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    Quote from MechBearCat >>

    DH has currently not a single tier 1/2 deck. Not in standard, not even in wild. For months now.

    And the only competetive DH deck in wild that *sometimes* hits tier 2 (Odd Demon Hunter) doesn't even use the Inquisitor.

    What am I getting at? That a card shouldn't be viewed on its own. It's a class card in a class it sees little use in, and when it's used then in decks that are inferior in the meta. When they manage to deliver a effective Control DH we can talk again, but as it's stands the Inquisitor is an OP card stuck in the wrong class.



    Lol what? Dh has 1-2 tier 1-2 decks in standard at the moment. And it's played 2x in every dh deck that isn't OTK (which is not tier 1 or 2). Are you trolling?

    That being said, despite my last 12-1 arena run that was carried heavily by Inquisitor/N'Zoth, and its high potential with several mana reductions in the class and N'Zoth resurrection, I would consider it a card that is still not overpowered. I wouldn't mind it becoming a legendary, though.

    We should rather talk about the 3 mana 2/5 elemental from shaman at this point, if we talk about any standard nerfs at all right now.

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    posted a message on New Cards, Old and Tired Decks. Rinse and Repeat. I give up. The players playing this game are mindless robots not humans.
    Quote from SpaceTimeDream >>
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>
    Quote from SpaceTimeDream >>
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>


    Why can't you understand that you're not alone in this world and everyone has his own idea of what fun means ?

    Also, you blame people for not giving a shit about deck building, but your type of people doesn't strike me as particularly good deck builder. You're that guy who never plays or builds aggro decks because they require no skill, and that guy who never plays or builds T1-T2 decks because they are too popular, right ? 

    Last but not least, please show me a deck you've built that you consider not "copy and paste", and I will prove you wrong.

     Because the only way to have fun is to WIN with a GOOD DECK right? I want to win or lose with my shitty/"good" deck while playing against more than 3 decks played by what essentially 3 different mindless drones. I have my own fun when I lose or win. Do you have a problem with the way I have fun?

    If the only way to have fun is to WIN then half the player base would quit after losing.

     I don't care about the way you have fun, go ahead and play your shit T5 homebrew I will gladly crush it with my T2 homebrew, you're the one with a problem here. I never said the only way to have fun is to win with a good deck. Make up whatever story you like to feel better about your selfishness but do not pretend that I told you the story.

    All I'm saying is you shouldn't care about how I enjoy the game, and I shouldn't and certainly won't care about how you enjoy the game. It is for everyone and if the majority says "I want to netdeck to win more games", then you're going to face a majority of netdecks, and it's fine, and these people aren't intellectually inferior to you.

    Now as I said, please show me one of your homebrew decks, I'll show you 1000 other people that have had the same idea for a deck and that you're nothing more than another robot.

     There are about 23.5 million players in Hearthstone of course there will be 1000 players that share my deck idea. The question and problem is, why are they only 1000 players and where are they??? do I need to face 1000 Netdeck Paladin and 1000 Netdeck Mage to finally find someone with a semi unique deck idea?

     This is the most "entitled kiddo" thing I read in a while. As if random players on the Internet are just here for your entertainment. Should we all just stop playing strong decks, just so you can have your fun?

    I have seen aggro shaman, elemental spell damage shaman, evolve shaman (wtf, why?), beast druid, freeze mage, stronger versions of ctrl warrior/dr dh and so on. I really can't see your problem.

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    posted a message on New Cards, Old and Tired Decks. Rinse and Repeat. I give up. The players playing this game are mindless robots not humans.

    It's day 3 of a MINI(!)-set release. What the heck did you expect to happen when 30 cards are released? Every class got access to what...8 cards or something? What do you expect from a game where the entire meta has been either aggro or mana cheating? What do you expect from a large community and a small card pool? That's exactly what happens all the time.

    That being said, Shaman climbed from rank 10 to rank 2 in hsreplay. I have even met 3 different shaman decks since WC released and I didn't even know the class existed. Is that enough of a change for you? Of course, people play the most aggro deck right after set release when others experiment. It's called incresing your winrate.

    You shouldn't doubt other people's intelligence and at the same time display complete saltiness for no reason.

    I always tell people to take a break from the game because I know first hand that that's the best thing to do when you are as salty as you are. You should try that.

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    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    How can anyone think that Paladin got cool stuff? The secret is hot garbage, you attack with your 1/2 or 2/1 and it turns it into 1/1, the easiest secret to play around imo.

     The new secret is really good against Rush Warrior and a Noble Sacrifice is a hard removal in combination with it. Seemed good in my testing so far, and I am just playing a crappy achievement version of the secret deck. Also good with Pen Flinger to clear the minion and it kind of heals you when your opponent wants to hit face.

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    Yeah, I download the update right now (also EU)

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    posted a message on "It is an honor, Lord Illidan"

    I played "Amaz" in EU once...lol

    The best-known player I played against and noticed it was probably Shadybunny in arena. Was at 9-2 and I scammed him out of his run with randomly created Survival of the FIttest, Nourish and the like. Went 12-2 with the deck as well. Pretty good day.

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    Demon Hunter looks nice with support for deathrattle and big demons/sigil. I will probably try big demons control dh with sigils at some point.

    Druid gets the best cards imo. Lady Anacondra will be part of some kind of celestial list 100%, Dreadfang is really strong, especially since we now have several cards that can reduce its cost.

    Hunter: Really not sure what to make with these. The bow could be a taunt killer in aggro hunter, but I don't see anything valuable here outside of that.

    Mage: Floecatser and Shattering Blast are scary good. 0-mana 5/5s really don't need much more win condition in a class that has a lot of random generation and burst, just ask secret mage players in wild. That being said, spell mage will probably stay more common. I also don't have that much hope for freeze mage, but these cards are dangerous.

    Paladin: Secret is crazy good, the new weapon is also prett busted, but won't see play because of the secret-weapon. Party Up! is too slow.

    Priest: Devout Dungeoneer is actually not a bad card. Cost reduction and draw is really strong, be aware of this card. Against All Odds will wreck many people who underestimate the board clear. There is Wave of Apathy in standard after all, so get ready to get your minions' attacks reduced and get them killed or stolen afterwards. Contro priest is here to stay. Cleric of An'she is also not a terrible card in a heal priest. A bit slow if you can't heal efficiently, but 1 mana draw cards are basically always played.

    Rogue: Water Moccasin is just a worse Venomous Scorpid, so nope. Shroud is interesting, but I can't see a deck right now, Savory Deviate Delight is questionnable, but I will meme it. Could be interesting in wild, though.

    Shaman: Primal Dungeoneer is a 10/10, Perpetual Flame is a really nasty card. Scary! Wailing Vapor is also pretty good. I am not sure where shaman is going, except for Doomhammer, but these three cards have a lot of punch.

    Warlock: Unstable Shadow Blast is actually not a bad card, but the lack of synergy will likely result in it not being played over the soul package. Final Grasp is ok, but not great. Stealer of Souls is actually a really interesting card. It doesn't have a home right now, but any targeted draw is really insane with this. Taelan comes to mind.

    Warrior: Man-at-Arms would be interesting if tempo warrior with early weapons existed. The same is true for Whetstone weapon guy, Kresh is very strong, the 9 health means that its frenzy trigger very likely. Also, frenzy control warrior seems like an option suddenly.

    Mutanus: Interesting...very very interesting, if the meta gets slow enough. Imo most likely a priest card.

    Naralex: WIll probably be the most played card of the mini set. Every midrange or control deck wants to have this card.

    Ectoplasm: Arena card, maybe in deathrattle dh, but questionnable even there tbh.

    Sidekick: Gorehowl? Anything else in standard?

    Meeting Stone: Not a bad card in the early game, but probably too weak later to see much competitive play.

    This set and the nerfs will have an impact on the meta, even if it's not a big one. Some decks will certainly arise or get stronger from it. Be aware of control priests, big dh, and druids. There is only hope left for shaman.

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    posted a message on Wow - Miracle/Secret Rogue is so bad.... what a let down.

    I know it's no sample size, but I am currently 11-6 (65%) with the secret rogue version in D10-D5. Seems ok to me. Not paladin levels of insanity, but the deck felt fine most of the time. Also one loss against actual miracle rogue, so that deck seems fine, too.

    My results against huntard, mage, and paladin are 2-0, 3-1, and 1-1, so yeah, 0% winrate obv.

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    Wild and 9 mana... I like memes, too.

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    posted a message on Core set buffs i'd like to see
    Deathwing: If you remove the discard part, you could just build a control deck with very few minions/minion generation and then Raise Dead/Shadowstep, or whatever copy cards you have in your class to clear the board again...and again...and again...and again. Deathwing Priest would easily be tier 1 because you can heal out of any crap except for OTK decks, which don't really work right now.

    King Krush: The only reason to play midrange hunter over aggro hunter is Savannah Highmane at this point and Blizzard clearly wants to push the more aggro playstyle. They added Quick Shot and removed Animal Companion/Eaglehorn Bow from core set. You should get the hint. Also, King Krush is definitely not the reason why midrange hunter doesn't work. You would rather change Highmane to a 4 mana 5/4 or something. Also, Highmane sucks as long as we have cards like 1-mana transform spells or Apexis Blast. And the comparison to Inquisitor is just wrong. There is so much copy and play from your hand support for King Krush and the two cards work very differently, even though people don't seem to get that. Buffing its attack even further, as someone suggested, is also not a great idea. It would only promote OTK hunter with the summon 3 beasts from your hand legendary. That deck would still suck, though, because it is too inconsistent and hunter lacks control tools.

    Grommash: Should not be changed + we have enough high-cost warrior minions that are stronger. Grommash is an OTK tool and nothing more.

    Natalie Seline: Should rather be a 6 mana 6/1 to be even considered.

    Gorehowl: As if +1 attack would be enough to make this card playable in standard. Pointless change. If anything, give it Summon: Gain 10 Armor.

    Ancient of War: Would still see no play. Whatever.

    Guardian of Kings: Sure, whatever.

    Dread Infernal: Funny how I recently met that card in Arena at 5-cost due to a Demonic Study. 5-mana 5/5 maybe, 5 mana 6/6 is very strong, but it would probably still see no play in today's warlock because the 1 damage has little impact and the card has almost no real synergies. Zoolock would rather play the Kazakus golem than this. Arena would be painful, though.

    Force of Nature: Would not change its viability in standard or wild, would make the card insane in Arena. There is a 6-mana card with Overload 2 that summons 4 Treants. That's how massive of a power creep your suggestion would be.

    Truesilver Champion: I get the new-player argument, but this change would be completely crazy for several reasons. Paladin would completely crap on any aggro list, the 4-attack is extremely relevant in today's meta and the lifegain would be so strong on that card that you would cut Kazakus and the libram weapon. Bonus: any weapon buff for paladin or the neutral set would be extremely scary. Definitely by far your worst idea. If anything, make it "gain 3 health" before your attack goes through, but that wouldn't make it playable. 3/2 with Lifesteal maybe. Remember the 2/3 Lifesteal weapon from dh? Sure, they have more attack buffs, but that card, at a baseline, needed 3 turns to heal for 6 and deal 2 thrice. 4/2 Lifesteal would be extremely scary and paladin is really the last class that needs another strong card.

    Dark Iron Dwarf: Neither of your changes makes this card playable in any format, especially not as long as Kazakus is around. Your buffs only increase its strength in Arena, where it is already fairly good. If we are talking about Arena, 5/4 is probably better.

    Fiery War Axe: There is a reason why this card is not 2 mana, but if you want to relive the dream, there is a 1-drop pirate that can help you out.

    Void Terror: If Flame Imp into Nerubian Egg into Void Terror is too weak for this meta, it probably is too weak with Taunt Terror as well. Also, you sometimes need to sacrifice a higher attack minion and Taunt is a terrible key word in that scenario because you want to protect your big attack Terror. That being said, maybe Rush would be too good?

    Warsong Commander: I don't think this change does anything positive to Patrons again, but a 2 mana permanent Rush-enabler with premium stats looks scary

    Shadowform should have never been changed back. I recently randomly created 2 and that felt really sad.

    Taskmaster and Dire Wolf Alpha could use a buff. I don't see a reason to not give them 1 more attack.

    Abusive Sergeant: Seems like a fine change at first glance. Aggro doesn't really need any help, though, and buffing any 1-drop will probably benefit 1st day of school paladins the most. So...no?

    Ritual of Doom: Adding "Draw a Card" to a 0-cost spell is dangerous. You could easily just play this to break any egg and draw a card for 0 mana. That seems extremely good, especially given that the community is mostly (and rightfully so) frustrated by low-cost card draw if you look at the threads.

    So yeah, not every core set card has to be good, and re-living the old zoolock days isn't a particularly appealing prospect. And I write that as someone who went legend for the first time with exactly that zoolock deck that you want to push into standard.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Mutanus the Devourer

    As much as I want to like the card, discard is not premium for 7 mana. If the card had Taunt, this would be extremely interesting. If spell mage and druid didn't exist, maybe a little more so.

    The meta is not yet there for it to shine. The only time this will be really crazy is when your minion pool has less than 3 minions and you can Raise Dead 2 more copies in slow control MUs or with several back to the hand tricks like Shadowstep/Tenwu in rogue. That might be good enough so that your opponent can't counter-pressure or OTK you, or clear the murloc itself with minion trading.

    Removing one random minion from your opponent's hand without seeing the hand for 7 mana is quite weak, though. The body is not bad at all, but I feel like this should be a Discover effect or rather cost 5-6.

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    Quote from fusilli >>

    Honestly, for the decks I play? It's very, very scary. Realistically, though, will see next to no play (bear in mind that you often don't get to T9 in STD at the moment). Bad type of RNG (oh, you whiffed? game over. You hit? You win) in control matchups, and against combo decks with multiple minions. Primarily powerful in control/combo MUs for post-Taelan.

    If a meta that's control/combo heavy arises in STD? This will be played. Otherwise, it's a tech card that doesn't fit the meta.


    Far too slow for WIld.

     I absolutely agree with this (at the moment).

    However, you have to think about the implications of this card.

    1) Your opponent will (usually) know that this card is in your deck (meta netdecks are usually known to halfway decent players in HS), unless you created it randomly. This will certainly have an influence on their decisions and thus, your potential plays. If they only have a big finisher and a control tool like Xyrella in hand, for instance, you could just bait out the Xyrella by slightly over-committing and then eat the win condition, for instance.

    2) If the meta ever changes to a slower HS, and especially if spell mage ever rotates out of the meta, this thing becomes interesting because it is often a 2 for 1. In the worst case scenario, you eat, let's say a 1/1 or 1/2 from your opponent's hand, so this is a 5/5-5/6 that destroys a card in their hand (which might have a strong Battlecry/Deathrattle btw). The 5/5-5/6 body isn't particularly great, but it still requires some kind of answer. In a best case scenario, this thing eats whatever your Taelan drew (let's say an 8/8 Alex) and becomes a very relevant 12/12 threat that requires at least a hard removal to be dealt with. So this is by no means a bad card in a vacuum, but as others have said, this is pretty slow for standard right now.

    The wild memes with Brann, Shudderwock or shaman quest will be glorious, but then again, paying 7 mana for this seems way too weak if you compare this to other "high"-cost cards in wild. Secret Mage just laughs about this anyway and burns your butt.

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    posted a message on Idea: Draw card at END of turn
    Quote from thebitterfig >>

    I think the benefits are slim (much of a turn can be planned ahead of time anyhow), but there's a few small flaws.

    • You miss a reasonably good signal that your turn is beginning.  I think it's kinda nice to have that process, and it might be easier to AFK through the first little bit of a turn without it.
    • Turn 1 is either disadvantaged since they don't start with a draw, but starting with an extra card in hand probably means +1 card to mulligan, and that might make a difference.
    • Mindrender Illucia and Toggwaggle and other sorts of hand or deck swap things could be a bit more awkward.
    • One niche issue is that it makes stream sniping even more powerful, since the sniper could now play around what would have been topdecked.

    None of those are that bad, but the more I think about it, I don't like it, because of one thing: it kills the thrill of the topdeck.  End-of-Turn draw means you'll have that answer already in hand, and maybe your opponent plays into it, maybe they don't.  It's not quite as exciting.  But there's a thrill of knowing "there's only one card in my deck that can answer this," having the Start-of-Turn draw, and getting the answer.  Losing that source of excitement probably hurts the fun, even if it doesn't really make a big competitive difference.

    Starting a turn with "One time, Fireball off the top!" is more fun than ending a turn with "Drew Fireball, so if they don't heal they're roasted."  One is a feeling of getting lucky (or not).  The other is either inevitability or disappointment.

     My grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards...

    Anyway, I agree with this and am against OP's suggestion as a result. What could be interesting, though, is that some cards could be nerfed to "draw X at the end of your turn", e.g. like Swindle. This could be an option to nerf immediate card draw.

    Good players already plan ahead on their turn/during the opponent's turn and only adapt their plans if they draw a better option. Honestly, it's a skill to re-evaluate a situation after your initial draw and change plans accordingly.

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    posted a message on Standard is unplayable because of Priest
    Quote from eskimodavid >>

    There are not reliable tempo decks to keep them in check/kill before 10.

     I don't play much constructed at the moment, but even I know that this is simply not true.

    Is hitting your opponent to death in the first 5-6 turns by completely ignoring everything they do more enjoyable to you than longer, more complicated games? Fair enough, but not imo.

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.
    Quote from palamanian >>
    Quote from Toribasher >>

    The reason to play this game is simple.

    All games are a waste of time, but with the benefit of taking a break from reality.

    I play this one because it is in front of me, I am familiar with it, and is satisfactory.  I like the fact that it can be free to play if you do it right, which causes me to be a bit appreciative that I largely am a freeloader yet have every Tier 1 or Tier 2 deck I want.

    For others, there preferred waste of time might be League of Legends or Fortnite or Artifact (hehe) -- or watching cable.

    There is no superior "waste of time" to another.

    I mean you're not entirely wrong, sure there are better things one could do with their time. But that doesn't equal gaming to being a waste of time as a hobby. If I pick up my guitar and play it for an hour instead, is that a waste of time? We really need some clarification here as to what you deem not to be a waste of time and why. 

     I also kind of agree with Toribasher here, but I get your point, too.

    The difference between HS and playing guitar is that HS could just close for reasons beyond your control tomorrow and then all your HS skills don't matter anymore (unless, of course, you learned anything else from the game). It's a bit more unlikely that your guitar gets destroyed by something beyond your control and even if so, you can still replace it.

    Not to mention, guitars are a lot more attractive to most women:)

    But what people consider a waste of time is rather subjective. There are several hobbies out there that I would consider a waste of time, but people have even made millions of dollars with exactly that.

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