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    posted a message on [BLIZZARD SUE / LAWSUIT] Hearthstone's card reveal schedule canceled after Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy callouts
    Quote from MexRNG >>

    Keep politic/Real life drama out of the card games. I dont care what other people did. I am here for a HS. Not for a Hong Kong, not for LBGT right not for suicide Allegations.

     Some things are more important than the game, and sometimes the real world intrudes into this space.


    It's also only abstract to those of us not likely to be affected; I'm a cisgender straight white middle aged man. This joke of discrimination doesn't hurt me personally, but that's all the more reason for me to listen to those who are affected.


    As I said above, power/responsibility. 

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    posted a message on [BLIZZARD SUE / LAWSUIT] Hearthstone's card reveal schedule canceled after Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy callouts
    Quote from Cracken23 >>

    I think these streamers are totally nosense. Why aren't they revealing cards? What is the point? They are not revealing cards and this way all problems with Blizzard will be gone away? If so, how?

    Or they are not revealing the cards, because Blizzard is a bad evil company and they don't want to become partners or support Blizzard? If so, I assume that they will not play/stream Blizzard games anymore, will they? 

    If they don't reveal their cards and continue to play/stream Blizzard games, so what's the point? I don't get it.

    Trump said that all these lawsuit thing is bad and he will not reveal his card in his video and his next sentence was "Show must go on." and he continued to review revealed cards. Sorry but what is the point? If "show must go on", why don't you reveal your card? Lol If it is a that bad situation so you can't reveal your card, why you still continue to review/play/stream Hearthstone? 

    Watch Alliestraza's video, where she makes the case. I find it compelling, and I applaud her decision.

    Why? Because reveal week gives these steamers a bigger platform than usual and, as it has been written, with great power comes great responsibility. With accusations of this level of seriousness (and let's be honest - the odds of it all being true are almost unity) it isn't the time for the usual whimsy she brings to her reveal. It isn't the time to celebrate.


    It's time to tell the community that she cares, that we should care too. That some things mean more than a game.

    Allie and Eddy brought reveal week to a halt, and let us have this conversation rather than ooh and ahh at the pretty new card designs. That's the right thing to have done. 

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    posted a message on Book of heroes: Gul'dan is the best one so far
    Quote from Coldie12 >>

    Am i the only one that can't finish the puzzles? I destroy every minion on the board and nothing happens. Puzzle 6/8.    Blizz plz

     You still have to use Hero Power at the end.

     Yes, so you often just to clear the board (both sides) with two mana remaining to hp and win.

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    posted a message on [BLIZZARD SUE / LAWSUIT] Hearthstone's card reveal schedule canceled after Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy callouts
    Quote from DrBalanced1976 >>




    Video game giant Activision Blizzard Inc., maker of games including World of Warcraft and Diablo, fosters a “frat boy” culture in which female employees are subjected to constant sexual harassment, unequal pay, and retaliation, according to a lawsuit filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

    A two-year investigation by the state agency found that the company discriminated against female employees in terms and conditions of employment, including compensation, assignment, promotion, and termination. Company leadership consistently failed to take steps to prevent discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, the agency said.

    I agree and support Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy. Your comments?

     I'm with you. Their place in the streaming community gives them a platform. Sometimes we each need to use our platforms to stand for what is right.


    Allie's video message was very well-stated. I'm sure that as a woman in the pro-gaming space this hits her hard. I'm glad she said what she did, and I agree: today is not the day for celebration, for whimsy, or to pretend that evertything is "normal". 

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    posted a message on [BLIZZARD SUE / LAWSUIT] Hearthstone's card reveal schedule canceled after Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy callouts
    Quote from grizz6 >>

    Then you aren't familiar with how the legal system works. 90% of lawsuits are extortion attempts that get dismissed or dropped.

     As they say on wikipedia, [citation needed]

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    posted a message on Send In The Murlocs! is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    The explanation they gave is that there is one team for all of the special play modes - tavern brawl, duels, and I think Battlegrounds and adventures. They're focusing on the other content.


    I'm not saying it's a good reason, but that's what they said 

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    posted a message on Blood Magic is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    That's not fair.


    You can also get turn 1 solitaired by mage. 

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    posted a message on Please more nerfs
    Quote from Greator >>
    Quote from Bengalaas >>

    The game is mostly fine right now.

    The main problem that people are having is that the established decklists are still from the time of mage dominance and are ill equipped to handle the new meta. 

    Standard is better than before nerfs but there are still room for some tweaks. Paladin is still too oppressive with almost perfect curve, strong secrets and buff spells, especially Librams. I'd like to see Crabrider and Libram of Hope nerfed.

    Crabrider has too much longevity with 4 health and it's very dangerous when buffed. It's also performing well in Rush Warrior. I suggest making it 1/3. 

    Libram of Hope is just too powerful card. The healing effect combined with extremely high stat minion with both taunt and divine shield itself is enough to end some games but the cost of the card can also be reduced and it can be played more than twice per game with Lady Liadrin. I suggest reducing the stat line of the minion and I think reducing attack of the minion would be reasonable. It's meant to be defensive card and 8 attack is too high. Making it 6/8 would be reasonable nerf to make the card feel a bit fairer but to still keep the card strong option for Libram Paladin.

     A great fix for Libram of hope would be to remove the Libram tag so it can't be discounted. At 9 mana it's very strong, but a 9 mana card should be. The problem is that it's too easy to discount it to the point that it's hopelessly broken.

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    posted a message on Zephrys the no so Great (sometimes)
    Quote from Andrei2007 >>

    Same, Zeph, unless in very obvious situations, won't be accurate. I was playing against a libram paladin and desperately needed a mass dispell to basically autowin the game. However, despite narrowing my mana down to 4, I was not offered that card, and lost the game eventually, to my emoting opponent's delight. I don't know if he knew he dodged the bullet on Zeph or was completely clueless how he could be left without librams for the rest of the game, but it was really frustrating for me nonetheless.

     Zephrys knows that a minion has dearhrattle, but not what the deathrattle is. "Avoid returning librams to your opponent's hand" isn't accounted for in the algorithm. 


    There are,  as mentioned above,  charts for what the hierarchy of Zeph "solutions" is. Lethal first, then clearing threats.  Healing if you're too low. Tempo plays of there isn't any threat. Denying death rattles is a low priority y


    Remember,  it isn't an AI. It's an algorithm which will give consistent results.  You just need to understand what they are.  

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    posted a message on Possible Desired Nerfs
    Quote from Kedalin >>
    age spells it can pull. Before Potion of Illusion, it wasn't an issue, since it couldn't reliably generate infinite copies of itself (let alone 1-mana copies!). Blizzard recently changed Discover cards to disallow them from discovering themselves, and I would argue that the Pilgrim/Potion interaction is philosophically the same as (or at the least, VERY similar to) "discovering itself," leading to anti-fun "gameplay." I put "gameplay" in quotes, because as I mentioned before, it effectively prevents the other player from playing the game.

    The only counters I can think of are Living Dragonbreath (to get around the Freeze portion and allow minion usage) and Flik Skyshiv. The Dragonbreath only works if you have it in hand, and even then it only addresses the Frost Nova aspect. Flik is a class card, which is nice for Rogue, but doesn't help any of the other classes.

     You can waste the 1 mana pilgrims with Mindrender Illucia. You can kill them "over the top" with burn spells or charge minions if your board isnt' full.


    If you shuffle bombs (or anything else) into their deck it re-orders the whole thing, and they can lose the combo by drawing Potion of Illusion

    Otherwise, think of it like any other combo deck; once you draw the combo, you (probably) win. The difference here is that the combo stretches over many turns, and frustratingly grinds you down. I don't think it's a balance issue, but can see it as a fun issue. Then again, if you hate that you can just concede once the turtles start being played. 

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    posted a message on Possible Desired Nerfs

    Remember that "played win-rate" isn't the only measure of a card's power. Pyroblast and Bloodlust have played WR in the 70s. Why? They aren't particularly powerful cards; what they are is finishers; You usually win when you play Pyroblast (or, say, Mind Blast when it was in standard) because playing that card IS your win-conditio. 

    Quote from abbymakr >>

    Mage cards especially prime, box, and the hero. Priest garakrond as well.

    I don't like the card that can swing turn completely and randomly. It feels waste of time to play against.

     These are weird; Puzzle Box in particular gives you very much random gameplay; it can win for you, lose for you, or have very little effect. How much you like Puzzle Box is how much you like randomness.


    Priest galakond is a different problem - infinite value. It makes an entire style of play difficult if not impossible. I don't know what, if anything, is the solution to that - or even if we need one.

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    posted a message on Wasn't Paying Attention. Failed Miserably.

    The most satisfying thing in the world is to use Mindrender Illucia to waste all of the one mana turtles after your opponent starts playing them. Then watch them realize they no longer have a win condition.


    But yeah, it's a long, SLOW way to either win or lose. IT rivals Shudderwock Shaman for pure frustration. 

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Playing spell mage against a demon hunter. I'm about two short of lethal on board when I topdeck Apexis Blast Fire it at his face and, as he dies, an Earth Elemental appears on my board.



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    posted a message on Galakrond’s Awakening impression
    Quote from Noah_McGrath >>

    They tried something new and it kinda fell flat. 

    First of all, the story is bad. HS is a silly game but there is a limit to how silly you can be until i lose interest. Lets be real, who actually cared about Rafaam and his band of discount villains? It kinda butchers the WoW lore this game was once based upon.


     I mostly agree. The idea might have seemed good on paper - a yearlong epic culminating in a final battle featuring ancient reasons against the backdrop ofa magical floating city. The problemis that the game isn't really  suited to this kind of storytelling, and Blizzard ould never quite decide if they wanted to play it straight and be all epic climax or for laughs. 

    It was an experiment. Not all experiments work, but there were a few new cards which night shake up the meta at least a bit. 

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    posted a message on What Is The Fun Playing Shaman?
    Quote from hillandder >>

    Imagine playing a chess game where your opponent start with the normal setup but you have 8 paws, 1 king and 7 queens, that will be fun? Of course not, will be too easy, your opponent don't have a chance at all and you will stomp him very quickly, imagine play the same game 10 or 100 times, I can't play something like that even for the first time.

    Why so many players like free wins, no challenge, abuse unbalanced things like this new shaman BS? Playing shaman now feels like using a cheat code and the only challenge is another shaman.

    I understand the players of anything wants to win, but if something is broken the players by yourselfs don't turn back for that?

     First, I think you overstate the case; it's an advantage, but not "having six queens on the chessboard" levels of advantage.


    Second, the play style of the Galakrond shaman deck is kinda fun; you get to play lots of rush minions, affect the board on almost every turn, and lead to a big swing. It feels more fun to me than, say, Pirate warrior which is largely play minion hit face.


    To each their own though. You'll find some people who are host naturally competitive, some who can't afford all the best decks and are enjoying the novelty of being in the giving end of a power imbalance, some who can only play a few hours a week and want to I'm fast. 


    Try not to judge other people's fun.

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