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    posted a message on Blizzard removing more cards from Arena?!
    Quote from pasbrow >>

    Firelands Portal is a better card than what hearth arena and those sort of sites make you believe.

    Heartharena rates Firelands Portal as the 3rd best common card in the game. It's no secret that this card is phenomenal in Arena and a huge part of the reason Mages are more dominant now than they've ever been.
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    Quote from vionicesca >>

    It doesn't because the tracker only knows the cards in your deck that you've put there. It doesn't track Roaring Torches either.

    Actually Deck Tracker does track Roaring Torches. It knows when you play Forgotten Torch, so it just adds a Roaring Torch to your list of undrawn cards and adds 1 to your deck size. It also tracks things like Beneath the Grounds, Gang Up and Entomb. It doesn't and shouldn't track which legendaries Malchezaar adds to your deck because the game doesn't give you that information. Same way Deck Tracker doesn't know what's in your deck after you play Golden Monkey or Renounce Darkness. They could update Deck Tracker to increase your deck size by 5 when you play a deck that includes Malchezaar though.
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    posted a message on Guys Leeroy Jenkins in Zoo is just not good

    A lot of it comes down to playstyle and matchups. Leeroy makes Zoo a lot more aggressive than Doomguard. You can viably hit face in the early turns and still win the game if your opponent clears your board. Against control decks that are likely to be weak in the early game but clear your board on turns 4-6, I think Leeroy is clearly superior. Against other aggressive decks, where Zoo can often win just through board dominance, Doomguard is definitely better.

    I don't think it's particularly fair to judge the strength of the cards based on how often one is better than the other on a particular turn. Doomguard is a more versatile card, it's going to be useful more often than Leeroy. However, the instances when Leeroy is better - it regularly wins the game outright while having Doomguard instead would usually mean losing. Sometimes the Doomguard body will win games as-well, but a lot of the time when Doomguard is better than Leeroy - its impact isn't necessarily the difference between winning and losing.

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    posted a message on Why do I suck so bad at arena?!
    Quote from jcboyle82 >>

    Thanks for the direction to that site. I've uploaded one of my replays in case anyone has a couple minutes. Here is the link:


    Thanks again for the advice!

     I'm not sure that match was winnable for you, but you definitely made a few suboptimal plays that, in a closer match, could have meant the difference between winning and losing.
    On turn 5 the better play would've been to protector your silvermoon, trade into his puddlestomper, then heal yourself with the earthen ring. Not a huge difference, but since the rogue still had a charge on his knife the divine shield on his turn is mostly irrelevant, removing the 3-attack minion makes his trades worse against your board, and you net 3 HP.
    Turn 6 was a complicated one. I agree with playing the Murloc Knight - you needed strength on the board at that point and tomb spider and arcane nullifier were way too passive. I think the right play was to trade the bluegill and silvermoon into the squidface. He only gets one charge on his weapon buff that way and you get value out of the divine shield on your silvermoon. His next turn was extremely powerful though, so I don't think it would've turned the game in your favor.
    After that the game was basically over - barring some kind of great topdeck - and I don't know what was in the rest of your deck. I don't know if you were tilted but I think you started to play worse toward the end of the game. Turn 8 was particularly odd, the equality play just didn't seem to accomplish much of anything and you had 2 decent 4 drops in your hand - or even Kodo + golem was probably better.
    Unwinnable games will happen in arena. You'll get hard countered or draw terribly or run into a monster deck. All you can do is strive to make the best plays every turn. Keep challenging yourself to do that, and continue to question the decisions you make, and you will improve in the long run. Don't fall into the trap of blaming RNG or your opponent's deck whenever you lose - always look for ways you could've played better, even when those better plays wouldn't have changed the outcome of any one particular game.
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    posted a message on Anyone else dissappointed with C'thun's battlecry animation?

    The most important thing is that it's fast. Unfortunately we can't say the same for Yogg-Saron. What're the chances that Blizzard addressed animations eating into the next turn? Watching the stream with Brode and Frodan, Yogg comes down at the start of his turn and the animations finish at the end. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that waiting until the end of your turn to play him might just use up your opponent's whole turn.

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    posted a message on Holy Crap Formats
    Quote from Scipio_77 >>

     Standard seems like it will be very boring, there really isn't enough cards in HS yet for this. I mean, the card total of HS is like half MTG standard.

    It seems mostly like an excuse not to balance content or design it properly, tbh. Which will of course also lead to wild mode being useless.

    Although they haven't mentioned it, I'm really hoping they do "reprints" - where they include some cards from GVG/Naxx in with packs from the new set - and allow players who already have those cards to use them in Standard. So instead of the next expansion having ~120 cards - it has ~160 cards, with 120 being new and 40 being some GVG/Naxx cards, keeping them in circulation. This would help keep the card pool saturated while not adding any extra development time. 
    Obviously I don't think Dr. Boom or Piloted Shredder should ever get back into Standard circulation, but tech cards like Antique Healbot and Kezan Mystic are not OP cards but fill roles that will leave a hole if they're just outright removed from the new dominant play mode. Of course the other option would be to give them the Ice Rager/Evil Heckler treatment - and essentially just make a slightly modified version of the same card again. If the new expansion has a similar number of cards to GVG/TGT - it'd really suck for any of those cards to be retreads when we're about to lose so much of our existing cardpool.
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    posted a message on [#1 LEGEND S22] TEMPO MAGE

    The Japanese got it right because if you name 2 files 2015.01.04 and 2014.01.05 on a PC and organize by name, it'll always come out in the correct order. Whereas 05.01.2014 would come after 04.01.2015 as would 01.05.2014 with 01.04.2015.

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    posted a message on Help with tilt and legend climb, Rank 2.

    I don't think there is any one strategy for minimizing tilt that works for everyone. For me, if I lose 4 or 5 games in a row, I really don't want to stop playing unless I can clearly identify that I'm making mistakes. If I stop in the middle of a losing streak, I feel bad about the whole play session, and as a result, enter my next play session feeling bad about the game. Usually what I'll do when I start a session badly, losing a few games in a row, is try to win my way back to where I started - then stop. If the losing streak is bigger, and I'm dropping multiple ranks, I'll just try to win one game then stop. That way at least I'm ending the session on a bit of a positive, and don't feel so much like my next session is just trying to undo what happened in my last session.

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    posted a message on How the hell do you beat Mine Cart??
    Quote from pablowa >>

    Ähm, is it just me, or is Heroic and noral exactly the same? 

    Could it be, that its buggy and you get the Heroic twice? Would explain the surprisingly high difficulty compared to other Normals...

     Yeah, I didn't see any difference between normal and heroic. Only thing I can think of is that the card distribution in your deck might be different, but it didn't seem like it.
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    posted a message on Does Ben Brode know what he's doing?

    First of all they never actually mention how big the number is. 1000? 2000? How about all the accounts that play through the tutorial but quit right after once they see all the locked content they'd need to buy? What about the accounts that stopped due to undertaker hunter and never returned? 
    What are those numbers? Why doesn't he talk about them? 

    Yeah, obviously we don't know the numbers but I would have to imagine that far more people quit playing the game due to being unable to build a halfway decent deck until they've opened like 100 packs and bought both adventures. At least I know that's where a number of my friends got frustrated with the game.

    How much does it really help to "teach new players about bad cards" by making 75% of the cards they have access to when they start the game bad? It seems to me that they'd learn a lot more about the game if they had some decent tools to work with and see how they interact. I'd also imagine you'd retain a lot more players if they could jump in and feel like they can play a powerful deck and compete at the lower ranks instead of just immediately getting stomped by people with bigger collections.

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    posted a message on Does Ben Brode know what he's doing?

    You know, Ben's video is so heavily focused on the reasons why he doesn't like nerfing cards and doesn't want to do it - it makes me think that they intentionally did a bad nerf to make people think any nerf is bad. What other explanation is there? He says in the video that their intention was to make Warsong Commander "not be played" and that he knows the card isn't good anymore. He says those things, it's not like he doesn't know that it's trash, he wanted it to be trash - the only question is why.

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    Quote from Bleu >>
    Quote from Frostraven >>
    Quote from WoggleEU >>

    theres probably alot of other people who said this already but they nerfed it mostly because warsong limited what cards they could make without those cards being too broken with it and I agree that warsong was a bad card from the start, charge minions arent that fun to play against, so this nerf is justified in my eyes.



    The problem is not that the card was nerfed.

    The problem is that, instead of balancing the card, they dragged her out in the streets, pulled out a set of sub-machinegun and spread Warsong Commander's brains out all over the city streets. And continued firing at the corpse until their magazines were empty.

    I feel bad about witnessing this. Who's next?
    Will they make Ysera 2/10 anytime soon?
    Malygos 4/8?
    Dr. Boom 4/2?

    I mean: They killed her so brutally, I have trouble trusting them at all right now.
    There's balancing, and there's horrific and terrible violence. This was not balancing.

    Because her effect was game breaking. In the Video Ben even states that there were / are cards that they wanted to do, but she would completely ruin them. 

    The nerf is fine, calm down. 

    Why is it ever fine to change a card and make it useless in every facet of the game? There are tons of ways they could've changed the effect to be not game-breaking while not making Warsong Commander worse than Raid Leader. Change the existing effect to be more limiting, give it a new effect and give it better stats, give it a new effect and reduce its mana cost, keep the stats and mana cost but give it a new effect that isn't hysterically awful - just to name a few.

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    posted a message on Upcoming Balance Change to Warsong Commander

     It bugs me that Ben doesn't even mention that any thought was put into what decks the new Warsong Commander would fit into. They balance the card around wanting it to remain simple, around wanting it to look familiar, around wanting it to have an effect that fits its theme - but they don't balance it around fitting it in with other cards?

    It's painfully obvious that this card just doesn't fit anywhere, Raid Leader doesn't fit anywhere and it has a significantly better effect in exchange for 1 HP. I really think if you're going to just outright kill an entire deck - which they are, you should at-least try to create another one. 

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    posted a message on Why no love for Elven Archer?

    I think the biggest problem with Elven Archer is that it's often not very good on turn 1. Rarely do you want to just throw it down on an empty board, so it only really comes in handy at the start of the game as a response to your opponent's 1-health 1-drop. Compared to something like Leper Gnome in an aggro deck, comes out on 1 and often deals 4 damage - or an Argent Squire, comes out on 1, sticks to the board, gets buffed and trades up. For a 1 drop to be worthy of a card slot, it needs to be useful in almost any situation on turn 1 - or have a particularly strong synergy with your deck like Northshire Cleric.

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    posted a message on Is this game basically draw the right cards or lose?

    The only answer to this question, and any question about RNG in Hearthstone - is that RNG can have a very large impact over any individual, or small sample of games. You can and will win and lose games based almost entirely on RNG. Skill has a greater impact over a large number of games. Over a long period of time the luck factor will even out, if you play optimally over that period you'll win a lot more often than you lose - play poorly and you'll lose a lot more often than you win.

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