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    posted a message on Ranked wild is more fun then standard

    IMO the best thing about wild is that you don't ussualy see matches decided by RNG, ppl just play OP decks with OP cards, so they know exactly what's gonna happen whey they play them, no need to RNG fiestas.

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    posted a message on Error 404 - Glide no found

    It's day 1, we need to wait at least 2 weeks (and maybe some nerfs) to see wich decks are good, but yeah, don't think it will see play, maybe in wild if the meta is full of combo decks, but we need to wait

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    posted a message on Mindrender Illucia enables a 2-turn perfect hand and deck steal for priests.

    But if they play Azalina the next turn you can't keep their deck right?

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    posted a message on New Mode, Dual-Class Concept

    Raza priest with Coldarra Drake (unlimited Hero powers), mages with walocks AoE and Hero power, DH + Hunter would kill you on turn 3 with toxic reinforcements, and ther would be many others.

    Nice idea, but it would be so toxic to play.

    Imo HS needs something new, not just mixing old things

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    If you want to kill a Tier 3 deck, what should be done to Tier 1/2 decks? Wild needs frequent balance changes, yes, but this is far from being a solution imo. You just seem to hate this deck and want to see it omeganerfed

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    posted a message on Power level of DH in wild

    I agree with you, Blizzard gave DH the best draw engine and the best aggro tools, and that's quite dangerous. But I think the real DH problem is in standard, when you don't have enough board clears. IMO they should nerf/remake the class, but for the standard expirience. I've been playing wild since the AoO release cause standard meta bores me, and in my expirience Wild DH is tier 2. Is a good deck, that can overwhelm you if you don't have the tools, but only beats 1 of the 3 tier 1 decks, quest mage. The other 2 (Raza priest and cubelock) usually crush demon hunters, ofc drawing good is important, but I think those 2 decks have enough removal and healing tools to easily beat them

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    Wouldn't be Hanar good in this deck? I'll give it a try anyways :)

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    posted a message on Cubelock (legend)

    First time legend with this deck, I cut Godfrey and merchand for 2 sac pacts cause too many aggro but thanks man, great deck :D

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