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    Quote from Paradox21589 >>

    Do you guys think it's appropriate that  , with more and more classes in the game , the card pack cost remains the same? If you're a casual player , and you're able to open up to 100 packs(max) per expansion , won't that decrease the amount of cards you get per class , if there are more and more classes that those 100 packs can go to ? It's like having a dinner with 5 people , and having money for a meal for 4 .

     Nah, each Pack should cost 100$ because of Inflation and bla bla bla...

    Bli$$ard will come up with Reason why their Pixels suddenly have to cost more, for offering even less in Return.

    Just you wait...

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    Next Expansion:

    Get Premium Cards, like Gold Cards but they execute a Special Animation once they Attack/Trigger an Effect

    After that:

    Get Shiny Rainbow Colored Cards, like Diamond Cards they move from time to time but they are much more exclusive!

    Last one:

    Get into Debt, after buying all these shiny and exclusive Cards, Blizzard finally managed to milk you dry. Your Wife left you now, together with the Kids, but in the end it was all worth it, for now you own an entire Shiny (Virtual) Card Collection that you cant even sell. XD

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    Might just be me, but I feel the whole Totem Archetype is utterly dead, compared to many (stronger) Archetypes.

    Even in Wild, it has been like 2 Year´s since I last saw active Totem Decks in Standart/Wild

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    So Druid gets "Cast 20 Mana Random spells" except it´s for Druid spells, and (likely) broken AF with Guff...

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