholders need to see increase value in their investments.

    But whining is easy. And it's the easy way out to call names, and say those who can make more money is "greedy, selfish, exploiting".

    It's an endless debate where no one wins.
    So just ignore the politics, and focus on having fun (with the limitations).

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