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    Quote from MechBearCat >>

    DH has currently not a single tier 1/2 deck. Not in standard, not even in wild. For months now.

    And the only competetive DH deck in wild that *sometimes* hits tier 2 (Odd Demon Hunter) doesn't even use the Inquisitor.

    What am I getting at? That a card shouldn't be viewed on its own. It's a class card in a class it sees little use in, and when it's used then in decks that are inferior in the meta. When they manage to deliver a effective Control DH we can talk again, but as it's stands the Inquisitor is an OP card stuck in the wrong class.



    Lol what? Dh has 1-2 tier 1-2 decks in standard at the moment. And it's played 2x in every dh deck that isn't OTK (which is not tier 1 or 2). Are you trolling?

    That being said, despite my last 12-1 arena run that was carried heavily by Inquisitor/N'Zoth, and its high potential with several mana reductions in the class and N'Zoth resurrection, I would consider it a card that is still not overpowered. I wouldn't mind it becoming a legendary, though.

    We should rather talk about the 3 mana 2/5 elemental from shaman at this point, if we talk about any standard nerfs at all right now.

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    posted a message on New Cards, Old and Tired Decks. Rinse and Repeat. I give up. The players playing this game are mindless robots not humans.

    It's day 3 of a MINI(!)-set release. What the heck did you expect to happen when 30 cards are released? Every class got access to what...8 cards or something? What do you expect from a game where the entire meta has been either aggro or mana cheating? What do you expect from a large community and a small card pool? That's exactly what happens all the time.

    That being said, Shaman climbed from rank 10 to rank 2 in hsreplay. I have even met 3 different shaman decks since WC released and I didn't even know the class existed. Is that enough of a change for you? Of course, people play the most aggro deck right after set release when others experiment. It's called incresing your winrate.

    You shouldn't doubt other people's intelligence and at the same time display complete saltiness for no reason.

    I always tell people to take a break from the game because I know first hand that that's the best thing to do when you are as salty as you are. You should try that.

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    posted a message on "It is an honor, Lord Illidan"

    I played "Amaz" in EU once...lol

    The best-known player I played against and noticed it was probably Shadybunny in arena. Was at 9-2 and I scammed him out of his run with randomly created Survival of the FIttest, Nourish and the like. Went 12-2 with the deck as well. Pretty good day.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Mutanus the Devourer
    Quote from fusilli >>

    Honestly, for the decks I play? It's very, very scary. Realistically, though, will see next to no play (bear in mind that you often don't get to T9 in STD at the moment). Bad type of RNG (oh, you whiffed? game over. You hit? You win) in control matchups, and against combo decks with multiple minions. Primarily powerful in control/combo MUs for post-Taelan.

    If a meta that's control/combo heavy arises in STD? This will be played. Otherwise, it's a tech card that doesn't fit the meta.


    Far too slow for WIld.

     I absolutely agree with this (at the moment).

    However, you have to think about the implications of this card.

    1) Your opponent will (usually) know that this card is in your deck (meta netdecks are usually known to halfway decent players in HS), unless you created it randomly. This will certainly have an influence on their decisions and thus, your potential plays. If they only have a big finisher and a control tool like Xyrella in hand, for instance, you could just bait out the Xyrella by slightly over-committing and then eat the win condition, for instance.

    2) If the meta ever changes to a slower HS, and especially if spell mage ever rotates out of the meta, this thing becomes interesting because it is often a 2 for 1. In the worst case scenario, you eat, let's say a 1/1 or 1/2 from your opponent's hand, so this is a 5/5-5/6 that destroys a card in their hand (which might have a strong Battlecry/Deathrattle btw). The 5/5-5/6 body isn't particularly great, but it still requires some kind of answer. In a best case scenario, this thing eats whatever your Taelan drew (let's say an 8/8 Alex) and becomes a very relevant 12/12 threat that requires at least a hard removal to be dealt with. So this is by no means a bad card in a vacuum, but as others have said, this is pretty slow for standard right now.

    The wild memes with Brann, Shudderwock or shaman quest will be glorious, but then again, paying 7 mana for this seems way too weak if you compare this to other "high"-cost cards in wild. Secret Mage just laughs about this anyway and burns your butt.

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    posted a message on Idea: Draw card at END of turn
    Quote from thebitterfig >>

    I think the benefits are slim (much of a turn can be planned ahead of time anyhow), but there's a few small flaws.

    • You miss a reasonably good signal that your turn is beginning.  I think it's kinda nice to have that process, and it might be easier to AFK through the first little bit of a turn without it.
    • Turn 1 is either disadvantaged since they don't start with a draw, but starting with an extra card in hand probably means +1 card to mulligan, and that might make a difference.
    • Mindrender Illucia and Toggwaggle and other sorts of hand or deck swap things could be a bit more awkward.
    • One niche issue is that it makes stream sniping even more powerful, since the sniper could now play around what would have been topdecked.

    None of those are that bad, but the more I think about it, I don't like it, because of one thing: it kills the thrill of the topdeck.  End-of-Turn draw means you'll have that answer already in hand, and maybe your opponent plays into it, maybe they don't.  It's not quite as exciting.  But there's a thrill of knowing "there's only one card in my deck that can answer this," having the Start-of-Turn draw, and getting the answer.  Losing that source of excitement probably hurts the fun, even if it doesn't really make a big competitive difference.

    Starting a turn with "One time, Fireball off the top!" is more fun than ending a turn with "Drew Fireball, so if they don't heal they're roasted."  One is a feeling of getting lucky (or not).  The other is either inevitability or disappointment.

     My grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards...

    Anyway, I agree with this and am against OP's suggestion as a result. What could be interesting, though, is that some cards could be nerfed to "draw X at the end of your turn", e.g. like Swindle. This could be an option to nerf immediate card draw.

    Good players already plan ahead on their turn/during the opponent's turn and only adapt their plans if they draw a better option. Honestly, it's a skill to re-evaluate a situation after your initial draw and change plans accordingly.

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    posted a message on Standard is unplayable because of Priest
    Quote from eskimodavid >>

    There are not reliable tempo decks to keep them in check/kill before 10.

     I don't play much constructed at the moment, but even I know that this is simply not true.

    Is hitting your opponent to death in the first 5-6 turns by completely ignoring everything they do more enjoyable to you than longer, more complicated games? Fair enough, but not imo.

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    posted a message on Patch notes released

    Except for Crabrider, none of these nerfs is actually relevant imo. The nerf to Hysteria is a freaking joke.

    1st Day of School is not even a real nerf actually. Paladin will still win everything in standard and it's boring, shaman still sucks, Frenzy still sucks. And Refreshing Spring Water is still way too good in spell mage. Hunter has received no changes at all?

    The buffs are mostly irrelevant. BG might become a little less one-sided, but that's it.

    On a sidenote: WIld and Duels are close to unplayable right now in higher ranks, but who at Blizzard cares anyway.

    Just my two cents.

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    I don't know about you guys, but I will probably take a break from the game for a year or so.

    What the heck is this?

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    posted a message on Refreshing spring water in comparison with Pot of Greed ban.

    I still think that the card should say "refresh 1 mana per spell drawn". By doing that, it becomes a 2-mana draw 2 in spell mage, which is totally reasonable, if no Incanter's Flow was played. You also aren't gaining mana unless you discovered a 3rd Flow.

    The comparison with Pot of Greed is obviously not the best way to go about it because Pot of Greed is playable on turn 1 and YGO game mechanics/tempo work different to HS. You could, for instance, play 3 Magicians of Faith and have access to a total of 6 Pot of Greeds by turn 4 with no banned/limited lists whatsoever (no rng needed).

    I only use PoG as ironic comparison to express the brokenness and lack of mana cost of Spring Water (or cards like Cutting Glass).

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    posted a message on The only Nerf required: Remove Discover asap!

    Well, Paladin has Kazakus if that counts.

    Anyway, it's not just Paladin. Warrior and Hunter are the next classes in terms of overall winrate and they have almost no discover as well.

    The situation is pretty much the same in wild, with secret mage and murloc shaman instead of Warrior and Hunter.

    OP probably just met a Priest or something. They are right, though, when they say that the pool of discovers has been much worse in the past.

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