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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Belligerent Gnome
    Quote from TheScot >

     I don't think you have faced off against (or played) Odd Paladin very much.

    If you wanted a neutral tech option against Odd Paladin, you'd rather run Fire Fly or Stonehill Defender than this.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Belligerent Gnome

    I think this is unplayable.

    1. Unplayable as a 1/4 taunt
      1. trades poorly
      2. aggressive decks gain board advantage through trading, so Taunt is worth little
    2. It is a good turn two play less than 50% of the time
      1. if you go first, you cannot play this on turn 2 unless your opponent has a rare double one-drop start with the coin
      2. If you go second, your opponent still needs to play a minion every one of his first two turns
        1. even aggressive decks like Odd Rogue do not do that
    3. very little value on any turn but turn 2
      1. Tar Creeper has better stats and can be coined out, this cannot
      2. dies to Mossy Horror, which is a popular tech card, because of Druids
      3. Taunt as a means of protecting your health total is worthless right now, because most strategies revolve around board centric incremental advantages
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    posted a message on How do I beat Druid with anything?
    Quote from thazud8D >>

    Mecha'thun priest is pretty great against them. You empty your deck faster than they can pull off any combos. 

     Indeed. Mecha'thun Priest wins by turn 10-11 on average. Queue BB_laughter_sample_no_3787.ogg when they try to stabilize with Last Word: Infestation on turn 10.

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    posted a message on This is the worst meta ever !

    I suggest stepping away from the thread for an hour, coming back later and then hoping there's not more responses to your embarassing outburst.

    1. Blizzard is not responsible for the decks that people come up with. They may nerf dominant strategies in about 2-3 months.

    2. Play a deck that gets on board early and buffs said board to close out the game to reduce the overall legend grind

    3. If that does not work out for you, record your matchups and pick decks that do well vs what you are facing. Make sure to have sufficient sample size.

    4. Ignore everything I said and use the salt thread as has already been recommended above

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    posted a message on New Priest Exodia deck FEATURING Mecha'thun, cha'thun, cha'thun, cha'thuuun

    Alright, after creating one for the rogues, here's a brand-new OTK deck for Priest.

    Wacky OTK
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    How does it work?

    Short answer: it doesn't.

    Long answer: it doesn't, but it's hilarious.

    1. use Pyro and Cleric combos to draw a ton of cards
    2. generate two coins through Gilded Gargoyle
      1. you can use one copy of Twilights Call if the opponent used a Silence effect
      2. you can guarantee your coins by playing the Gargoyles with one Reckless Experimenter
    3. keep drawing and playing cards until you have 12 mana in one turn
      1. combo pieces that you cannot play: Umbra, second Reckless Experimenter, Coffin Crasher, Mecha'Thun, Twilight's Call and Spirit Lash
    4. Umbra + Reckless Experimenter + Coffin Crasher (12 mana) with Mecha'Thun in your hand
    5. Umbra will trigger Coffin Crasher to summon Mecha'Thun from your hand
    6. Reckless Experimenter will trigger Mecha'Thun, killing it
    7. Play all of your remaining cards (including Anduin) except for Spirit Lash and 1-2 copies of Twilight's Call
    8. Play 1 Twilight's Call
      1. If you hit a Gilded Gargoyle: ping it with your hero power and use the Coin
    9. Play another Twilight's Call if you have it
      1. If you hit a Gilded Gargoyle: ping it with your hero power and use the Coin
    10. You should now have at least 2 mana remaining, since Twilight's Call does not summon duplicates
    11. Play Spirit Lash as your last card, killiing off your last 1/1s
    12. Wait for the opposing hero to explode and emote "Uncanny!"
    13. Emote "Uncanny!" again and concede in shame
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    posted a message on New OTK deck with new expansion

    I'm aware that the deck is meta dependant. I figured it might replace Shudderwock as a control killer. If all you're facing is Hunters, Odd Rogues and Paladins, better play something else.

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    posted a message on New OTK deck with new expansion
    Quote from Reskul >>

    Yep you’re right dude, you are not the only one,

    Check the deck I’ve created with an explanation just few minutes ago:

    [Boomsday] Malygos-Deathrattle Combo Rogue
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     That list is looking good

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    posted a message on New OTK deck with new expansion
    Quote from Echo_ >>

    I think that a deck like this could work out, maybe take a traditional miracle deck, gut out usual win conditions and put in Malygos, 1 Kobold Illusionist (I don't think that warlock card is going to be great, even if it does see play, then just run two) and finally, two Razorpetal Volleys. The burst is 24 damage and the initial Razorpetal Volley can even be used to activate Auctioneers earlier.

    Let me whip up a list real quick.

     I concur, that's basically what I had in mind as well. I think the Volley would be too slow though. Just the 2/2 minions from Un'goro should be sufficient.

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    posted a message on New OTK deck with new expansion

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw the potential of Necrium Blade.

    1) Get the weapon to 3/1 by attacking once
    2) Once you have Kobold Illusionist, Malygos and a lot of spells in your hand, you can start going off
    3) Play Kobold Illusionist and attack with the weapon, summoning Malygos for 4 mana
    4) Play Eviscerates (9 damage each), Razor Petals (6 damage each) or Sinister Strikes (8 damage each)

    If you don't have enough spells yet, you can also get more with Valeera. WIth the amazing draw Rogue has (Minstrel to draw your combo minions reliably) you can OTK control decks starting at turn 10 and Warlock, Rogue and Paladin decks even sooner, depending on how much damage they took from weapons and tapping. Also depending on how many "Moonfires" you can generate and depending on whether you run Sinister Strikes or not, you won't have a lot of dead cards in your hand either. It's basically just Illusionist and Malgyos. Everything else is playable.

    What do you guys think? The deck might not be as resilient as Shudderwock, but it should beat Shudderwock and other control decks pretty easily. If you fill the empty slots with generally good tempo cards you might be able to reduce the amount of burst you need. And you could also switch to a more controlling style by using your combo on something like Fan of Knives which turns into a beastly AoE combo if you have to.

    So far I'm not convinced that Warlock's new tech "option" really does anything. Against this deck it could still transform the Kobold Illusionist instead of Malygos giving you a 50/50 chance to still pull off the combo later. And I doubt that Warlocks would run two of these, because the spell doesn't come with a body and it might transform their Rin or other useful minions.

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    posted a message on Hadronox Counter being Warlock ?

    if they don't get lucky with Army of the Dead off of Lichking, you can beat the deck with 2x Psychic Scream Benedictus Priest. Psychic Scream is also good against Paladins with all their Silver Hand Recruits. I'm playing Odd Priest, so I don't even have access to Shadow Visions, which would probably make the matchup even more one-sided.

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    posted a message on [Guide] Alternative Way to Get Nemsy Home Alone (no Nox)

    So, you're cheating to get a skin and you're advertising your way of doing so by explicitly not using the most popular cheating method that beats yours in efficency ten-fold.


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    posted a message on Suggestion: fast paced mode

    This idea is bad. A separate game mode would segregate the player base, leading to longer queue times in the best case and poor match quality in the worst case.


    Riot tried something like that with League of Legends, when they introduced Flex Queue. Since everyone was playing regular Solo Queue instead, they had to remove it and incorporate both queues into one game mode. They also removed entire game modes, so more people would flock to the most popular queue (Summoner's Rift).

    If Riot is smart enough to avoid something like that, I'm sure Blizzard is as well. The company isn't known to take risks after all (to put it mildly).

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    posted a message on This is bizarre, how does big priest even function?

    Not much to be said here. If you are playing a Barnes deck, you have to mulligan every single card in your hand that is not Barnes. Maybe you were keeping Frostbolt or Primordial Glyph in your opening hand. Everything else is RNG and complaining about that is a worthless effort.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Mountainfire Armor
    Quote from Nawasty >>

    I play aggro ? I'm just going to ignore it and you'll never get the armor.

    I play control? I'll give you the armor sure, but I really don't care.

     Sure, let me stomp your totems for free or make sure that your Southsea Captains, buffed Bloodsail Raiders, Frothing Berserkers etc never get any value. You'd better have a lot of taunts to ignore this bad boy.
    Versus control it'll enable Shield Slam all by itself, which is relevant for dictating the tempo of the game. No control deck passes every turn nowadays.
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    posted a message on New Rogue Card Reveal - Plague Scientist

    I think this card is amazing.

    However, there's no good Rogue deck currently that would use this, because they don't have enough small minions.

    Jade Rogue on the other hand does use a lot of small minions, because of the jade mechanic alone. Jade Swarmer especially synergizes very well with this card, but unfortunately not on curve. The pirate package allows you to destroy a minion and develop a 1/1 and a 2/3 for 4 mana.

    You can add Wild Pyromancers to your Jade Rogue for the sick boardclear. Hallucination and Journey Below are cards you're already playing and you can add Shadowstep for its obvious synergy with everything else and your chances to have this board clear are like having Pyro + Equality for Paladin, even though it's a 3 card combo.

    What are the problems with the deck? You are relying a lot on Jade Swarmer as a medium to make copies with Shadowcasters and also as a medium to trade up with Plague Scientist. Devolve is a card and absolutely dismantles your gameplan. The deck is also prone ot dead hands.

    The upsides? Amazing late game similarly to Jade Druid, but with the added bonuses of having good single target removal (Vilespine Slayer) and having access to a full board clear.

    I rate this card 5/5 and I'm positive that it will see play.

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