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    posted a message on New Hunter Rare Card Revealed - Dun Baldar Bunker

    It's the less common, military meaning of objective:

    "a strategic position to be attained or a purpose to be achieved by a military operation"

    So Hearthstone objectives are just "strategically important places".

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    posted a message on Taking Damage from Hero

    Yeah, I don't really like this interaction but it works as intended.

    You even get the weapon's attack value added to the damage without losing durability. Only works on the hero player's turn, so it's exceedingly rare.

    Was relevant with Infiltrator Lilian. Now with Wife and the frenzy minion.

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    posted a message on First time legend with Aggro Paladin

    Congrats on first legend!

    Top tier aggro can definitely feel oppressive but at least it has this upside of giving players that are F2P/and or spend limited time on the game a chance at reaching higher than usual.

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    posted a message on Death of Highlander?

    Blizzard approves of highlander so new cards are likely to be made available when the old bunch rotates out.

    That's as much as can be said without going into guesswork.

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    posted a message on Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Meta Decks - Darkmoon Races Edition

    I mean if you have spell damage + 10 with Mozaki then 2x Frostbolt + 2x Arcane Missiles is probably enough. And you can have more through Spellwings (guaranteed generation) and Magic Tricks (potential). 

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    posted a message on Deck Digest - 8 Decks of Mad Whispers

    "Thematically themed decks" is quite a theme ;).

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    posted a message on how to play control decks - the cure for demon hunter

    Just got to legend using Soul DH, finishing with a 6 win streak.

    Overall reasonable advice against DH, but don't expect it to beat DH "damn near every time". (Which to me would be 80%+ or something.)

    Along the streak a Hecklebot priest pulled out my Soulshard Lapidary - am I really supposed to be angry about a free 5/5?

    A paladin player swept my two consecutive boards with Libram of Justice + Consecration plays... but little did he know I had 22 damage from hand waiting all the time and the boards were just a ruse while I set things up.

    If things work just right for the DH, it is incredibly difficult to stop them. This can be obviously said for all top tier decks.

    From my experience, currently warrior is your best beat if you want to bully DH. 1) Warrior can go above 30HP at the timing of their choice, including doing so while clearing a board via Risky Skipper. Timing is often key against DH 2) The bomb variant punishes excessive draw and DH draws a good deal (for Soul DH; aggro DH just draws like crazy).


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