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    Reading the page 1 comments vs the page 6 comments when it was revealed gives a great sense of perspective.

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    This is a great stop-gap for the Quart O' Mustard combo. Turn 4 Muster for Battle and this. Then next turn turn those measly 1/1s into bomb-ass 4/4s

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    I'm saying its more of a detriment with Tharussian because then his effect is applied to fewer cards, and i was far from saying he wasn't a good card or even saying you shouldn't cheat him out, just that it won't be as strong as some might think. Mana leak is having a crystal or two left over, so often ill find myself playing the card i would have anyway without being able to do anything else and the 1 less cost does nothing for me. Im not dumping on the card im saying he isn't as overbearing as i initially thought.

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    Strong, but not for every deck, IMO it's been overhyped because cheating it out with wild growth and innervate will decrease its impact as it destroys your hand size. Also for every time it increases tempo, there will be another time it causes significant mana leak instead. Still very strong and i like it a lot.

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    As this poison is glowing, its probably jam-packed with radium so if the knife doesn't kill you, you get leukemia a few years later. How cruel!

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    I don't really play shaman, but every time i read this card and it doesn't say overload it blows my mind.

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    The ogre brute for ancient watcher is a great sub, the darkbomb for soulfire is a no-brainer and I'm starting to really like ancient healbot. That being said i have changed out one mountain giant for ragnaros because the meta hasn't slown down at all, and i would rather have sylvanas and loatheb than putting all my eggs in the Taunted-giant basket. also the biggest drawback with recombobulator is that it removes taunts and that can lose you the game pretty fast. That being said this deck is still great and I've used a lot of your ideas thank you very much.

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    The art on this card has changed. The horns now appear to be glowing or made of fire and there are fire effects on the extended hand and a tiny bit added to his mace/hammer. Thought you ought to know.

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