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    posted a message on Petition to save Duels game mode!

    Good riddance. Maybe they'll also remove standard and wild next year and BGs by Easter.

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    posted a message on games ending in between 4-6 turns isnt fun

    This is so fking funny, lmao. Keep at it balanek

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    posted a message on Hearthstone feels like a big RNG fest

    Kids' game = rng fest because they need to sell it and kids are incapable of higher strategies. So everything boils down to flashy images and randomness. Indeed, this is the game and has been for a while. Quit spending money on it and try others that actually make brains evolve.

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    posted a message on How did this escape the nerf?

     Funny how a lot of cards in this game have some cases when they are extremely overpowered. Yet people still play it because they like the gambling highrolls.

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    posted a message on Are draws rigged? An incredible story of an arena run.

    Until several people band up, during each card expansion, to play certain specific decks and be able to provide a decent sample size of games, every "data" is useless. Now they increased the freq of releases, so it's very hard for 1 player to have thousands of games with more than one deck. So people need to cooperate to uncover the truth. Very hard to do in practice.

    While i do agree with the OP, that SOMETHING is happening (otherwise changing decks would have no effect on what you're facing), it wasn't yet proven. Everything could just drop around the average after 1000 games.

    So band up people, start cooperating. Let's expose what blizzard doesn't want to tell us

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    posted a message on I Re-designed the WORST Legendaries in Hearthstone - would they see play now?

    Why so harsh? :( OP made a decent contribution, spent a lot of time on it, and it's not bad actually. The fact that this game has gone to shit due to the toilet-playing teenagers is one of the reasons why cards like these don't see play. The other reason is the incompetent and greedy design team. Bad legendaries make you spend more money to have a chance at the good ones.

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    posted a message on Can it really be since 2021 since I enjoyed Hearthstone??

    Can it really be since 2014 that i enjoyed playing HS?! ;)

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    posted a message on What is the state of Wild?

    Bad, like most of the game. Try Classic

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    posted a message on Bot Pandemic

    Like i said above, it's a response to blizzard leaving China => many players from there decided to bot out of spite or whatever.

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    posted a message on Bot Pandemic

    Since blizzard is no longer in china, i guess chinese hackers finally found a way to "crack" this game in a way that they are not easily found out (yet). It's probably a spite move. The company from china "spilling" some specific data that made the game easier to bot.

    At least blizzard's greed needs to have consequences. Definitely not enough, but it's a start.

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    posted a message on Should they balance old cards with new keywords?

    Judging by the title, this seemed to be about something different.

    Was just about to say that they don't change old cards to use the newer keywords for the same funcionality, because it's too confusing for morons...aaaah i mean players.

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    posted a message on Gotta love the way Blizzard treats Wild
    Quote from LIJ >>

    Not saying its terrible, but putting a 6-7 card combo (depending on weather you have guff up or not) that is weak to hand disruption, loatheb, aggro and bricking on combo pieces (or just not having the mana needed to pull it off) in a line with a card like the demon seed, is a bit silly to me.

    The deck is nowhere to be seen on latter (which admittedly is not decisive, i.e. big priest), but even if it was anywhere near as oppressive as cards like demon seed, there would still be a one card counter that isn't even class-locked.

    So yea, not trying to be mean to op, just having a chuckle.


     Kind of says something about how the matchmaking works if OP's deck is hard countered by this exact deck that is extremely rare on the ladder.

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    posted a message on How to make Hearthstone more enjoyable

    Well, your arguments are all very valid.

    That is why we should have access to the whole collection, even in standard. And no, not like Wild is now.

    Basically you can always "access" all/any of your cards like this:

    - wild stays the same, all cards, all expansions

    - standard gets a rotation of available expansions, like arena has now

    - these rotations change after 2 months or so, or any interval deemed appropriate to not get bored and shake up the meta, irrespective of other releases (like minisets and such)

    - probably the idea of a miniset becomes a bit redundant too, in this context

    - this also means that an "expansion" doesn't need to have 130+ cards out of which 90% are almost useless. Maybe expansions should in fact be limited minisets, with fewer released cards.

    The problem is the financial aspect for blizzard. They release huge (useless) expansions to justify the cost of the bundles and such.

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    posted a message on Blizz match making broken
    Quote from Banur >>
    Quote from kiljaedan >>

    here they are the  hearthstone white knights rushing to defend when it’s been a known fact.

    The only known thing here is the rhetoric that is used over and over again in these topics:

    "Here is the thing I can't prove but it's true and if you disagree you are a Blizzard shill and white knight. Therefore I'm right."

    You have nothing but your few anecdotal data points. If you want to make that claim, back it up with an actual dataset and have an explanation why this was never discovered by the bigger data sites.

     It's very easy to make the system be aware of probing it. Remeber, you are using ONE account each time you play.

    System: "hey, this account faced 80% of my scripted decks in the last 50 games. It's getting obvious. Lets change back to either true pseudorandom or simply the negated scripting (i.e. don't face decks with certain cards)"

    Player: "hmm, i've had 50 games that seemed to be against scripted opponents. But the next 10 were all over the place, and it continued to be like this for a while. Hmm, must've been an unlucky randomness streak with a 0.00001% chance. Nevermind, it happens, blizzard would never do this anyway".

    System: "gottem. No big data website is gonna find out. Now let's reset the time variable for this account (yea, the variable that determines - after how many days of playing and/or being offline and/or matches played reached a certain number since the last script run - how often this scripted matchmaking should run)"

    It's funny how easy it is to implement something like this, which doesn't even need to be complicated.

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    posted a message on And just like that...the duels run was over...

    I am so sorry for everyone still playing HS. LoL

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