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    The flavor with Zap! is:

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    You're right. We can use Academic Espionage against Warlock to get Renounce Darkness, and the cards will cost zero! 

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    I can definitely see it being played in a Deathrattle Mech Hunter but not so much in Big Hunter. As good as a 7-7 is off a deathrattle, being able to cheat out a Charged Devilsaur is better in that deck. It's a versatile card regardless.

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    I see. This is Dr. Boom's other greatest invention. Seriously though, Dr. Boom, Mad Genius grants both mechs Rush, which is pretty strong. Even Quest Priest could run it and curve two of these out on turn six while Reckless Experimenter is already in play.

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    What it means for the stars to align:

    1. Play Marin the Fox.
    2. Destroy the Master Chest, and get Zarog's Crown.
    3. Have ten mana crystals and Star Aligner in hand.
    4. Discover one of the twelve Legendaries with exactly seven health.
    5. Activate Star Aligner.
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    Most of the time, Star Aligner will be a War Golem that costs four-hundred dust. But, it should be fun in a Wild Handbuff Paladin deck, especially a mech variant. Honestly, I just want to deal fourteen damage with this and Brann Bronzebeard. It's still going to be hard to pull off, but at least magnetic cards also get buffed by cards like Grimestreet Enforcer and that Paladin can resummon the mechs with Kangor's Endless Army.

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    Today I learned you can actually silence Mini-Rag with Mass Dispel. By the way, if you kill a minion with Mini-Rag by attacking, it doesn't contribute to the score. And, yes, I realized during the match that it was stupid to put Prince Keleseth and Divine Spirit in the same deck, especially since the second Divine Spirit was one of the last five cards in my deck.

    Shout-out to RagnarokMay who did more science on the Mini-Rag interactions. You can see the comment and an even better picture the next page over.

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    Quote from snowbear4 >>

    Noob question : If he’s golden do you think your deck will be golden? Also it says your hero becomes whiz bang the wonderful but is it actually going to be rogue if you get the rogue deck ? Will the hero and hero power be golden then or just normal?

    Believe it or not, "Will it be golden?" is actually a common question that's brought up a lot of the time, so you're definitely not alone in having asked that. I know people have already answered the question, but I wanted to add to why it's most likely that Whizbang the Wonderful will make the hero, hero power, and deck golden.

    Let's start with the hero and the hero power being golden. When the golden version of Lord Jaraxxus or the Hero card Scourgelord Garrosh is played, the new hero is fully animated: the portrait, the hero power, and the weapon. If the hero is golden, whatever the hero power spawns will also be golden: INFERNO! spawning a golden Infernal, Build-A-Beast and Bewitch spawning their respective cards. This also extends to other cards that change your hero power into a different one: Shadowform, Sideshow Spelleater, Justicar Trueheart, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Sulfuras, and Baku the Mooneater.

    {As a side note fun fact: I will note however that Poisoned Dagger used to not have a golden animation, probably because the number of people who used Justicar Trueheart in Rogue were so small. If you look up Justicar Trueheart on this site and look at the pie chart of which classes run her, you'll find that Rogues make approximately none of it.}

    However, cards that simply modify the hero power's cost—Fencing Coach, Saboteur, Maiden of the Lake, Raza the Chained, and Genn Greymane—will not turn the hero power golden. I don't know the exact science of why, but based on observation, cards that change the hero power use an animation that spins (transitions) the hero power into the new one, whereas those that change the cost do not. It is of note however, that Shadowform will revert the hero power into a non-golden state if the card is not golden. (I've used both a golden and non-golden version in the same deck.) So, what does this mean for Whizbang the Wonderful? Taking this portion into account, Whizbang should be wonderfully animated from the portrait to the hero power and in extension, the Silver Hand Recruits or Wicked Knife/Poisoned Dagger the hero power spawns. This also means that a deck recipe running Genn Greymane won't result in the hero power turning golden because of Genn Greymane's effect but because... it will already be golden. As a follow-up to your second question, the deck and hero will go hand-in-hand since the deck recipes are designed for that class. As much as I'd love to play as Garrosh the Rogue, it doesn't make much sense for a rogue to be armoring up. It wouldn't make much sense for Whizbang either. Now that those chunks of information are out of the way, we can move onto the deck itself.

    There have already been golden cards that turn the rest of the deck golden: the Golden Monkey, Renounce Darkness, and Explore Un'Goro. Once again, the cards these spawn are also golden. Likewise, golden cards that spawn cards will result in the spawned card to be golden whether they're generated minions like Damaged Golem, shuffled cards like Burrowing Mine, or non-golden minions transformed by golden spells and vice-versa. So, why would Whizbang's Wonderful Decks be any different? The cards don't become a part of the collection the same way the contents of Elise the Trailblazer's Un'Goro Pack don't. There's actually more incentive to make it so that the decks are golden. As shown by this forum, many would craft him golden if only for the aesthetics. Pretty much every single card game franchise company knows that and plays to that desire in the form of foil cards or in Hearthstone's case, golden cards. But, let me ask you: How do you plan on getting a golden Whizbang the Wonderful?

    The amount of dust required to craft a golden Whizbang the Wonderful is quite a bit, especially to players starting out. Regardless of how he's gotten, a player trying to get him has two options: invest time into the game or invest money. And, what better card to promote new(er) players to do both than a card that comes pre-packed with eighteen decks and one that just so happens to encourage the purchase of pre-order bundles that come with a free golden legendary. I have to give the marketing team props where it's due.

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    Quote from Deck_Fiend >>
    Quote from CrimsonRShadow >>

     Oh wow, congrats dude. I'd have been buzzing with this as well. 

    I got a Golden Frost Lich Jaina once from Pavel Packs which was amazing.. I dusted her to build a deck though. Golden legendaries are just a ton of dust to me. 

     Thanks, Deck_Fiend! I'm glad to hear you had a positive experience with Pavel netting you a golden Frost Lich Jaina. I wouldn't dream of disenchanting Hagatha the Witch though. I prefer to be one with the RNG. She's already saved me by getting me a Healing Rain.

    In a twisted way, the packs have taught me it's not how many presents you get; it's what's inside that counts.

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    Never have I been so happy to open one pack. Thank you, Leaoh and RNGesus!

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    Perfectly balanced... I mean, compared to Dr. Boom, Mad Genius.

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    "TOO SOON!" But, it looks like I'm a little late to the party.

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    No prob. I hope you enjoy the deck. Here's hoping the next expansion has a bunch more beasts!

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    The base for this deck seems pretty solid. You have early-game minions that are annoying to deal with. Additionally, you have stall and recovery in the form of Jinyu Waterspeaker and Feral Spirit as well as efficient removal options. You also have a total of 16 Overload, so you're definitely not short of Overload enablers.

    However, there are a "few" changes I would consider. The first is removing both Feral Spirits. A big reason for this is you're not running Flametongue Totem, which is often played the turn after. And, based on this deck, it seems you're not trying to set your opponent to zero as fast as possible but rather trying to reach the late game when you overwhelm with the sheer number of threats. So, you neither need to push that early damage nor do you need two 2-3 Taunts, which is pretty mediocre from a defensive standpoint. I would sub in Tar Creeper as it's one of the best defensive options, counts as an Elemental, and doesn't set you back two mana.

    Speaking of being set back on mana, I highly, highly recommend finding a place for Eternal Sentinels or Lava Shocks. Eternal Sentinel is generally better since it can be played proactively, but a pair of Lava Shocks being six hundred dust cheaper is something to consider. From personal experience, I can say playing an Overload deck with and without Overload removers are completely different experiences. I stand by what I said in that I wouldn't play Overload and Elementals in the same deck and in extension those cards, but for the sake committing to the Overload theme, I can't recommend Eternal Sentinel and Lava Shock enough.

    Jinyu Waterspeaker is a fine card, but one should be enough considering you'll have the early game on lockdown a lot of the time, and you won't be bleeding too badly most of the time. I would also cut out Blazecaller since you're running Ragnaros. Yeah, Rag is... well, Rag, and he and I don't have the best history, but aside from his aim, he's a continuous, stronger Blazecaller for one mana more. Plus, you have Servants of Kalimos to fish for Blazecaller. I would also cut out Brann since you probably won't need the extra value from your Battlecry cards with so many threatening cards: Tunnel Trogg, Unbound Elemental, Servant of Kalimos, Earth Elemental, Ragnaros the Firelord, and Snowfury Giant. So, after cutting a Jinyu Waterspeaker, Blazecaller, and Brann; I recommend adding in another Unbound Elemental--because they really can get out of hand fast and again, are Elementals--and the two copies of Eternal Sentinel or Lava Shock.

    I noticed the deck lacked card draw, and that can really hold you back. A copy or two of Ancestal Knowledge and/or Mana Tide Totem can help remedy that. Ancestral Knowledge is better when you're top-decking late-game since you'll have plenty of mana or when you want more Overload. After playing Unbound Elemental on turn three, I would play Ancestral Knowledge alongside Eternal Sentinel or Totem Golem. In an ideal scenario, your turn one was Tunnel Trogg; your turn two was Totem Golem; and your turn three was coining out the Unbound Elemental. It's not likely, but it's disgusting when it does happen. Mana Tide Totem is more consistent and can potentially get you more cards, and if your Mana Tide of all things eats removal, you're not too sad. Other than that, I'm confident you'll be able to overload your opponents early on and snowball to victory, Lothlorien.

    So, to recap:
    - 2x Feral Spirit
    - Brann Bronzebeard
    - 1x Jinyu Waterspeaker
    - Blazecaller

    + 2x Tar Creeper
    + 1x Unbound Elemental
    + 2x Eternal Sentinel or 2x Lava Shock

    Optional + 1x/2x Ancestral Knowledge and/or Mana Tide Totem swapped for a card/cards of your choice
    I recommend - 1x Rumbling Elemental and/or - 1x Snowfury Giant 

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    I generally prioritize fun, but this is one of the decks I can actually recommend for competitive play since there are two things it has in Wild that isn't available in Standard: A playable four-drop Elemental and Brann. From experience, this deck is fantastic when you draw on curve, especially when you get to the turn four to seven Elemental chain. It controls enough that it deals with aggro well but puts on enough pressure that you can beat control decks before they can get too much value.

    Fondly enough, there was a time I played Overload Shaman, and it was fun but not too successful. That said, it has been a while, and the damage output of that deck could reach insane heights. I still have the deck on here for reference's sake though, so you can check that out if you want and build on it to make an awesome deck of your own. I would not recommend combining Overload and Elemental Shaman, however. The reason for this is that the two mechanics  disrupt each other enough that I don't think it's worth it. Yeah, you could hypothetically get a cheap Elemental giant, but at what point would you be able to play it, not to mention how many turns of Overload are you willing to put up with? You can get rid of the Overload with Lava Shock and/or Eternal Sentinel, but you need two mana and the cards in your hand, which won't always be available. On top of that, you're sacrificing deck slots.

    Alternatively, you can try replacing the Whirling Zap-o-matics and Stonehill Defenders for Tunnel Troggs and Totem Golems if you want to go for a more aggressive approach. That, I think, would work alright. The Elemental chain doesn't start until turn four anyway. You could also consider cutting a Fire Fly, but keep in mind that if you cut a Fire Fly, you're getting rid of two flex Elementals and one of the best one-drops. All-in-all, it never hurts to experiment. If it doesn't work, at least you'll know why it doesn't. If it does, they'll call you a genius!

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