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    posted a message on Mercenaries - Your Mythic Boss Impressions?

    The scaling seems linearly proportional to me, at least for those I tried, though the required reown cost goes up exponentially.

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    What are your impressions on the new Mythic Boss mode?

    My thoughts
    1) It's cool to be able to do further upgrades using reown... but I didn't save up my reowns previously, used it recklessly to max up other character skills (just for completeness). =X
    2) The BIG issue I dislike about this new upgrade is that there is no undo button. 
    I used up ALL the reowns to power up my nature team... but it would be cool if I can undo in future and power a fire team or something.
    3) There are characters that are outrageously strong.
    One example is Bruken... just maximise the lightning bolt skill and lightning bolt equipment. And hope to get a lightning bolt hit neighbour upgrade.
    4) The mythic fights are ok, but there's no replay value... fighting the same mythic boss stage again gives you like... 2 reowns?
    5) All in all, it was fun for a while, but it gets boring fast.

    So ya, I guessed it's time to quit this mode. 
    What about you? Your thoughts, or any strong teams you created?

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    posted a message on Every patch makes the game just worse

    I agree more can be done, but why do you think this patch made it worse (and not less worse)?

    I’m enjoying this patch (at least day 1) a lot better personally.

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    posted a message on Unable to win with beast hunter

    Post your deck here maybe?

    Perhaps some tweak suggestions to suit the meta?

    What are your biggest loss to with this deck?

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    posted a message on Why there is so much hate on Mercenary mode or on Hearthstone in general?

    To excel with this game, you either need
    - MORE TIME (to grind)
    - or MORE MONEY (to skip the grinding)

    So people without the privilege of having both resources, will naturally feel a bit disadvantaged.
    It's no one's fault - we all know developers can't work for free, and stockholders need to see increase value in their investments.

    But whining is easy. And it's the easy way out to call names, and say those who can make more money is "greedy, selfish, exploiting".

    It's an endless debate where no one wins.
    So just ignore the politics, and focus on having fun (with the limitations).

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    posted a message on Priest Players - Renew nerfs & questions

    Dear Priest Friends,
    the nerfs to renew are happening, and I'm trying to get opinion.
    And let's keep this thread constructive - the nerfs are happening, like it or not. =)

    I am mostly playing against all odd priest.

    1) Are you keeping renew after the nerfs? If not, what are you changing it with?
    2) Are you keeping wandmaker after the nerfs? If not, what are you changing it with?
    3) With lesser mirror matches, I'm thinking of taking out scoundrel too? They seem like a liability seems games are getting shorter, and we deal more with aggro decks. Thinking what I should change it with?
    4) Are there any specific counter cards for shaman after the nerfs? Get an ooze maybe?

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    posted a message on Do you read books?

    I set aside an hour a day for reading... just to be sure I'm not on Hearthstone too much. Have 3 kids and a startup to juggle... so reading kind of takes my mind off the hectic work.

    I read non-fiction books. So the books I'm reading are kinda of boring to most people. "Company of One" and "Profit First".

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