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    posted a message on Disenchant Brann?

    That's a good one, I almost laughed.

    Just in case you're not joking, Brann has an irreplaceable effect for 3 mana and should be a must-own card for anyone's HS collection.

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    posted a message on 411 on Golden Packs

    I am also curious. I've also only ever gotten 1 rare, and I think I've opened 3 or 4 in total, not sure though. Ofc, I have this garbage luck with regular packs as well. XD

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    posted a message on Highlander Druid Combo

    Great question, I am now curious as well. I've never seen double Floop in hand before.

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    posted a message on I am blind as a bat

    What an amazing idea.

    Double so for the glass of whiskey.

    I'll be bourboned-up during my opening as well, but unfortunately I already saw all the cards.

    Your way seems much better honestly, then you can even check the ones you didn't get from the collection manager.

    Kudos to you, OP. HAVE FUN!!!

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    posted a message on ROGUES ARE GETTING NERFED! 4 Card Changes Coming May 22

    I don't think nerfing both Party and Prep was necessary. But hey, I can still smack you for a billion with Pick, so it's all good.

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    posted a message on Silvername's Top 1 OTK paladin

    Last Updated: 4 days ago (Rise of Shadows)

    Number of Rise of Shadows cards in the decklist: 0

    Nothing new

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    posted a message on I love Henchmania

    Best Brawl ever imo, even though George seems too strong for most other decks. I've gotten lucky/fortunate with other ones to beat George, but 9 times outta 10 he's too powerful. Best match was Vex against Vex both working for Dr. Boom. 10x explosions going off for lethal from 17, just hilarious.

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    posted a message on What if the salt thread...was a bad idea

    The Salt Thread is fine, the problem is simple minded folk would rather point you there than actually have a meaningful discussion.

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    posted a message on Showdown at Blackrock Mountain Is This Week's Brawl

    There are mechs in Nefarian's deck though, strong ones in fact, so Kangor's Endless Army seems really boss at 0 mana dude.

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    posted a message on Lord Jaraxxus vs Mal'Ganis

    If you don't know anything about Wild, you probably shouldn't be giving that advice. Mal'Ganis is threatening turn 4 because of Voidcaller, so it's not just Bloodreaver.

    To the OP's point, I think Mal'Ganis is the obvious king. Jaraxxus was pretty dominant a few years ago, but the game has changed. Putting yourself at a 15 health cap is extremely dangerous in today's game. Mal'Ganis makes you immune and can be cheated out, so yeah. You can certainly cheat Jaraxxus out, but it's the Battlecry you want to go off, so it's a bit pointless to cheat him out; it truly is a turn 9+ play, and you better not be behind.

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    posted a message on META TIER LIST IS OUT!!
    Quote from Darksun200 >>

    Has Rogue ever not been a top class for any expansion? I can't recall.

     Prep + Coin + Concede is not a meme for no reason.

    Rogue spent many years in the dumpster, prior to MSoG, with (basically) only Miracle as a truly viable ladder deck.

    Now unfortunately, the tempo style is popular and actually good, it just hasn't changed since MSoG. I say unfortunately because some variety would be nice.

    Deathrattle stuff was a bust, Jades were a bust, lots of things that Blizzard has pushed on the class has failed, so we go with a tempo deck with 80-90% Neutral cards.

    Kingsbane and Quest had their time in the sun, but both got nerfed.

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    posted a message on Steal Priest - 90% WR, 18/2, 5-1 Rank

    Why is Zarek in here? As far as I can tell, the only way to make use of him is with the single Vivid Nightmare.

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    posted a message on Token Druid is King - The Best Rise of Shadows Deck For Each Class

    I've found that the current Zoolock seems to be quite weak, only in comparison to versions of the past. Obviously it's working pretty well in the current meta, but seems to be overall weaker/vulnerable than it has been historically. The minions are very weak and a ton of them only do 1-2 damage without help.

    I've been using Lost Spirit at an attempt to get more burst, and it's been doing pretty good. Only about 15 games sample size though. Synergy with Grim Rally, Eggs, and EVIL Genius, the Lost Spirit just made sense. Plus it's nice having a slightly different list than everyone else lol.

    Most of the time the opponent overextends into killing it, so I tempo it out quite often even with only 1 dude on board. I've had them burn Hellfire to kill the Spirit and a plain 1/1, just out of fear of what the Spirit can do. Kinda funny. Other times it's provided the reach that the deck normally lacks, stealing those tricky wins.

    I am also using Leeroy and Soulfire for extra reach. I just feel like the tiny dudes can't push the damage on their own. They do pretty well at board control, but difficult to tempo in face damage at the same time.

    Anybody else experimenting with altered lists? I certainly haven't seen any variation on the ladder lol.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows

    I'm not saying they should have because it's the Year of the Dragon.

    But a lot of the Dragon synergy cards are less exciting when Faerie Dragon has to go in your deck because there aren't enough Neutral Dragons.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows

    Am I blind? Or did they seriously not make a Neutral Dragon?

    Hench-Clan Hag doesn't count because it's not Dragon in your hand.


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