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    posted a message on The State Of The Entire Game is Awful
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    People complain about the state of the game, while they play the same 3-4 cancer decks: pirate warrior, mech mage, paly mech, or quest hunter

     Because this piece of fucking shit game doesn't actually let you work with anything else.

    There is absolutely zero incentive to play creatively or use even a semblance of imagination. Play the same cancer decks, but more than anything, buy shit.

     Tell that to Kibler

     He didn't mean after reaching legend and/or not caring about your rank. He's right - only certain things work properly if you want to progress and not pull your hair out.

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    posted a message on Mega stupid rewards

    I agree. There's a higher than 50% chance to get a shit reward for 7+ wins in arena.

    Hey, blizzard morons: if i'm playing arena i don't care to get missing common cards instead of gold. Stop nudging me towards your stupid standard mode. Make it fun and balanced first, and not ending every game after 10 turns. F.king pricks.

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    posted a message on Bug with Nellie and Brann needs to be fixed pronto!

    So? Stop playing the game. No one forces you to eat their bugs every day. Decide with your wallet and time, not with forum posts.

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    posted a message on I still think DH hero power is wrong
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    First off, I dont think that the hero power is (objectively) OP.  1 mana for 1 face based damage is perfectly in line with the other classes hero powers.

    Where I think the design goes wrong is that the 1 mana cost makes it really flexible to weave into other turns - particularly answering 1 mana/1 health drops on turn one.  No other class can do this.  You also hardly ever float a mana making the class very mana efficient.

    Add to this that they've printed a large number of cards which synergise very well (too well?) with your hero attacking and snowball very quickly and you start to see why it might be problematic.   Battleworn Vanguard for example is basically 4/4 in stats for 3 mana - that's good in anyones book.  If you cant answer it immediatly the board is full by turn 4. For me this is the crux of the issue with DH and why it feels so bad to play against (that and the fact they keep giving the class more draw unstopable face damage).

    Now imagine If the hero power was 2 mana/2 damage (to keep it consistent with other classes). Things would look very different - no minion clear on turn 1, a 2 mana minion drop on turn 2 that you have to hope survives to turn 3 to activate.  If you then used your hero power to attack you've only got 1 mana left which means you cant develop a good board.  If you wanted to garuantee the proc it's a 4 mana play.  Suddenly things look balanced! 

    All that said - the biggest problem at the moment is Dreadprison Glaive and the interaction with Multi-Strike.  Clear a minion and get a windfury face attack - excellent! 


     Spot on, perfect explanation of the problem! (Have you ever thought about doing an analysis of other game aspects too? :D ). Why they are incompetent at solving it is because they only want fast games. There is no room for anything else in the ladder game play, be it standard or wild. Curious how the arena is gonna fare after the changes. Too bad the core game is not like that anymore...

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    posted a message on My endgame Naga board on turn 11...perfectly balanced...

    This moronic development team is well known to put out overpowered bullshit every time they do something new.

    It was the same with elementals, quillboars, etc. They just force us to have the new tribe in every game while knowing full well what the balance issues are. They also know exactly what tweaks everything needs, before releasing the content.

    It's simply a f.king business strategy to make people buy more shit, during the period the new content is forced upon the lobbies.

    And honestly, i'm sick of it. Not gonna open the game until the first serious round of nerfs. I know, it doesn't matter. I'm not in the target age range for the game. Teens that can't keep their d.ks in their pants and that want everything instantly are.

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    posted a message on I still think DH hero power is wrong

    You are right OP.

    Unfortunately, these f-tards only care about faster games so they adjust everything in that direction (and have been doing it for several expansions). It's not only the effect of powercreeping, but mostly the design choices.

    Since they focus so much on seemingly high-impact plays, games not longer than 10 turns, and drawing most of your deck during that time, there's nothing left to do.

    The only solution for people that don't like this teenager-visual-bullshit-wank-on-toilet game is to either play something else, or to pray for a change in (i.e. firing of) designers, marketing people and the other f-kers that are forcing it.

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    posted a message on Fire whoever thought about giving druid board clears.

    Ayala can't fire himself. I wonder if Chaki and the other player-designers have a say in these decisions.

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    posted a message on The Hearthstone Problem - An Analysis

    These morons need to impose a minimum mana cost for spells, increase the health of heroes to at least 45, and remove rush and charge minions from the game or increase their cost by at least 2 in most cases.

    Problem solved.

    But no, these "designers" are making shit decisions every step they take.

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    posted a message on New Bug?

    Blizzard is a bug :)

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    posted a message on Is there a algorithm that changes the classes you face depending what you play?

    I wish someone from blizzard did 3 things:

    1. Take each of this kind of assumption about MM, that was put forward over the years, and provide a clear and simple answer for it. Each ramification that people thought of or are concerned about. I'm sure they can find them easily.

    2. Provide a detailed reason why doing/not doing that specific idea is feasible.

    3. Provide statistical data, for specific players but without publicly showing their names, related to their lost games, matched opponents and EVERYTHING else they track that goes into the MM. Showing the fringe cases (i.e. highest and lowest win/lose percents) could be a nice idea too.

    It'd stop all these threads from popping up or, at least, provide a link to the information when someone thinks otherwise.

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    posted a message on Anti-Interactive

    Well, these morons contradict themselves at every step and every expansion. They promised more interactivity, yet they print a lot of Rush bullshit and cost reductions.

    The same can be said about playing minions. It's only gonna get worse.

    They are so so so afraid to let games last longer, that they force all kinds of win conditions as quickly as possible (quests, kazakusan, onyxia raid boss, etc). These people just don't give a shit about anyone but their target market, since they know the whales always get hyped by every small crap they throw at them, resulting in profits for the company.

    Blizzard is in dire need of a management change, a more player-centric one, and not only a certain age category of players. If I were a HS designer, i'd be ashamed right now. So much wasted potential just to force shit, because ADHD teenagers can't spend 3 turns longer in the game.

    Arena has been in a bad shape for a good while now. Battlegrounds has become retarded because of the stupid powercreeping. Again. Yet they keep printing more and more powerful stuff to make sure games end even faster. No increased health cap, no faster animations, no solving of disconnects, no tweaked randomness in certain cases (number of times you attack first, number of times you go against the same players, etc). Everything is just going faster and faster and more frustrating to lose or play against.

    Again, f.u. blizzard. I hope you rot in...jail.

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    posted a message on Should poison be removed from Battlegrounds?

    The problem is not with the poison, but with the overall balance of the game mode.

    These morons implemented a damage cap that doesn't do anything in half the matches because some people concede very quickly. Yet they failed to keep the cap as long as the dead players became dead in the first 5 minutes or so. Also, 40 health is way too little.

    Secondly, they failed to condition which opponents you face in consequent turns. Fighting the top 2-3 players every turn is surely gonna make you lose faster (most of the time). Except for the "fighting a ghost" special case, you should never fight the same guy for the Nth time, unless you fought everyone else (N-1) times.

    Thirdly, who attacks first. In some games, some players attack first 3 times while others do it 20 times. Of course it's gonna make everything frustrating when a lot of strategies depend on this.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding balance. Yet, what they care about is adding overpowered shit every .X revision patch.

    God i hate these lazy fuckers...

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    posted a message on So where is the fun?

    Then stop playing already. Get over your addiction and try something else, like Wartales, Distant worlds 2, Weird west, etc

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    posted a message on Has power creep ever been this bad?
    Quote from Shipmen >>
    Quote from zynessa >>

    It's a difficult situation. Blizz has three options, and none of them are that great. 

    1) Release very bad expansions where very few of the cards are even remotely worth looking at (for example, Rastakhan and TGT)

    2) Continue power-creeping to avoid problem #1

    3) Revamp the entirety of Hearthstone's sets to lower the power. 

    Because you can't really just use the rotation to lower power levels THAT much, since there are more formats in the game right now that uses non-standard sets than there are that just use standard sets. Yes, they primarily care about Standard, but they can't start making sets that will never be worth purchasing for non-standard players. Arena, Duels, and Wild might all be individually much smaller than standard, but when you factor them in together, they are a very large playerbase. 

     Yes and I mostly agree with you but there is also the fourth solution for me. And it is the solution for which I am hoping. 

    4) Total rework of HS with new ideas. 

    This can be done with cards that interact with the graveyard, cards that interact in the opponent's turn, cards that interact with the map, equipment for the heroes and so on so forth, imagination is the only limit. We have only seen the rules broken with tradable cards and I think that this was one of the best things added in the game since the start. The best card of this expansion, in terms of card design, like now, for me, is Blademaster Okani. This card is new in design. I would like to see, at least, things like this.

    In conclusion, this game is becoming pretty boring, I would like to see aggressive changes. 

     And another option from me:

    5. Stop printing so many f.king sets already! At least not with so many cards. Differentiate them if you must - arena, standard, wild - and only print some that make sense instead of the stupid clutter that we have now with 80% useless ones (or i.e. "arena cards").

    But yea, the whole sets need to be revamped with a predictable cost formula for each card and its mechanics. Not all deathrattles should cost 1 for example, but it should depend on the effect, etc.

    I've said it some time ago and i'll say it again. HS needs 20 mana as standard, with gaining 2 mana every turn, coin giving you 2 mana too, etc (all similar effects adding 1 mana). Combine this with proper costs for cards, you get balance. No more 3 cost cards that should be 4, but it was rounded down from a 3.5. With this, it'll cost 7 and be done with it. Would also allow playing higher cost minions etc.

    And the tech for this is there - Guff the Druid.

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    posted a message on Yeah, I'm done with this game (Onyxia's Lair)
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    There is a "salt"-thread for this kinda posts, no?

     Maybe this view is a little bit outdated. What is salty like now is Blizz. Too many things in the recent period/year. I'm having a lot of fun digging into Blizz's recent past. 

     Care to share what you found? I'm always on for a good read

     Well, you know. Things are not going exactly well. I am a Blizz fan since I was young but I am now very disappointed in everything. I started with Diablo 2 and then Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft and then Hearthstone. The old Blizzard as I knew is dead and everything seems a dark comedy.

    I am not only talking about Hearthstone and mercenaries (which is the main mode that I am playing and it is a mess). Blizzard seems on the run for self-destruction, everything in this company seems not working and every decision that they take seems wrong and silly. 

    And I am not only talking about the harassment and these scandals (which is anyway a shame) but for their total disconnection and monetization of everything with a very low-quality product compared to what we were used to.

    I think that is normal that people are very pissed off, at least, I am. I am very pissed off. And I went so pissed off after mercenaries and the 130€ pre-purchase. That for me was the straw that broke the camel's back. 

     Thanks for the links! I'm in the same boat as you, except i play BGs and now arena (which is really dumb right now), mostly. Mostly = like 2-3 times a week, for 1-2h, if even that.

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