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    You can't use Plot Twist with Rafaam because when you play him he'll turn Plot Twist into a random legendary.


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    As with all my decks they're a constant work in progress and always about the fun more than the win rate!

    Some good advice, though. I did have Myra's in previous iterations but I found myself rarely using it, if ever. I might throw it back in and see how it goes again.

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    Or they could not hold the community to ransom by demanding upvotes before letting them know how best to play this deck.




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    As with all my decks, it's not about the winning; it's about the fun.


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    Actually you don't need The Soularium in this deck because the idea is to complete the Quest all in one turn with 6 cards + Cataclysm.

    Once you've done that you don't need to discard any more.


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    Great deck!

    Just beat a Mage who got me down to 1 health while they had 12 health + 14 armor but I managed to beat them on the next turn thanks to Leeroy + Soulfire!

    Match replay is here for those interested:


    But this selfish, toxic business of wanting votes before revealing mulligan/tips/etc has got to stop.

    Despite the deck being a good one, I cannot in good conscience give you an upvote when you held the community to ransom like that.

    Downvote it is, unfortunately.


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    This "10 likes for a write up" business is utter rubbish.

    Either post your deck with a write up to help fellow players, or don't bother.

    Hearthpwn should stop people like this from posting.

    Also, that linked image means nothing. It could be from any deck.

    Played 10 matches with this deck and lost 9 (4 losses against Mage, 2 against Shaman, 2 against Paladin, 1 against Priest). Only game I won was against an Elemental Shaman.

    74 up votes on this. Unbelievable.

    They've had a lot more than 10 likes and haven't even bothered to post the write up they promised in over a month.

    Nothing to see here folks. Move along.



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    Thanks for the feedback!

    Not having any 1 mana minions or other 2 cost cards isn't that big of a deal. Your opponent might take the lead early but with enough buffed minions you can quickly overtake them!

    I actually had Elven Minstrel in the original iteration of this deck but swapped it out because it was drawing minions before they had a chance to be buffed.

    Harrison Jones has long been a favourite card of mine for the weapon removal + card draw, but for this deck I think you're right, Sonya Shadowdancer would work a lot better! Deck change incoming :)

    As for the Witchwood Piper idea, I'd seen Bounce Rogue decks before but hadn't seen one that used Piper to guarantee a Prince Keleseth draw which is why I made this deck :)


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    One of my favourite characters and one of my favourite cards!

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    How, exactly?

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