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    posted a message on New Warlock Spell - Void Contract

    Hard to imagine this seeing wide spread and regular play because of how bad it is against aggro, tempo and most midrange decks.

    It isn't even an auto win against combo decks as they might already have pieces in hand/in the rest of the deck.

    I imagine it will probably show up here and there though given combo decks have been very strong, could maybe be a strong tech card.

    Theoretically, this could also enable some disgusting combo deck, maybe one that uses fatigue.

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    posted a message on New Mage Minion - Pyromaniac

    Warlock seems to be getting a handbuff theme while Paladin is getting a spells theme. I wonder if mage will have a hero power theme?

    Seems decent in Odd Mage at least, as others have pointed out.

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    posted a message on New Priest Spell - Surrender to Madness

    This does seem very dependent on both the metagame and whether priest gets support for a tempo deck with cheap minions to buff.

    My suspicion is that this will be bad, but it could always be great.

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    posted a message on MC tech - the problem no one sees?

    I think MCtech is fairly balanced, but I do think it's not a particularly fun card and doesn't promote particularly balanced games.

    I would like to see it changed to do an effect that is a little less swingy, but still provide the functionality of a counter to going wide as I think that's a nice thing to have.

    Maybe giving itself a buff. Maybe drawing you cards.

    Compare to Spreading Plague. SP similarly punishes the opponent for having many minions, but the variance is linearly based on the number of minions, not based on a random draw of getting their best minion, which makes it more predictable and less annoying.

    It's not a big problem, but I think there may be room for a little improvement. Sylvanas was definitely worse. That doesn't mean MCtech is perfect either.

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    posted a message on New Hunter Spell - Baited Arrow
    Quote from KingSevault >>

    A 5/5 battlecry: deal 3 might not even see much play. This is absolute garbage

     What? Bull. That would be a slightly better fire elemental, and fire elemental is good.

    As far as how this card actually is, it seems roughly borderline playable to me.

    Compared to Flanking Strike- this is usually a deal 2 damage to a minion and get a 5/5, which does seem better. Of course, it costs 1 more and needs to actually kill a minion to get the devilsaur, but it can also deal 3 to the face to finish someone off, and can kill a dangerous 3 health minion in a pinch.

    I'd guess this is somewhat more likely to not see significant play than so, and it's never going to be an all star, but I'd give it a chance.

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    posted a message on Thoughts on Control Hunter

    Shallow Gravedigger doesn't seem good enough to include.

    Cloaked Huntress seems like a much better choice. Especially if you replace Grievous Bite with another secret which I think you probably should to capitalise on Professor Putricide and because Grievous Bite isn't very good. Snipe or Misdirection maybe.

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